Wednesday 9 November 2022

mini staycation in Penang & balik kampung


  Just last month I did another trip back to home sweet home with the fam~ We also did a mini staycation in Penang in Sunway Hotel Georgetown just so we can spend more time in the island. 

Some other spots we visited include the Penang Bird Park, Batu Feringghi, Esplanade, the Aquarium, and Botanical Garden (my fav place!). Expect tons of food shots 😋

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Makan vlog | The Coffee Academy, Yarl, Absolute Thai & Cafe Kleptokrat

Back with another makan vlog~

This time it's a compilation of the restaurants and cafes around Kuala Lumpur where I was dining at the past weeks. I tried drip coffee at The Coffee Academy. The quality of their coffee is amazing, they really got the skills! That day I tried the Colombia Exotic Jairo Arcila, the name wahlaowei. Anyways, it has a strong florally scent with moderate flavor which I like. I usually don't take black coffee without sugar but this is amazing on its own! Besides this, I think they also serve quite interesting options on their menu and I'm excited to go back and give a try. 

One interesting place I tried on my friends recommendation is an "authentic northern Sri Lankan cuisine" called Yarl in Bricksfield. We had the vegetarian (I think!) lunch set which is rice and four choice of dishes tho we added another small bowl of curry chicken. Of course I want my masala chai. Been craving for it! And oh, the apam is really interesting but pricey at RM5.50 per plate. Another time we went for Thai food (tom yum!) at Absolute Thai. That's why Malaysia be like a food haven, we have so many nice makan places! 

Finally in this video, I feature Cafe Kleptokrat, known for its aesthetic poolside dining. I ordered Lontong Kering Pakcik Alam which I think is so-so but the fried glass noodles is so good! For drinks I have Lychee in My Eyes which is milk + espresso + lychee, a newly launched item on their menu and cempedak cheese cake. These I enjoyed very muchy! IDKY but the combo works.


Thursday 4 August 2022

Malaysia 90s childhood snacks & cakes

 It started with some cravings for the old school buttercream cakes and then peanut cakes. Those were definitely incomparable to the desserts and cakes varieties we have today but somehow just bring back feelings of nostalgia.

I also find myself buying gula ketuk or ting ting candies when I see the uncle selling them at the night market. He doesn't come very often unfortunately and it's rare to find people selling them anymore. This time I got them from CHILDHOOD store in 1Utama but they do have several branches around Kuala Lumpur. Definitely check them out with your friends and older fams. I do think they will enjoy reliving the good ol' days. 

Also featured on this vlog is a pop up store called Happy Dumpy selling local Malaysia inspired merchandise.

Monday 1 August 2022

balik kampung (again!) vlog


Here's another balik kampung vlog~~

Sharing not just everything I ate but also the interesting places I went this time. Since durians are in season, of course we have to buy them! I brought the fam to Balik Pulau for that. While we were there we visited Saanen Dairy Goat Farm. The place is located at the smaller town in Balik Pulau and surrounded by rambutan & durian trees. I haven't been to a durian orchard in a long time and it's interesting to see how they have so many overhead nets to catch the falling durians. Some durians (IDK how!) are tied with a rope to prevent it from falling when they're ready.

Saturday 23 July 2022

bleaching my roots and then dyeing my hair green


Back with yet another video! Hasn't it been awhile?

Btw, the video was taken last year but it took me awhile to put them together and sit down to complete it. Mostly because, it was a much longer process with me going through the bleaching. I even have to let my hair/scalp take a break because in early 2021 I was bleaching or coloring my hair almost every other month! And then after I finally colored my hair, I have to deal with over 200 minutes worth of footages which I didn't think was fun to work on. But then they have been sitting in my draft and annoyed me so much I have to do something!

So here it is, the final product! Do take your time to watch and LIKE/SUBS if you want to see more content like this 'kays. I really put in EXTRA effort for this one. 

And since I'm more of a writer than a speaker, here's a blog post of the process!

touching up my roots

Opted for the same brand of DIY hair bleach, the eZn Creamy Hair Bleach because I know the most it can lift is up to level orange for my hair. That way, I don't have to deal with too many different hair tons and then try to fix them which is a lot of work!

