Monday 4 June 2018

Singapore (Day 1): Exploring Little India, Chinatown & Marina Bay

 Hooray~~ Finally getting into writing my 2017 Singapore's travelogue! Been holding up this post because so many dramas in life LOL. I have been telling myself to check this off my list soon, so here it is!

2017 was quite an adventurous year for me, to travel to two different countries one after another! I was so tired from this trip but nevertheless, it was a fun experience. Still, I don't think I want to do that anymore because it was super tiring. Never have I thought I would actually look forward to head back to Malaysia during a vacation! When I landed in Changi International Airport from my flight from Bali, it was already late evening no thanks to the delay at the Bali International Airport...

I headed straight to the G4 Station Hostel's room I have booked where I met a fellow traveller, Maly who happened to be on the same flight. We decided to hang out together for dinner in the mall near Bugis Street before retiring for the day.

~ ♡ ~

Official day 1 in Singapore begins the next day~~ G4 Station prepares a simple breakfast for us., I had toast with kaya spread & butter, a hard boil egg and orange juice to start the day.

Decided to just chill in Singapore so I headed to Little India, just a junction away from my hostel. It feels great just being able to walk to my destinations, I think by then I'm sick of all the Uber Motor and ojek rides in Indonesia..

Found this colorful building so must selfie!

Stopped by several shops to get magnets for souvenirs. The best place to get them are in the shops along Selegie Road. Wouldn't recommend the stalls along Campbell Road where one unscrupulous stall owner was selling souvenirs to one lady at exorbitant prices! Thankfully the tourist didn't make any purchase!

Found a calico, it was so-o-o cute!

A lil' tired from all the exploring, I stopped by Komala Vila, an Indian restaurant also along Selegie Road. Decided on this place because it was full house. This is how we Asians decide where to eat LOL.

First thing I ordered was jalebi because it's been years since I had some! I'd say not one of the best though. Back in my uni days, the Pakistani restaurant always provide free jalebi for customers and they're the crunchiest, yummiest dessert ever! They also served the fluffiest, cheesiest naan too! Oh, how I miss those! I think that's where my obsession with Pakistani food started and while it ebbs and flows _ because Japanese food is forever my #1 obsession_ I love trying both Pakistani and Arabian food. Arabian food because they are somewhat similar and uses tons of spices in their dishes, yumm!

Also had my first masala chai in this restaurant. It has such interesting flavor!

Mains are roti with vegan, green curry tofu. A lil' overpriced for just tofu. Then, the exchange rate was pretty high so converting it into MYR be like WTF RM50 for bread and tofu.

Tummy filled and money terbang, it was time for more exploring! Next up, Chinatown! I like the Chinatown in Singapore because it has more Chinatown 'feel' when comparing to the Petaling Street's version.

There is even a stall selling Chinese-style paper cutout arts which makes great souvenirs or presents for newlyweds. I have also come across this small area in Chinatown where you can see uncles playing Chinese chess. Pretty cool!


Came across this amazing looking temple and so I dropped by to offer prayers and donation.

Last destination of the day was Marina Bay. Took a few photos before my battery died, this happens all the time even though I got backup battery.

Merlion from across the lake. Didn't feel like walking to the other end because the day was already getting dark.

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