Saturday 26 May 2018

balik kampung food post & masak masak with homies

Hello peeps! Adter my last post, I ended up with a week of bone ache, I felt like an old lady! Thankfully, I'm much better and it feels gpod being the healthy me again *sniff the refreshing air after rain*

While recuperating from dengue, I headed back to my hometown with my parents. Thought I should share some of the meals I had LOL. For one, I'm already missing the food (and fam lah) because now that I am back in KL, I don't dine in restaurants or have chuu char as often as when I am with my family. Sucks, I know. Malaysians know what I mean. As for my international readers, here are a look into what Malaysians Chinese typically have for our meals.

Parents brought me to their favorite new place which even I came to love! The food are so fresh and most importantly, well cooked they're so yummy!!!

Three flavors fish, so spicy it was so good!

Salted egg chicken, something mom recommended.

Seaweed soup

One of my family's favorite makan rendezvous is in Penang, because we are Penangites mah. Heading to Penang mainland don't take us half an hour while it's about 40-45 minutes to the island. This restaurant overlook Penang Island and famous landmark, Komtar and the bridge.

Chilli crabs~! OMG, I'm missing these already!

Sambal kangkung and steam fish

Just to share a funny story, I took this photo and sent it to a group, "Can you guys spot Komtar?"

One responded with this pic, "I'm waving at you now! Can you see my hand??🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋".

Another responded with a photo of a bush and a caption, "Can you see me 🤣".

I went WTF LAUGHDIEME!!! then texted a reply "Wah ur camouflage is first class"


On the way back to KL, we dropped by a kopitiam in Kampar, Perak for lunch. This is yet another of my family's favorite. Since the family restaurant is based in the little town in Perak state, they serve generous size of dishes. These are meals for three, can you imagine?

Steamed egg with salted eggs and century eggs (Eggception!) and stir fry frogs, yum!

Stir fry potato leaves

So those are where we ate. Of course, aside from that, mom stuffed me with tons of home-cooked dishes, (plenty of soup ranging from ABC (a.k.a. potatoes soup), herbal soup, black beans soup and even water chestnut soup, yum!) which I super missed! All the chap fan in KL can't compare to home cooked goodness. Indeed, mom is still the best cook in the world!


Just last weekend, homies and I decided to make a simple celebration because another has just gotten back from Indonesia and because I got discharged lol. We made spicy black vinegar pork with hard boiled eggs, chives omelette, stir fry broccoli and snow peas and spicy teriyaki mackerals. Super filling!

Hope I didn't make you hungry LOL!

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