This would probably be the first time I retouched my roots but OMG it's enough to leave my hair damaged! I guess the reason is I left the bleach on for a little longer than the 30-minutes recommended on the box. This is because the color took way-y-y longer to be lifted. I can't tell if it's my stubborn thick hair, or me mixing the bleach with the ampoule or the cooler weather (you kinda need the heat from your scalp/surroundings for the chemical reaction to happen).

My overly bleached and dyed hair care routine

 Anyways, this time I did it differently and added Artiztra Soothing Infusion (get this on ShopeeMY) with the bleach. I'm glad I actually bought the hair ampoules and they are original ones. I also got the Artiztra Linseed Restructuring Hair Lotion, which is the one the hair saloon I frequent (before MCO) uses. The difference is the first one are used for "all phases of hair coloring" and requires to be washed off while the lotion is post-washing, leave-on lotion. I bought them from Shopee and so they are NOT SPONSORED products.

While they may seem pricey, the per ampoule price of RM15 is very affordable for atas saloon-level treatment. It surely leaves your hair so soft and healthier-looking. When I did it at the saloon, idk how the hair stylist does it, the effects and scent lasted for almost 2 weeks! I remember she adds other hair products together and probably the blow-drying helps too! I can't seem to replicate the effect but then I let my hair naturally air dry LOL. But I super love the lotion smell, if there's a scent just like it, I'll actually get it hahaha!

The reason why I got this was because I know the whole bleaching and coloring damages my hair. This time after bleaching, I could tell that my hair have become really gummy! Like they're stretchy! I thought it'll take more extreme bleaching (like turning your hair platinum blonde) or mixing together the wrong chemicals to reduce your hair to gummy state but nope!

So I'm very glad I got them and thankfully, after the lotion plus good Marc Anthony shampoo (Get this on ShopeeMY here or here) that I didn't have to shave my head! Super happy with that!

toning my hair with blue shampoo

Still, to show some love for my hair, I let it rest a week before working on the coloring. I first attempted to tone my hair with Schwarzkopf Blue Shampoo. I've been trying to find the right way to apply this shampoo so that I can have an even and pretty result but nothing seems to be working. I tried applying it like a normal shampoo but it doesn't leather. I followed youtubers by mixing it with shampoo/conditioner then applying like how you'd dye your hair but it's cumbersome and doesn't work all the time. Somebody please teach me how to use this!! At this point, I wouldn't recommend getting this brand of color shampoo *roll eyes*

I actually hope that it'll reduce the orangeness and turn my hair into muted brown or ash gray before I do blue. One time it works but not this time. The result is so inconsistent...  but then it turned green at some spots and I try waiting for the color to fade, it didn't and so I decided to go for green. Don't want to waste another box of blue dye since I know orange + blue = green.

coloring my hair green

This time I'm using Mise en Scene Hello Bubble in Mermaid Green (Get this on ShopeeMY). Getting straight to the point, the result is exactly as shown on the box. Also, they've got one of the best foam formula, super loving it! It is so easy to apply and didn't take lotsa effort for super even application. One box is also sufficient for past chest-hair length and lotsa volume. I even have slight leftover which took a lot of pumps to apply on the rest of my head.

Would love if they come up with more shades of cooler Ash brown. Hello Bubble theme seems to be very colorful, Kpop-ish. I love the colors but probably wouldn't be able to do vibrant shades once we're back in office. And I'm obsessed with ash brown shades. EZN carries my favorite tons but I would stan foam formulas!

Monday 18 July 2022

May 2022 weekend vlog and my new beauty routine

Btw, these vids were taken in May but I decided to go on a temporary break. Mostly bc lazy and I got caught in a new obsession _ more on that in later vids. OMG the backlog videos to edit! *cry* My almost full phone storage is my motivation to get editing LOL

2022 Updated Beauty Routine

Current beauty routine

So from the vid, I shared my recent beauty hauls. Thought i should elaborate about each of them in this post.

#1 Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Lotion & Yomogi Herbal Face Pack

Let's start with the Wahadabisen Yomogi (Mugwort Leaf Extrack) Herbal Face Pack, a replacement for my emptying the Wahadabisen Fermented Sake Yogurt Face Pack. I've been wanting to try the different range but bc it lasted so long (I got lazy to double wash my face until recently), this is only my second purchase! 

