Friday 31 August 2012

my confession

... I'm a neat freak. I can't stand mess. So when I moved back to home sweet home late in the evening 2 days ago, I just have to start unpacking and do some cleanup. Easily said then done. I've got mess enough to occupy 2 rooms. Got a headache just looking at them. Everything's everywhere.

fml (,T.T,)

Went to bed with a headache last 2 nights 'cuz I didn't get to clear all my stuff up, like seriously.

So today I'm so glad I get a time out not to have to clean everything since my family and I was at Penang to get do some prayers. It's the Hungry Ghost month already so we were making offerings to relatives_long gone_ and praying etc..

And I got my fortune told only for 20 cents. LOLOL. There's this fortune telling machine with a small statue of errr... a god and there's the cyclomancy spinning wheel in it. So you insert the coin, the wheel spins and pin point to a certain number and you go collect your own fortune paper.

Here's a part of what my fortune paper or Chiam Bee says~

It basically says I'll be having superb luck. LOL.


But dafuq since when I have a pregnant wife???!! ROFL. Overall, it sounds really good and I'm having my fingers cross so that whatever's written on it will come true. I got a couple of projects and stuff coming up so of course I want them to work out. Owh. it mention something about my love luck too. I'm like HARHARHAR at that part. Still, kami-sama!!! Grant whatever else that's written on it, an exception to the pregnant wife part lah.

I'll work my part and do my best (ง •̀_•́)ง

Now le me off to bed. This weekend's gonna be a busy one!

Monday 27 August 2012

random stuff~

Got my hair dyed just last weekend~!

I wanna cry...(,TAT,)

LOL. It isn't about the color. I'm crying 'cuz I'm so-o-o gonna miss my hairdresser back in Kajang. My part time work officially ended today and I'll be heading back home on Wednesday. I won't get to do my hair in Kajang anytime soon and got to find a new salon:(

I've always been getting my haircut here and just last year found a salon I really like. Credits goes to the hairdresser in World of Hair Salon for my new hair color. I actually wanted something 'orangey brown' and was expecting a really dark shade of chocolate with a hint of orange but the guy got me something a lil 'brighter' and it turns out really nice.

How should I describe it? Different? Just something I needed_a change.

OMG I'm seriously gonna miss that salon. It's not easy to find a hairdresser who can dye you hair in colors you'd never imagine of having and pull it off so easily.

And ooh~ my colleague got me this one cute printed pink dress as a farewell gift. So sweet of her(TvT/)

Last day at work but I still had loads of stuff to do. My hands and fingers hurt so much from working with the keyboard I thought my muscles almost snap or something... Can't wait to get home and hibernate. Still gotta do some packing and stuff later so I'll just excuse myself and pass out for nao.

  okthxbaidropdead (X_X)

Friday 24 August 2012

le shopping hauls

Did more shopping last weekend

٩(♡ε ♡ )۶

There were sales everywhere which I use as an excuse to splurge on more clothes and stuff. Got some really great bargains.

I'm on cloud 9!!(( (TvT/) ))

Bought mostly shorts since I can't fit into the ones I just got early this year. Lost a size since I've been eating like crap when I started working in KL now I can't wear my favorite denim shorts (,*A*,) Took the chance to add more colors to my wardrobe and I even got one pair of floral shorts at Kenanga Wholesale City. Saw some really pretty floral denim ones in Forever21 too but decided RM80 for shorts are really expensive...


The sheerXlace blouse I got from Forever21 is probably my best buy! Been KIV-ing it for a while and finally decided to grab it when they had it on further reduction (TvT/) Yippeee!!

Then got myself Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes pencil liner in olive. Been searching everywhere for it and finally found it at SaSa 1Utama. Dafuq with me. I always only start searching for these stuff only when they're almost sold out.

Ring from F21, Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Pencil Liner and Prestige Shimmering Shadow Dust

*Sigh* Gonna miss shopping around KL. Won't get the chance to shop in KL anytime soon since I'll be moving back to home sweet home next week! Goodness. Don't know how many times I've moved this summer. Life in KL=Nomad lifestyle. But heck, yesssieee~!! Am going home.... to become my parents' driver. fml.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Sponsored Review: Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes(Lavender Sugar)

(^v^)/ I'm back with another review of Majolica Majorca product! This time it's Majolica Majorca latest addition into the Jeweling Eyes range with two new palette in Lavender Sugar and Apple Candy~

Limited edition Jeweling Eyes in Lavender Sugar and Apple Candy!

