Thursday 30 August 2018

Happy National Day Malaysia & My Borneo Travel Wishlist

In 2018, I find my curiosity for the mysterious island of Borneo in East of Malaysia) piqued. My trip to Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak in 2016, my BFF's obsessiveness to want to try butod or sago worms, plus the experience of living with a housemate coming from Sabah who kept telling us West Malaysians hommies that we are so ignorant to not differentiate between Sabah and Sarawak _which is so-o-o true and that they don't stay in treehouses _ okay, we finally get it.

Besides that, I also came across "Original Sabahan" song & festivals such as Pesta Nukenen a.k.a. Bario Food Festivals and so forth. These all made me want to visit Sabah and returned to Sarawak so badly.

~ ♡ ~

Here are a bunch of stuff in my travel wishlist which I wanna do in Sabah & Sarawak the next time I have a change to go there again (Soon, hopefully!):

#1 Hike up the majestic Mount Kinabalu

#2 Try Sabahan's food such as butod, pinasakan, hinava, tuhau, bambangan, busou, li nopod , sinalau bakas and ambuyat. (Read about them here)

#3 Attend Tadau Kaamatan a.k.a. Harvest Festival in Sabah and watch the crowning of the Harvest Festival Queen, Unduk Ngadau (Read about them here)

#4 Attend Pesta Nukenen a.k.a. The Bario Food Festival in Sarawak

#5 Hike up the peak of Mulu's National Park in Sarawak

#6 Explore the caves such as Niah Caves. By the way, I have been to both Fairy Caves and Wind Caves in Sarawak! Read about them here.

#7 Check out the bookstores for local dialects language books (Dusun, Kadazan, Bajau, etc.). Someone better publish this ASAP if there are none! We already have Penang Hokkien guide, yo!

#8 Take the North Borneo Railway trip

#9 Try tarap and latok

#10 Dive in Sabah & Sarawak beautiful waters

#11  Explore Gaya Street Sunday Market

#12 Eat Borneo's super fresh seafood. I wrote about my makan experience at TopSpot Food Court.

#13 Admire the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia. Again.

#14 Attend the Rainforest World Music Festival, Kite Festival, Borneo Cultural & Arts Festival and festivals in Sarawak

#15 Attend the Regatta Lepa also known as  the Dragon Boar Festival or Water Festival in Sabah. Of course, other major festivals there too!

#16 Revisit my favorite restaurants in Sarawak serving aboriginal food _ The Dyak and Lepau in Kuching, Sarawak.

#17 Watch traditional Sabahan dances such as Sumazau, Sumirid and Magunatip

#18 Go to Tamu Besar Festival in Sabah

#19 Explore Sipadan National Park, Sabah

#20  Eat all the good food in Siniawan Night Market, Sarawak. Missed it last time I was in Kuching.

#21 Islands hopping around TAR National Park

#22 Embrace local culture in Mari Mari Cultural Village and Monsopiad Cultural Village in Sabah.

#23 Tandem Paragliding at Kokol Hill

#24 Waterfall Trekking

#25 Just chilling at Manukan Island, Sipadan Island or Mabul Island

#26 The Filipino Market, KK Night Market in Sabah

#27 Stargazing at Kundasang

#28 Go birds watching in search for the majestic Hornbills

#29 Explore Tagal Tinopikon Park, an authentic Sabah village

#30 Visit the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabiliation Center

#31 Head north to the Tip of Borneo, Simpang Mengayau, Sabah.

#32 Take the river cruise in seach of the Proboscis Monkey and Fireflies

#33 Marvel at how Desa Dairy Park looks so western-y

#34 Learn to cook local Sabahan delicacies

#35 Discover local wildlife in Tabin Wildlife Reserve

#36 Dip and hike around Poring Hot Spring Park

#37 Go glamping in Sabah or Sarawak

~ ♡ ~

For those first timers to Kuching, Sarawak you may wanna include:-

#38 Climb up tree barks ladders in Sarawak Cultural Village

#39 Stroll along the beaches in Sarawak such as Damai Beach or Pandan Beach

#40 Drink tuak and eat tuak ice cream, again.