My choice of main beauty ingredients don't run too far_ it's either rice, sake, royal jelly or other natural ingredients so I like the Wahadabisen range. Most important, it works wonders!

When I started using this more regularly, I noticed my skin is definitely better on those days. I have tighter pores and lesser mask acnes from days I wear them more often now that I've returned to office on rotations. Also, it's like a substitute for facial masks IMO.

I got the Wahadabisen Yomogi Herbal Face Pack for RM34.95! Super worth it!

As my existing Hada Labo Hydrating Jelly is emptied, I switched to trying Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Lotion and Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream

I always go back to the same brand bc I know they work for me. HadaLabo is hands down the best for hydrating and the Hydrating Jelly does wonders on its own. I say this because I've switched back from a different product and could feel the difference. Hada Labo Hydrating Jelly is all 4-in-1 so I have been using without toner LOL. In contrast, the Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Lotion need to be paired with another which is why I bought the Hada Labo cream.

I've only made the switch for all these products recently (so happen they emptied about the same time) so I can't tell if there are huge difference yet.

#2 Perfect Whip

Somehow I think this brand works for my very troublesome skin. I've tried other Asian face wash under RM30 but this is the by far the one that helps control my acne. It didn't solve my chin or mask-nes tho. Of course there are others above RM30 that works well (like the Wahadabisen's) but I always find myself just picking up the basic brands.

#3 Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream

Current beauty routine

I only bought this because I wanted to try some of Hada Labo's premium or anti-aging range. They have multiple other anti-aging ones but when I was shopping, the branch I went to only carried this... It's always when you want to buy them you can't find them... 

This one comes with 5 Hyaluronic Acids, 3 Peptides and 1 Collagen to deeply hydrate, firm up and tighten facial contour. Don't feel much difference using this but love the light texture.

Still in the mood experimenting with beauty products but it will be awhile till I change my routine again. Btw, don't forget to check out my other shopping hauls in the vid above~~

Monday 20 June 2022

May 2022 weekend vlog: River of Life, Dataran Merdeka, Chinatown KL, etc


A lil' peak into my weekend when I strolled at the River of Life, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad Building and towards Dataran Merdeka (second part of this video). Despite me always hanging around Pasar Seni, it is my first time exploring that part of the city!😅 Turns out most touristy places in KL is walking distance if not connected by the LRT. 

The weather was nice that evening and I enjoyed my walk. I also had the chance to checkout the night life around Chinatown (another first!). The key attraction, no doubt is the FOOD. As much as I wish I have all the appetite to try them all, I settled for a light meal at Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches (Non-halal yo!) and it's good! Would definitely love more opportunity to try the other food in the area.

Getting to the River of Life / Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad / Dataran Merdeka : Pasar Seni LRT & Masjid Jamek LRT

On the first weekend, I spent time in some of the other places I've covered in my other videos such as Desa Park but this time with the fam. You've heard me mentioned of ReFASH and DonDonDonki too, it seems to be my go-to in Bukit Bintang recently! Expect the Donki haul segment 'cuz #obsessed 😂

Please tell me I'm not the only one frequenting Donki often. Also, what else should I try from Donki?

Saturday 18 June 2022

looking back & rating all the hair dyes I've used in 2021

2021 has been a colorful year despite Covid19. But then again, it is only possible because of the whole WFH and lockdown that I could try different hair colors in the first place! Also because of boredom from staying in for too long...

Without further ado, jumping right in!

#1 L'oreal Excellence Fashion

Starting off with the first hair dye I made a video review and it blew up! My best performing video for the first year and still a top video *touched*

Color(s) I tried: 10.11 Crystal Ash (Shopee MY)

Texture: Watery cream

Application: 7/10 doesn't harden, easy to apply

Smell: 1/10 Not obvious until my second bottle. Bearable.

Messiness: 4/10 Very messy, drips all over arms

Color turnout on dark hair: 2/10 (I guess you still need to bleach beforehand)

Color turnout on light or bleached hair: Unsure

Evenness of color: 7/10

Hair health post-dyeing: 9/10 Hair remains healthy, non-dry and super soft!

