Friday 16 August 2013

A Review: Ting Skin Specialist at Jalan Imbi

This is not a sponsored advert. It just a random post that I want to share with all my Malaysia readers if you're looking for a good dermatologist in KL.

If you've noticed, I've gone M.I.A. from blogging last month. I had been shying away from making reviews because I had the worst breakout in months which started early last month!

(╯TOT)╯︵ ┻━┻

I don't remember when it started but initially it begin with 2-3 innocent pimples that refuses to go away and then the others start popping up. I blame partly the haze since I had to wear masks but didn't changed it quite often and secondly no thanks to my forever raging hormones.

So I went here last weekend ↓

Yeapie. Went to my usual dermatologist_Ting Skin Specialist at Jalan Imbi. It's a quite well-known clinic here in KL. So-o famous people actually start queuing up an hour before it opens! I first found out about it from local forum/blogs maybe 2 years back and have been going there for consultations whenever I've had skin troubles.

Anyway, more about the clinic on their webpage here. Alternatively, Google "Ting Skin Specialist" or "Dr Ting's Clinic" and you'll find so many other bloggers raving about how awesome this clinic is.

And if you're planning to drop by, here's a super easy direction:

(1) From Bukit Bintang Monorail Station, head straight to Pavillion,

(2) take a right into the lane between Uniqlo and Sephora.

(3) Then head straight till you see a Seven Eleven on your right.

(4) Turn right, Ting Skin's just right beside it.

Can't go wrong unless your sense of direction is worse than mine. I lost my way to my car in parking lot countless times already hahahaha

Previous Consultations

My recent visit would mark my 3rd visit to Ting Skin. The first one was over 2 years ago when I was having the worst of acne, the ones with super yucky puss and blood that would leave ugly scars afterwards. Such horror! ( /ToT) But after 2 separate consultations I managed to get rid of them and my skin was simply amazing! No breakouts or just minor ones now and then, until recently... (,T^T,)

The Wait super long even with an appointment. I made my appointment at 11.30am but had to wait for an hour and a half before it's my turn. Yeah, it's that long.

My advice?

Book an appointment, arrive early to register, check how long do you have to wait then go shopping for a while before getting back to the clinic about 15 minutes before the mentioned consultation time. That shall keep you occupied.

The Consultation

This time I had some problems with pimples popping up below my cheek, on and underneath my chin which was apparently due to some hormones imbalance wth.

Apparently, pimples appearing on these areas = hormonal acne. The ones around your T-zone means that you simply lack proper facial care regimen.

Neway, I had to take the jabs because of how bad the breakouts were. Some were really huge according to the doctor

( ; ____ ; )

I was praying I didn't have to take them, I tell you! I also took injections in all my other visits and they hurt A DAMN LOT. Some more its not just one or two jabs, but jabs for every single pimples, more for the stubborn, huge ones. I think I had no less than 20 of them every single time.

Tried to suppress the tears and not to cringe and keeping myself distracted by asking the doc stuff without even moving my mouth hahahahaha

I was paralyzed with pain ( T____T )

Of course you can opt not to jab but its the faster alternative especially if you're having really serious case of breakouts. The medicine are meant to dry them from the inside.


I got a cleanser, toner, pimple gel(a month supply of each) and 2 weeks' medicine supply. Except the lip balm, which I bought separately from the pharmacy because it is in the flat round container which isn't really inconvenient for application. Either that or I'm plain lazy lol

Prescription from Ting Skin Clinic

The cleanser↓

2013-08-10 05.10.39-2

Pimple gel↓

2013-08-10 05.12.08

Well the alcohol-based toner is simply clear liquid with pungent odor. No photo because it evaporates fast. Gotta use facial cotton to apply it on evenly on face.

As for the oral prescription, I won't share the name here because it's best to have them prescribed by your doctor. For one, they're not safe for pregnant women or expectant mothers or if you have some diseases and the list goes onlah. (In some other countries you have to sign a whole bunch of papers before the doctors would even prescribed them to you!)

Besides that, they have several side effects with the most common ones include dryness in skin especially on the lips, thus explains the lip balm. The less common side effects vary with individuals.

I've had really bad headaches last time and just on day one of my pills, several times I felt dizzy_the kind that make you feel off-balanced. I'm on day 5 now and I'm grateful I haven't gotten anything worse than that, I believe thanks to my frequent exercise.

Consultation Fees

Including the prescriptions, they sum up to a total of RM205 which is affordable!

Back in my hometown I went to this one bloody overpriced dermatologists that would charge no less than RM500++ per consultation+medication.

Damn waste of money! What's more the meds don't even work!ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Anyway, a 2 weeks supply of the prescriptions without the injections should not be more than RM150.

As for the results, from my previous consultations you can see a huge difference after 2 weeks. I shall keep you updated on my progress. Maybe a before-after snapshots.

Probably after getting rid of them which shall take a couple of follow ups, I'm considering to go back to Ting Skin for laser treatment to get rid of my acne scars and pores. Hopefully that can reduce breakouts. Hmmm...well I'm still considering. Maybe a sponsor for that? *fingers cross


  1. Hi babe~I would like to ask is it already move into sg Wang 3rd floor?

  2. Hello~ Last I checked it's still at Jalan Imbi. Not sure if the Sg Wang one is the same...

  3. hi babe, is the rate same nowadays or more pricey? u knw any details about it? thanks a bunch

  4. Hello Hashvini! Can't be sure about the current rate 'cuz I haven't been there for a while now. Tho I might be going for a consultation after Raya so I'll keep you posted then!

  5. Hey @Hashvini~! Had my consultation today and paid RM155. I didn't get the jabs I got last time so the price may have increased slightly... But yeah, expect +-RM200 for a single consultation. Hope this helps!

  6. Hello there, do we really need to book an appointment? How about go there on the spot and directly queue?

  7. It is not necessary to book an appointment but whether that could reduce your waiting time, Im not sure. And they only accept appointments on all day except Saturday apparently.

  8. Hi, we published a list of Top 5 Skin Specialist in KL & Selangor, which Ting Skin Specialist is one of them!

    Check them out here:

    If you have any other skin specialist that you would like to add, let us know via our Twitter handler.


  9. Hi babe, do you know Dr Ting's office hours because I know that he is not available at some days where Dr Yap will take over but I would only like to consult with Dr Ting :) Please let me know! Thanks

  10. This I'm not so sure.. You've got to call the receptionist for that. Personal opinion though, either of them is fine.

  11. Hi
    I would like to clarify if getting rid of pimples is one of your speciality. And how about if the person is at teenage, about 15 to 16. Any proven medication.

  12. It isn't really my specialty LOL. I'm guessing you're referring to the dermatologists at Ting's Skin Clinic. Yes, I would recommend you go see them if you have pimple issues. Not too young to consult a skin specialist/derma at 15/16. I think I started seeing one around that age too, if not younger.


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