Sunday 12 November 2017

my sister's bachelorette party

I mentioned online I wanted to write about my recent hauls from Singapore & Bali but then decided to get straight to my sis' bachelorette last week and recent going ons first LOL. 

We had the bachelorette at Ploy, Publika because the bride-to-be recommended the place. While it's a great place to hang out and eat (the food is amazing!), there is no private room which meant we needed to tone down for the other customers' convenience.

That morning I was so tired, having gotten back from my vacuum the weekend before and had a hectic schedule trying to catch up with work that piled up while I was away (T____T) Like come on, girls!  Had to force myself to wake up so I can go collect the cake which was ordered just the night before! 

I'm super thankful, Eddie from Cake Tella have an extra for us! I love cakes from Cake Tella, they're one of the best and contain alcohol (You have been warned!) I have so go check them out for events! My absolute, all-time favorite would be the Pecan Salted Caramel Mille Crepe but since I made the order so last minute, I settled for Bailey's Chocolate Mousse (beggars can't be choosers anyway!) which was super chocolate-y, I'm hooked! 

Got the crazy fireworks candle supplied by Eddie and another bridesmaid, Nicole found the Hello Kitty gachapon to add as a cake topper. 

Yeah, this bride-to-be is a huge Hello Kitty fan, as you may have guessed so the theme for the day is cat theme hahaha! Two of us only started looking for the headbands the day before and could only find a handful, I got the fancy ones from Forever 21 and had to settle for the bunny ears from S&J.

Sisters' photo~~ Do we look alike? Got a lot of comments saying we do but I doubt it lol. (And OMG I looked baked in the photo! Shouldn't have gone to the beach before a bachelorette/wedding >.< )

Oh, hectically put up some decors for the day too. Such a morning I had... You bet by the time I got back I slept like a log!

For appetizers we had rainbow chips, mini crabs and some squid. Wine too because the bride-to-be requested it. They're all tasted amazing!

Early birds' toast~~

For lunch, I choose Mentaiko Linguini. I can't resist anything with mentaiko hahaha

Neesha chose pancake from the brunch menu which looked and tasted amazing! Definitely better than the ones in Bali, more on those later. 

During the meetup, we played a mini Q&A games for the bride before rewarding her with gifts and a photo frame.

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