#2 Mise En Scene's 

Perfect Color (Blackpink edition)

This is another range from Mise En Scene that I bought directly from a Shopee seller from Korea. This Perfect Color lineup is more otona aka mature and with it lesser 'adventurous' colors compared to the Hello Bubble rangeVideo review here

I tried it prior to bleaching my hair to see if I like going bright or lighter. After all, it has been years since I bleached my hair and the first experience wasn't a good one. Though I'd say now I'm better at taking care of my bleached hair and already loving the whole ash tones!

Color(s) I tried: 9N Sand Brown (Shopee MY)

Texture: Cream

Application: 9/10 easy to apply, doesn't harden

Smell: 1/10 No discomforting chemical smell. Do NOT sniff directly from bottle though!

Messiness: 1/10 No drippy mess

Color turnout on dark hair: 8/10 Very bright but different from box/online

Color turnout on light or bleached hair: Unsure but possibly very bright

Evenness of color: 5/10 Obviously uneven

Hair health post-dyeing: 9/10 Hair remains healthy, non-dry and super soft!


The next products are from eZn Malaysia, who have sponsored the eZn Creamy Hair Bleach, eZn Pudding Hair Color and Dr.BokGoo's Perfect Set. Get them on Shopee MY. I also made a video reviewing both products.

I'm no stranger to dyeing my own hair but this is the first time I bleached my own hair. The first time I did this, I got the products sponsored. But I returned and bought the bleach again because I think this is a 'manageable' bleach. I'm saying this because from the reviews I watch online, depending on the strength of the bleach, you will get uneven tons. Unless you're a pro or know someone who can help you, a lot of time that's the caselah

However, I noticed with eZn bleach, it will not go past the orange level. I've tried leaving the bleach for an hour (past the recommended 30 minutes max) and most of my hair stayed orange except for one two odd strands that become yellow IDK why. Then even after I bleach a second round (the first time), the result is still orange. This is why I'm confident if I use it to retouch, I won't get layers of colors at the roots.

VERDICT? So yes, this eZn bleach is great up to the orange level or the beginner DIY hair bleach. If you want to go yellow or platinum blonde, didn't work for me. But from orange, you can get nice ashy brown with purple shampoo.

eZn Malaysia

#3 eZn Creamy Hair Bleach

Texture: Creamy

Application: 8/1 (easy to spread on hair)

Smell: 8/10 (no obvious chemical smell)

Messiness: 1/10 (non-messy, could do without cape BUT wear a tee you don't mind messing. I wore a white tee so have no idea if it will stain/bleach color tee) 

Color turnout on dark hair: 8/10 (bleaches to orangey-yellow, not platinum blonde as shown on box despite leaving on a long time. Takes more than 30 minutes to bleach)

Color turnout on light or bleached hair: N/A

Evenness of color: 8/10 (just didn't turn out as box but orange-y)

Hair health post-dyeing: 6/10 (very dry but expected with bleaching. Need post-bleaching hair care)

#4 eZn Pudding Hair Color

eZn Malaysia

Color(s) I tried: Truffle Mushroom Blond (Smoky Ash) (Shopee MY)

Texture: Pudding

Application: 7/10 (easy to spread, doesn't harden fast but do harden slightly after letting it sit for awhile)

Smell: 9/10

Messiness: 7/10 (does get on arms and legs) 

Color turnout on dark hair: Unsure 

Color turnout on light or bleached hair: 9/10 (very pretty! color is nicer on bleached hair)

Evenness of color: 9/10 (one of the best, I use my own comb btw)

Hair health post-dyeing: 7/10

After using the two, I noticed my scalp were slightly dry from the appearance of some dandruff. Thankfully, it's like only a handful of tiny dried skin and it was resolved in a week so it didn't bug me much. Of course, I was worried about my hair/scalp condition from dyeing my hair so frequently. And so post-bleaching, I did extra effort by conditioning my hair when I wash my hair. Equally as important, I did treatment/conditioning whenever I was my hair prior (I don't wash daily like pre-lockdown) to bleaching to 'prepare' my hair.

