Sunday 24 June 2018

outfits I wore for attending my Indian friend's wedding

Today, I attended a wedding of my dear friend's sis. Thought of sharing what I wore in this post because there are just too many photos to edit before I can share it. Too tired to edit because just last Friday did some team building activity at work so now my body's hurting and I'm sleepy even though I slept for the entire evening yesterday. Just so you know, the photos are heavily edited.

I bought this maxi dress since the ceremony is in a temple and I have read (did my homework!) that it is best to wear something that is covered up. I brought a scarf too but ended up not wearing it. Thankfully, they weren't too strict about covering the shoulder.

Another new haul of mine _ this fancy tassel earrings. Initially wanted to get something green or blue for matchy effect but decided these works too!

Those are them for today, look forward to my full post!

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