I received the palette in Lavender Sugar courtesy from Shiseido Malaysia along with their Lash King in brown and Brow&Lash Colorist from their latest range, the Psychedelicious Collection. You can read my review on these items here.

Anyway, here's the real thing up close~!

The Lavender Sugar Jeweling Eyes palette includes a base silvery shade, shimmering shade of pastel purple and baby pink and a less shimmery dark purple tone. All the colors are all heavily pigmented with silky smooth texture that are really easy to apply with its applicator brush.

Here's the swatches for this palette ♡

Lavender Sugar swatches on my arm

And le me trying it on! I applied it based on the instruction at the back of the packaging~ And oh btw, I'm using Stage Cosmetic eye primer as the base.
How I applied it~

Complete the look with a thin line of black liner on the upper lid and plenty of mascara!

 A clearer view without all the mess

ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Doesn't the colors combination somehow just remind you of a blooming lavender field like in this photo?

Lavender field on your eyes?

Photo from

My verdict? I'm HEAD OVER HEELS with the purple and pink combo! The bright pink shade totally brings out the magic of the entire palette and compliments the purple really well! And they blend together really easily. However, on the downside, the colors doesn't last too long. I had to get it fix at least after 2-3 hours :S

Still, overall the palette works amazing, especially the purple-baby pink combination!! I'd give a 4 out of 5 rating for it d(≥vO,)♥

Majolica Majorca’s Jeweling Eyes in Lavender Purple and Candy will be available around leading pharmacies around Malaysia soon ♡ This post is written on behalf of items sponsored by Majolica Majorca but all opinions are 100% by yours trulyヾ(Ov≤)ノ-☆

Thursday 16 August 2012

Moo Moo Madness!

Took the day off todya to run some errands. Goodness, they're endless!!! Anyway, dropped by Kajang to get a bunch of spring rolls on the way too. Everyone at office wanted to get some after I brought a roll back for them to try last 2 weeks. They've been craving for it! So walah. All 10 rolls. Stuff them all in the office fridge. Bought some for the people at home to try too :)

see all da rolls?

See why it's named the 'Moo Moo Cake'? It got black patches like a cow's!!! So cute!

Weeeheeeheee (^v^/)

And it taste superb!! Super soft rolls with equally super creamy err.. cream. Nao the fridge smells like milk ♡

Moo Moo Cake ♡

I had to wait for an hour plus for it since it was totally sold out and they had to make a new batch. Even so, some of the rolls were already pre-ordered and they didn't have enough rolls for me, initially. But the aunty was so nice, she had things sorted out when she knew I drove all the way from KL. So I manage to get them-lah~

Plus she even gave me some Osaka Cake for keeping me waiting while they were packing my orders(after I returned an hour later). OMG, she didn't have to! She's just so sweet~

Osaka Cake

Anyway, you peeps at Kajang or KL or Selangor should really try this Moo Moo Cake at New Zealand Bakery in Kajang! You've got my word, it's awesome!!! Just do me a favor and don't get in my way when I want my Moo Moo Cake or I'll have to declare war XP

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Shopping & Hauls

August 2012 ViVi Malaysia issue is finally out~ Been hunting for one for weeks! X(

ViVi Malaysia 3rd Issue

Now I got so many magazines to read. Downloaded the entire 2012 issues of SEDA magazine scans and even Mori Girl Lesson scans I got from a Mori Girl blog I've been frequenting the past weeks. Gonna check out Fudge too after I finish reading all the scans.

OMG, I'm so obsessed with everything Mori these days!!ヾ(@♡▽♡@)ノ

SEDA July2012 Issue

Earlier this year I said I wanted to do some wardrobe overhauling, gyaru-style and now that I've got some time_and some cash_been shopping around KL. I'm IN LOVE with this one boutique at Tropicana City Mall called Lovely Charms Boutique! Frequented the boutique a couple of times and my colleague introduced me to the owner so now we're like good buddies. LOL.