As of now my roots are overgrown once again but I'm deciding what color is next. Should I bleach orange or go straight to yellow? Whole head or partial? What style? Even coloring hair takes so much into considerations LOL

Sunday 5 June 2022

everything i ate during the 5 days I balik kampung


Documenting everything i ate during the 5 days I balik kampung. Proudly a Penangite-Kedahan because identifying only as either is too basic ðŸĪĢ Actually saying you're a Penangite sounds cooler ðŸĪŠ That said, the places shown are in both the northern states. 

I'm a Malaysian Chinese so some food are obviously non-halal (duh!). Malaysia is such a diverse community that the choices of food are endless! #bless But so much that we can get so indecisive at times hahaha

This time round we took the chance to stuff ourselves since bro is back from Singapore IYKYK which is why we splurged a bit more. Still tons of places unvisited! At the end of my trip, 5 days felt too short (T____T)  ...which is why I'm going back again HAHAHA This year is probably the year I've returned the most in many years. I usually only do once or twice max. Oh what the pandemic has made me missed.

Curious what about others? Where are your must makan when you balik kampung?

Monday 30 May 2022

weekend jalan jalan at KEDAI KL

Bringing y'all along as I explore KEDAI KL, an artisanal marketplace by MAHSA Group that's totally worth checking out! 

I shared some of the shops I find interesting and all the things I got from there too ðŸĪ— Totally recommending the Croffle from Degree° Coffee! Check out my vids to see what else KEDAI KL has to offer~~


Saturday 28 May 2022

How to: 6 ways to style a cardigan

 Here I'm sharing 6 ways to tie a cardigan with this super versatile cardigan I bought recently from Pull&Bear. 

I'm a sucker for outerwear (like really, I just ordered another!). Sometimes when i wear a sleeveless top or dress and don't feel like showing too much, I just want a nice outerwear to layer. 

Especially love this because neutral goes so well with most outfits. Love how this one is light & airy for the 🌞 Malaysia weather. Best of all, I can style it in many different ways 😍

Sunday 22 May 2022

long weekend vlog: Publika, Maison des Pains, The Bread Bar & Craft Origin


This is a bit of the sequel to my last video (see my last blog post here) from the long Labour's Day-Raya weekend. I've still got another video before wrapping that weekend off hahahahah. 

Like many who are very done with getting stuck at home, I took the chance of the loosening SOP and long weekend to finally reconnect with friends face-to-face and catching up with places I want to go! That weekend I went window-shopping at Publika and on another day, cafe-hopping between The Bread Bar and Craft Origin at TTDI ☕ðŸĨ–ðŸĨ Friends and I were not done catching up but The Bread Bar has a time limit of 1.5hours to cater for their lines of customers. Thankfully it's TTDI and there are many cafes to hop around!

It was a good idea to go there for brunch as the wait list kept growing. Even though I was early, I was still 3rd or 4th in line. Would recommend trying their bread and truffle butter. 

Lemon mousse long black was pretty interesting. Sounds like an odd combination but it tasted alright. I guess it's almost similar to the TikTok trend of adding a shot of espresso to orange juice? I wanted to try that hahaha

Wednesday 18 May 2022

chillin' time at The Waterfront, Desa Park City


Early this month, I decided to take a morning stroll in one of Kuala Lumpur's dogs park in Desa Park City. It was the long labour's day & Hari Raya weekend and coincidentally, Malaysia has lifted most of the lockdown restrictions. The park is one of the few dog-friendly ones in the city 🐕ðŸķ It really is a nice place for a stroll and picnic (but get bugs repelling stickers and a mat!) while dogs-watching. 

This is just a part of what I did during the long break. I had thought of just making a short one but ended up having a few videos. Just one of those creative spurs hahaha. Look forward to the others!

Saturday 14 May 2022

hidden locations in 1Utama ðŸĪŦ


Hello! This time I'll be showing you around the hidden spots in 1 Utama shopping center (also known as 1U). 

Among these, my fav is the Secret Garden. A rooftop garden so well landscaped you can't believe you're in a mall! Note that while it is free to enter, it is only open on the weekends and public holidays. This is one reason it isn't so well known even to those who has frequented the malls. Of course the rainforest is another spot not to be missed. Check them out in my video!

I came across this video which I super impressed because you can learn so much about the different plants in the 1Utama Secret Garden. It's slightly lengthy but interesting to watch!

