Sunday 15 October 2017

How to take Double Exposure on Instax

I'm obsessed with my instax, no doubt about that. Been sharing some of my shots on Instagram too :) I super love my instax so I went checking out some photo tips and found one I really like, the Double Exposure technique.

Here are some of the double-exposures photos which I took last month _ the two at each sides.

Here's how to do so:

1) Open the lid partially so the cartridge sticks out but not fully so you don't over-exposed your films. That'll make your film turn out blank or black. (Happened a few times :/)

2) Snap the first photo. This one will usually turn out brighter than the second snap. Wait until you the sound stops.

3) Close the cartridge and snap the second photo.

And that's it! SUPER SIMPLE RIGHT?! It may take several trials to get a perfect double exposure shots but don't give up LOL. You would need to sacrifice a few films but don't fret! I found just the place to get the CHEAPEST films. So in most stores, you find them selling for RM33 a cartridge of 10x films, BUT at 11thStreet.Com,  you can find 3 packs of 20 Sheets for RM126! That's about RM2.10 per sheet, which is much more worth it! YOU'RE MOST WELCOME!

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