Here's 2 apparels I got from her boutique_a stripe, peplum(?!) top which is so Tsubasa-inspired and this really sweet dress with lace collar. I can never get enough of laces, I tell you!

I actually purchased the top first and overlooked the dress. So when my colleague and I dropped by to chat and I saw the dress and I fell in love at first sight but was strap for cash, she had it reserved specially for me! Obviously, I got it-lah WITH a belt she gave me. I'm loving her boutique more! (TvT/)

hauls for my gyaru wardrobe makeover~!

Ooohhh~!!! Also, she has this array of really awesome handmade rings which I also fell in love with! Trust me, I don't remember how so many ended up in my shopping bag(*/∇\*)

swooning over my new collection of rings! かわいい to the max~

Did I mention there'll be a new collection of the rings coming in end of this month? Well there will be. And guess who's gonna be the first to check them out? LOL. If I'm still around KL, that's it. I'm gonna miss the boutique when I get back to my hometown. She does have a fb page but doesn't sell the stuff online... ,(T^T,)

Anyway, here's my accessories hauls this month. Got some really pretty necklaces for my sis and I~

prezzie for sis's belated bday

pretty boho beaded necklace~!

I wore both the blouse and the necklace(as a bracelet) last weekend when I went hanging out with my bestie~ Paired it with my blush-colored lace handbag I got for a bargain early summer and my scallop lace skants a.k.a. skirt pants I got online ♡

Photo isn't so clear since I only took a quick shot in front of the elevator. Didn't wanna look like a camwhore b*tch there. A lil' too late for that maybe? *shrug*

Gyaru コーディ #01!

Other accessories I got~! I'm really obsessed with Gingham checkered, an influence from Ray mag.

A pair of earrings and plenty of bows hair clips!
While shopping around at Sunway Pyramid, I found this really awesome booth_ Gemini Leather selling colored leather accessories! The bright, bold colored flowers made of leather really got my attention. Swooning over they keychains, earrings and necklace.

OMG. I want them all!!!

Leather Daisies Keychains photos from Gemini Leather fb page

Leather Flower Earrings photos from Gemini Leather fb page

Leather Flower necklace photos from Gemini Leather fb page

Also, I found this shop Mori Zakka, as the name have suggested, the cutest Mori-inspired shop I've ever(and only) come across in KL! Their dressing room is so cute with a tiny window on the dressing room door covered with a curtain. Found a crocheted cardigan which I really like but decided against buying it since it was too expensive... :(

Mori Zakka @ Sunway Pyramid

photo from Mori Zakka fb page

That's all from my recent shopping spree this time~ Will update more on my gyaru makeover in some other post. Another Majolica Majorca review coming up next. If you haven't read my review on Majolica Majorca's Psychedelicious Summer '12 collection, you can check it out here.

Lots of Love! ☆-(≥vO)v

Monday 6 August 2012


Mornin' peeps! It's actually 15 minutes to 3pm on a Monday here but I get to sleep in since it's a public holiday

(^v^/) Weeee~~!!

Had an adventurous weekend last two days. Since my classes ended last month, I had more time to explore places around KL and I've been having good food all week for the past two weeks. You can check out the stuff I've tried in my previous post. There were more to it like the Vietnamese pork noodles and Japanese salmon porridge which I didn't get snapshots of X(  But anyway, I got a lots of food shots from last weekend.

Petaling Street

Was shopping for crafting supplies with my buddies around Jalan Petaling~ We spent a couple of hours just hunting for crafting stuff at Macy's and a couple other shops. Had lunch at one of the kopitiams there.

Pork with rice~

Duck rice and herbal tea to go with it~[/caption]

Yesterday was shopping around Sunway Pyramid with bestie.

yesterday's coordinator ♦ 昨日のコーディ

LOL. Camwhored while waiting for the elevator that takes forever to arrive.

While shopping around, we saw this booth called Mochi Sweets selling an array of colorful mochi and me being me, I just got to try some of them!

Colorful mochi imported from Japan!