Sunday 8 May 2022

Chinatown Kuala Lumpur: a walk through time

Hello y'all! I'm back with not one but two videos this time round! These were actually taken on the same weekend but I split them as they were getting quite lengthy! In the first part, I bring you together with me to Kafei Dian and Fung Wong. Then to what I did on my weekend that is hanging out with the fam and mostly playing with the cats~

The second part of my video highlights REXKL, an old cinema given a makeover and now houses an array of cafes, shops, exhibition area and bookstores. 

The refurbished building has been reopen to public since 2019 but probably due to the pandemic, I didn't hear much of it until recently! I love the old school aesthetics they have implemented in almost every corner of the building. It brings back memories of my childhood days when movie theaters look just like that and still uses rolled film projectors. 

The BookXCess bookstore being the main attraction with its unique and insta-worthy interior! And I thought the branch in MyTown Cheras (checkout my video on MyTown Cheras' BookXCess here) was impressive already, this one was equally as impressive! It's any booklovers' romantic rendezvous *swoon*

Saturday 30 April 2022

NUDE The Zero Waste Store & thrifting at 2nd Street in SS2


Hello again~! My creative juice is flowing and adventurous side is pumped up as SOP are loosening. Somehow that do affect my mood. Of course I'm still trying to be careful and all. Anyways, in this video I'll be showing you around two shops in SS2 called NUDE The Zero Waste Store and 2nd Street.

NUDE The Zero Waste Store is one of the pioneer Zero Waste store in KL. Like most ZW shops, they sell sustainable goods besides the additional option to refill your household products and foodstuff without packaging. Which is an amazing idea! Definitely hope there are more places like this in most neighbourhoods.

I finally needed to restock some soap and dish bar and decided to finally check the place out. Also, I found out from their IG they carry Zenboocha's kombucha which I was curious about. I tried kombucha once and didn't fancy but thought of giving another go. It was so-o good that after that I kept looking out for kombucha at convenience store to try!

The other shop, 2nd STREET is a bundle aka thrift stores which also sells preloved luxury fashion such as Coach, Gucci, Marc Jacobs. I came across this on my IG page and have been wanting to check them out. Aside from the branch in SS2, they too have another larger one in Bandar Utama. I have yet to check them out but it appears to have a larger selection.

The 2nd STREET in SS2 carries a lot of tees and pants. So go check them out if these are what you're looking for. I found quite a number of decent looking and fashionable ones. The place easily topped my list of bundles or thrift stores in KL with the better display, more option and better quality products.

Other thrift stores in KL that I like includes Kedai Bless and ReFASH. Of course, Carousell is also an amazing place to find well-maintained preloved items. I have better luck finding what I prefer (dresses, skirts, blouses, etc) there though I am more of a seller than a buyer on the app LOL

Do check my vid out and tell me what y'all think! *wink*

Sunday 24 April 2022

MyTown BookXcess & Tropicana Gardens Mall Starbucks Reserve 🌟☕😌 | weekend vlog ðŸ‡ēðŸ‡ū

Hello! Bringing y'all along as I explore MyTown Cheras' BookXCess and Tropicana Gardens Mall's Starbucks Reserve on one of my weekend early this month~

I have heard of the BookXCess being the largest of its outlets in Malaysia and I have came across many photos of the place on social media that I decided it's time to check it out LOL. The ambience is lovely making books browsing quite an experience! 

I also LOVE that they have a cafe and restaurant in the vicinity. There were also many nooks to check out the books but I do wonder if they're mainly for the 'gram because it's not like we can browse (as in read) there! If only there's a rental section, you will totally find me there often HAHAHAHA. New business model suggestion to the BookXCess team LOL.

Still, I did wish I was there earlier to enjoy the coffee, cake and maybe read an entire book! Loving the place much!

The next day, a Sunday, I also enjoyed a nice coffee break with a friend at Tropicana Gardens Mall's Starbucks Reserve~ Decided to check the place out again after hearing of it. The place was impressive because of the size and they do offer specialty blends that are not available in their usual outlets. I especially appreciate that they have spacious outdoor seating so we could just chillax. 

The weather was sunny but the shade plus with the wind blowing every now and then we were very comfortable outside. I missed the outdoorsy stuff. Somehow with all the lockdown, indoor-sy can feel a bit suffocating and fearful.