~ ♡ ~

If you have been to Sabah & Sarawak or are locals, what would you recommend?

In conclusion guys, sempena Malaysia's 62nd National Day, I like to advocate for Malaysians to learn more about our countries' hidden beauty and encourage y'all to go on Cuti Cuti Malaysia  because there are just so many amazing things in our beautiful country!

On top of that, I think that if our PM, Tun Dr M can  do the dasar pandang ke timur (Malay for "Look East Policy", which means to use Japan as an example to run the country) then he can also include Sabah & Sarawak in this dasar because the people are more peace-loving and harmonious like the real 1Malaysia concept. The latter just need to stop hating people of West Malaysia, seriously. My Sabahan hommie also need to stop suka suka wrongly using the phrase "nia lah". I'm gonna digress _ to back up my dear fellow Western/Peninsular Malaysians, we don't hear that much of you guys from the East. And you don't speak some of Western/Peninsular dialects either.

I know I always say stuff like Japan this, Japan that, I love Taiwan, the Nusa Islands are beautiful yada yada yada" but deep down, I love Malaysia! There's no other place which has so many good food. Like, tell me which country you can go hang out at mamak at 2am! Personally, I'm so making conquering East Coast and Eastern Malaysia my goals. You'll probably read about that on my blog in the near future!

To end this ramblings, sharing with ya the video of "Original Sabahan"

Saturday 25 August 2018

hooked on durians!

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Just a month ago, my friends and I have been planning to check out the SS2Durian.Com stall. Coincidently that Tuesday, the Star newspaper reported that due to oversupply, durian prices are going down which I shared on my WhatsApp group. Less than an hour later, plans were made for the same night. While waiting for the rest of us to returned, Jaynie couldn't wait and went to check out the durians.

When we reached we were like OMG, there was so many people in the stall and queuing up! Obviously, we weren't the only one with the same grand idea. I later found out why _ the durians buffet, which initially priced at RM50 per person has gone down to just RM20 per person! That is super cheap!!

the queue omg..

While we were ushered to our seat in less than 30 minutes, because there are so many people, the staffs were so occupied trying to get durians to so many tables so many times we were left waiting.. I was suggesting to my friends that we ought to just choose our own durians and get a knife to open them.

Most of the durians are good, there are those which are dry and tasteless. After all, those are a mixture of durian kampung. While eating,we were also taking photos with BeautyCam app, my friend is obsessed with it! Here are some of the funny looking photos we took:

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By the time we were done, I was already 110% stuffed but my friends had the heck to suggest to get Udon from the Family Mart nearby! While I didn't get the whole Udon for myself (shared with gal pal, Jaynie), I was so sick of eating literally! At night, while I was lying on my bed, I can feel the content of my gut turning X(

A few days later, I went and bought myself McD's D24 Durian McFlurry. Cost RM9 for a cup, I have to selfie with it hahahaha. Taste like the real thing but if I top up another RM11, I could have gone to another round of durian buffet in DurianSS2.Com. But I MUST have the ice cream!!!



Two weeks later, I was back for more durians in SS2 with another bunch of friends. This time we headed to Brother Durian. Our initial choice was DurianSS2.Com but we didn't know the buffet only starts at 6:30PM. 

So off we went to check out the other stalls and decided on Brother Durian buffet which cost RM38 per person, slightly higher than what we could get in DurianSS2.Com but has better selection of durians which include 101, Red Prawns and several others. For fans of bitter-sweet durians, this place is for you. I love how the durians are so much creamier and yellowish in flesh, so good! 

My only problem is that the service was slow and the staffs were really good at pretending so to now attend to you which annoys me. Some were pretending to be busy doing I don't know what, we had to call the staffs multiple times before one bothered to assist. When I told my gal pals about this, one of them who had been to the same place told me she experienced the same. Most time, it was the one old uncle was the one who served us. At this stall, we also ordered an overpriced coconut juice for RM5 each. You can usually get sweeter and more affordable ones elsewhere.

Heading back to the car, my friend and I dropped by DurianSS2.Com to tapau some durians home. We Myself, I bought the XO variety because it's one of my favorite and they don't serve this for buffet since it is the 'branded' kind.