I opted for the Peach Cream and Mango Yogurt mochi while my friend chose the more 'traditional' flavors like Black Sesame and Red Bean flavored mochi. They all taste great(we shared our mochis~!) and I especially love my Mango Yogurt one. The Peach Cream flavored tasted a lil' bit like chewing gum at first bite. LOL.

My peach cream and mango yogurt mochi!

Dinner time I decided to get a lil' adventurous with my food and bestie recommended this Taiwan(?) restaurant called Bar.B.Q. Plaza. We ordered the economy set for 2.

Slices of pork, udon and some veges

It didn't look like it but it's actually really filling!

Some pork(?) fat for cooking and dip for the BBQ

The dip goes really well with the BBQ. We kept having the sauces refilled_It was so-o-o yummy!

Garlic rice
BBQ time!

After dinner, more window shopping!! Bestie decided to have ice cream from Dokomon @ Asian Avenue. I had only a few spoonful since I was already very stuffed at Bar.B.Q.!

Dark Chocolate ice cream

Food trip didn't end there just yet. Drove to USJ9 for a drink.

In House Cafe around USJ9

LOL. It was the badminton finals yesterday and almost everyone there had their eyes glued to the screen supporting LCW.

Ordered yogurt drink for myself while bestie got herself some pearl milk tea.

my 'Sunrise' ice blended yogurt with passion fruit

We even had dim sum for supper :S

Steam Custard Buns

Prawn dumplings!

Later we chatted at bestie's place and she offered some chocolates and soup but I was like wdf, I can't eat anymore. But I still had a cup of coffee before leaving. LOL. Gotta keep myself awake while driving (>vO)

Saturday 4 August 2012

Makan-makan around PJ~!

Had burger with sis at myburgerlab in Seapark last night! Boy that was a good, filling meal!

[caption id="attachment_2474" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 

my 'beautiful mess' burger[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2475" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 

sis A+ Burger[/caption]

Ok, the lighting sucks. I was too busy eating the burger to change my camera setting. Who wouldn't? The burger's so awesome. Like this awesome:

[caption id="attachment_2477" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 

my messyyyy love affair~~~[/caption]

OMG. I can still taste the yummy cheese with the egg and juicy beef patty plus their fresh daily-made homemade charcoal bread *drools*

[caption id="attachment_2476" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 

awesome herby fries[/caption]

They've got great fries to go with the equally awesome, also homemade sauce (^v^/)

[caption id="attachment_2478" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 


Wanted to go with a friend last weekend but we arrive late and the burgers were sold out! (,T^T,) They've really sold out on most days, sometimes as early as 7pm or was the record an hour and a half after opening hour? Yeah, truly recommendable!! Must try if you're in KL!!

Here's another place nearby worth trying. Last weekend when I didn't managed to get my burgers @myburgerlab, my friend suggested we go to this 'super mamak'_Murni Restaurant, which have equally awesome menus. Here's something random I got. It's 'recommended' by the menu.

I think it's so-so. Probably the only great thing about it is the size and amount of seafood they have in it. This one's shared between my friend and I but I ate most of it since my foodie buddy had his paella earlier (,=3=,) I wanna eat paella too...

[caption id="attachment_2484" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 

Mee Raja![/caption]

And I've decided on a 'Fair Lady' fruit cocktail with natta de coco, for a change of my usual 'bandung sirap' which I usually order in mamaks. They have a huge selection of cocktails and other drinks and they've all got mushy names like 'I Love You', 'I Kiss You', 'I Miss You' and so on. There's even 'Don't Worry' and 'Be Happy'. What a name.

[caption id="attachment_2485" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 

my 'Fair Lady' fruit cocktail[/caption]

Had another burger sometime last week. Yeah, been trying out a lot of good food this couple of days. Here's PORK(oh yessss!!!) burger from Ninja Joe~

[caption id="attachment_2480" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 
Ninja Burger~!!! LOL[/caption]

I got 'Big Boss' and had cheese add on to it~ Yummy.

[caption id="attachment_2482" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 

'Big Boss'[/caption]

I also got myself a pudding well from a bakery in Tropicana City Mall for dessert that night~!

[caption id="attachment_2481" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 
pudding well~[/caption]

See the amount of pudding they have in it?

[caption id="attachment_2483" align="aligncenter" width="448"] 

pudding and bread[/caption]

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