As I'm posting this, I already have been exploring several places and the videos are still in my drafts. I've been going out a lot more in April and so my drafts keep pilling up even though I try to clear them (O____O;) Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the video!


Saturday 23 April 2022

Instax Share SP-3 | polaroid printing spree & framing my prints


Hello! I have been on a printing spree with my Instax Share SP-3 which I am super loving! 

I kept my prints in a box while trying to figure the best way to put them on display and I finally figured how. For my mini project, I bought IKEA KNOPPANG &HOVSTA frames besides an album from Shopee. So far, I'm liking them this way~

This video was initially posted early this week but while clearing my phone I noticed I forgot to include some videos. This is what happened when I have too many contents still pending to be shared! I thought it would be a waste to not include them so I re-edited *cries*

Wednesday 13 April 2022

weekend in KL | Wat Chetawan, Sunny Side Up Market at The Row KL & hauls from small businesses 🛍


Hello! This is a vlog from the last weekend of March. On Saturday, I paid a visit to Wat Chetawan, a Thai temple based in PJ to offer some prayers and did some shopping at Sunway Pyramid. On Sunday, I headed to KL city center to hang out with my friends while checking out the Sunny Side Up Market at The Row KL. It's been awhile since I've been to bazaar and it was fun having some furry friends around~ Obvs, your gal decided to splurge and so expect a mini haul unboxing at the end of the vid hahaha. 

Also, at the start of the video, I shared how I color my cotton dress using Dylon dye in Sandy Beige. I forgot to mention in the vid but I only used half of the content of the dye. The color might've turned up more saturated if I have used the entire sachet. 

March was my creative month, I was also completing some of my mini personal projects. I'd share the other in one of my upcoming vids haha.

Friday 8 April 2022

LaLaPort BBCC, strolling around Muzium Negara & ðŸĻ😋 Matcha Eight | CNY 2022


Hello! This is yet another video I have procrastinated on since January!😅 It was at the height of the CNY festivities and so expect to see lion dances in this vid lol. As you might've noticed from the more frequent uploading, I am trying to get my backlogs out HAHAHA

This was from I was checking out LaLaPort Bukit Bintang City Center (BBCC) just a day after their official opening. It houses some of the newest brands from Japan namely Nitori, Nojima, Coo&Riku and Matcha Eight. Soon DonDonDonki too will be an addition to this mall. 

So that very day some roads and trains in KL we're closed (due to some protest) so I thought it was a good idea to take a walk from Muzium Negara. Oklah, I didn't plan to go but then that day I refuse to stay home hahahaha. BTW I gave up halfway and Grab my way there because I wore a wrong pair of sandals instead of sport shoes FML and so they were cutting into my legs ouch! I also lost sense of direction IDK why even though I've stayed in KL for almost a decade... 

FYI if you're getting there, the best way is to alight at Hang Tuah Monorail. You will find there is indoor path that connects directly to the mall.

While I'm all super excited because Nitori and Coo&Riku, I'm one of the many people who thinks KL has more than enough malls and need more greeneries. The rooftop garden is an amazing idea but really, it's mostly landscaping grass. Real ones because I can see yellow patches of dying grass from people stepping over it or they just don't get watered enough.

KL is still far from being the green city like Singapore. But then so's our level of urban planning because flash floods are still happening *roll eyes* Misplaced priorities *roll eyes again*

I digress. I didn't share my haul but I returned to get some stuff from Nitori _one of them the N-Cool bed topper which is a haul I super duper like! Now my bed is more sexy than ever and it feels really cool on the several days in a year where it is so much hotter in Malaysia. I'm thinking of getting a N-Cool chair cushion for my office chair because butt feels hot from sitting too long sometimes haha.

I find that Aeon also carries a similar range of products which they have been carrying in their stores before Nitori but not as overly promoted as Nitori's. The price range is somewhat similar though Nitori offers three range from cool to super cool. If I remember correctly, Nitori offer a wider range of N-cool products to even children/pets fabric and toys.