Monday 13 August 2018

2018 Minimalist Achievements: Hair Care Empties & Mini Reviews

Wanted to post this up last weekend but things kept caming up. For one, me having to dog-sit because the doggo was feeling really unwell from hemorrhoids so he was sad when left alone *sigh* Was just sitting beside him, patted him and borrowed my hand for him to rest his head on. Occasionally he  threw tantrum because of the discomfort.. so pitiful!

Anyways, I'm digressing. Post today highlights my second batch of empties! Read my first empties success story hereMinimalism is something I have been working on for years and it has been one marathon, you've probably heard me mentioned this several times by now. My main goal is not to be clearing away everything from my possessions but rather have enough without making my place a mess and partly, I have mini cases of OCD attacks lol. 


#1 Midori Hair Treatment & Shampoo Midori is my favorite hair care brand right now and I definitely see myself using this brand for a long run! What I love about the Midori hair care range is that for one, it succeeded in making my unruly hair feel long lasting smoothness and tangle free I kid you not. I always wonder how my friends and many girls could maintain their glorious crown without resorting to straightening their hair and I believe I have found the answers. And this, people who are reading this, lies in Hair Depot.

Today, I have two 1-litre Midori Advanced Repair shampoo which I bought for half price during the Raya/Mid Year sales. There are smaller 330ml ones for RM45 which I didn't think is super worth it (Gotta stretch my ringgit)! I would also recommend the Advance Repair Nourish Smooth Masque (Approx. RM85 for the 530ml bottle) which I had been using. I didn't see a point getting it now that I bought the shampoo because even the shampoo alone works so well already.

By the way, I accidentally bought the Advanced Color Masque during the sale but didn't feel much difference with the Advance Repair Nourish Smooth Masque except for their scents, they both work wonders!


#2 VS Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask Before I discovered Midori, I find this treatment works alright. While it does make my hair feel better when I use this very often, it cannot be compared to Midori.

#3 Hask's Kalahari Melon Oil No other obvious results aside from temporarily keeping my hair frizz free but that is all it does. Hair oil is definitely not my thing.

#4 Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vitalising Shampoo, a made-in-Korea scalp shampoo. Worse. Shampoo. Ever. Mark my words, it is that bad. This is supposed to be a scalp shampoo loaded with tons of natural herb, which according to one of my gal pals are the worse ingredients to be made the key ingredients. Apparently, chemical shampoos are better for hair albeit being, well, chemicals. It is so bad my other gal pal is using it as hand wash... Yeah, I was speechless when she said that.

Me on the other hand, has been using this shampoo interchangeably with #6 just for the sake of not putting this to waste. That turned out to be a bad idea. Weeks later I find myself with the worse hair fall episode in my life! It was so bad every time I leave the bathroom, tons of hair will be clogging up the drain hole. I find strands of hair everywhere _ on my chair, bed, bedroom floor and laundry, they drive me nuts! I could comb my hands through my head and find tons of loose strands...That was so serious, I was worried about getting bald! Never again will I be using this shampoo!

#5 Naturals by Watson's Argan Revitalizing Shampoo This is a shampoo I bought to try to use alternately with #5 in order NOT to have the latter dry my hair out too much.In the first few wash, I felt my hair got rougher but after some time, it does make my hair manageable but this does nothing like Midori (Obviously, I'm in love with Midori!). If you are ok shampoo that leaves your hair tingling with minty feel, feel free to give this a try.

#6 Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment & Moisture Conditioner Works alright only when use frequently because result isn't long lasting. Price is about RM70 per bottle of 500ml or about RM50 during promotion. This is a brand I was obsessed with for a period of time before I discovered Midori. Comes in several sizes from convenient travel size, medium and large (500ml).


So those are the items which I'm so glad to get rid off! It feels great not too have so much stuffs lying around. Of course I still have some lying around but I think I did a great job clearing the above. Going minimalist is a long process! Next products I am looking to clear is my collection of facial masks. (☉_☉) I have no idea why I bought so much and not use them... By far in 2018, I only managed to finish using only a handful of facial masks *roll eyes* so it will definitely take a while to complete this goal. Wish me luck, guys!

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