Unfortunately though, Nitori isn't so well-stocked. I was there on the 2nd day of opening and a month later but find that both times a lot of items are already out of stock. I asked the staff and was told that some takes 2-3 months before they will be available again. Also this was stated on Nitori's website *shrugs*

That said, loving the LaLaPort vibe and I'm still looking forward to go there and try the cafes and stalls in the food court/food street/food hall. Seems like it will be quite a place to dine once more shops are open.

ps, while I was at LaLaPort, I chanced upon the YouTuber by the channel Toshio Watanabe who was also there (his third day apparently) to take vid for his channel. We took some photos but since I didn't ask his permission, I'm not sharing it here hahaha. Shall keep his identity a secret LOL

Wednesday 30 March 2022

boarding the ðŸ‡ēðŸ‡ū ETS Business Coach for the first time


Hello! This is a video I took back in January 2022 when I boarded the KTMB ETS Business Class coach for the first time (Yes, yet another video that I've procrastinated on!). 

I have been using the train whenever I make a trip back to my hometown. Years before, I took the sleeper train but in recent years only the regular coach. I opted for the business class this time round due to the pandemic and to be on the safer side. Simply sharing my experience which I enjoyed btw. Would totally do this again!

Saturday 26 March 2022

making charcuterie 🧀 board, thrift shopping,, got my booster 💉


Hello! Just got back from content making break and catching up with procrastinated contents. These shots were taken back in mid January 2022 😎 Decided to take a break and just chillax the past weeks.

I tried making charcuterie board thanks to the whole Otakoyakisoba's Carchoochie saga on TikTok LOL. After coming up with quite a nice combo of cheese board, I got obsessed and tried several different types and brands of cheese which are available in the supermarket. Some of my favs are Kerrygold's Red Cheddar, Paysan Breton Le Camembert Cheese and Frico Smoked Cheese. Can't wait to try others! I'm especially interested to find another camembert that could rival Paysan Bretton's or any other yummy cheeses really

There are just so many options for foodstuff that it is hard to run out of ideas! Like even there are many different convenient stores or specialty stores like MIX.COM.MY that I just noticed in January. But then I found out they have so many branches all over town and even back at my hometown. I wonder what else I've been missing wth.

You can see from my vid I did some quick shopping at the MIX.COM.MY branch in Bukit Bintang after thrifting in Sungai Wang Plaza.

I still have several videos from past months and new one for this month. Hoping I have spare energy to edit them all *fingers crossed*. Aside from time, it's really bc the prolonged extra cautiousness that I've been doing are wearing me out besides the crazy going ons worldwide. Hoping things will be much better and everyone else is holding up too.

Anyways, appreciate you taking your time to check out my videos! 

Thursday 27 January 2022

balik kampung food vlog 😋

Hello y'all~~

Back with another video. This one took awhile for me to put together because of the number of footages. So glad it's done now *phew*

This time it's a compilation of food video during my last trip back to my hometown in December. Most of the places shown are some of the fam's favorites. Of course there are like many places we couldn't cover in just a few days. Would have done more adventure if we have more days! Anyway, hope y'all enjoy watching this (mostly) silent theme video~~


Sunday 16 January 2022

exploring Kampung Baru & Saloma Bridge | Christmas 2021


Hello! Bringing y'all along as I explored Kampung Baru & the Saloma Bridge~~! 

Kampung Baru is one of the few places in Kuala Lumpur which still retains most of its original landmarks of older, some even wooden  kampung houses. Though what makes it special is that the neighbourhood is right beside the heart of the city _ KLCC just walking distance connected by the (sorta) KL latest landmark the Saloma Bridge. The bridge was open to public in early 2020. 

Hope you enjoy this video!

Sunday 9 January 2022

a quiet start of 2022


Hello all and Happy New Year! 

Here's my first vlog for the year woohoo~~! Nothing too glamarous as the title suggest but it's been quite a year end. I initially planned to have more videos up but with the recent happenings in Malaysia, some of my priorities shifted and just to not be KY or can't read the air, I try not to post some videos. But it's mostly time constraint #adulting

It's a lil' unbelievable another year living with the pandemic just came to an end. I can't say that 2021 is a completely terrible year because there were good things (like not getting the virus) that happened. There are 1001 things I'm grateful for. I hope 2022 will be a way-y-y better year for all of us! Stay resilient & healthy and may the year bring plenty of joyous news for y'all! Cheers~~

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