Thursday 28 October 2021

EP16 Buying from small biz (Bake It Up, Flavoursome Homemade, Offline Baking Chic)& online groceries


In this video, I'm sharing the specialties from the small F&B online businesses I ordered from and some of my online groceries hauls. I started relying more on online apps to get my groceries as the cases worsened. Thankfully, logistics are much reliable and there are so many options available! This is not a sponsored video.

Saturday 23 October 2021

a day in my life | took a day off from work & went shopping


Decided to take a break from work and get out the house now that Klang Valley is now in Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan. I made sure to the the necessary precautions and only visited the shops where I plan to shop for stuffs.

Can't believe it's November in a week's time and another year where I've been stuck at home most of the time. Fingers crossed I will be able to clear my leaves and unwind. While work is good, I think I need more fresh air! Best is without a mask but at this point that isn't possible yet...

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Coffee Review (Part 3): HisBrew Ethopia Yirgacheffe, Brazil Santos and Sumatra Gayo Mountain coffee beans

My most recent coffee stock up, I bought from a local coffee place that roasts their own beans. They have 7 different roasts, all of which are super interesting. I would have ordered all 7 but I know it will take me awhile to finish them and I'd rather have them freshly roasted. It's pretty cool they did state the dates they prepare the roast, just a few days before my order so freshness guaranteed!

My package of 3 blends, the Ethopia Yirgacheffe, Brazil Santos and Sumatra Gayo Mountain beans arrived and as soon as I cut the polymail I can smell the rich chocolate scent! I store the package in a drawer and still smell the chocolate scent whenever I open it LOL. This is why it's fun-er to get beans from specialty stores_ there's more things to say about it rather than describing the level of bitterness hahaha. And they come in so many interesting flavors _ chocolatey, fruity, florally, etc..

TL;DR: Sumatra Gayo Mountain & Brazil Santos are great as black or cold brew. On the other hand, I prefer Ethiophia Yirgarcheffe with milk (super loving with oat milk but not so of pistachio milk) but not so as cold brews because of how light it is. Brazil Santos somehow tasted bland with milk.

I received a sample for Columbia Supremo which is described to have caramel, chocolate and fruity notes. I brewed it on the weekend, gotta take my time! It has a fruity scent that reminds me of acidic coffee. Now I wonder if fruity = acidic. I don't really fancy my coffee acidic or overly fruity. Thankfully I have oat milk (first time trying!) and so I turned it into latte. Half part coffee and half part milk, frothed. Turns out fruity scented beans goes well with milk and cinnamon. So-o-o good.

I did the same with the Ethopia Yirgacheffe that is described to have
rich, full body, sweet, light-body, jasmine, and lemon taste". Legit think I can be barista already, tasted amazing wei. *Cries in coffee* 

Of course I have to try it the cold brew method and I left it like for 2 nights because I was obsessed with the latte. Also I wasn't looking forward to the cold brew thinking it'll be fruity-acidic. When I brought it out though, the first thing I noticed was how pretty the color is _ just like peach tea orange! Taste also sweet, smooth but too light! I think I didn't grind it fine enough.. Very interesting but not for days when I'm craving for coffee with actual coffee beans flavor. This is coffee fruit juice-tea leh. If you do your own coffee, seriously try making them with different methods!

When my oat milk ran low, I tried the Sumatry Gayo Mountain that is "dark, with a slight bitterness" next. True enough, it makes a better black coffee. I'd say this is much deeper taste than the Starbucks Caffe Verona. I didn't get much dark chocolate and deep hazelnut flavor from drip coffee *shrug*

My last pack of Brazil Santos has an amazing, long-lingering scent. I like this as black and cold brew but no idea why with milk it isn't as interesting! Is it me or fruity one is better as latte/cappuccino?

Speaking of experimenting, I also tried adding salt because I came across a video or article (I don't remember) saying the salt distracts your tastebuds from the bitterness of the coffee and so brings out the flavor. Something along the line. Long story short, the brew tasted salty... Maybe don't bother trying that hahahaha

And if you're wondering, I did try to mix all the blends! Interestingly the tasted just like Nescafe 3-in-1 LOL

Sunday 17 October 2021

9.9 (mostly!) & 10.10 Shopee Hauls


Hi all! Been on an impromptu break because I wasn't really in the mood for a lot of things. This video was meant to be published last month, but I'm happy I got it done today~~

A reminder for y'all to take a break when you need to because woah this whole transitioning to an endemic can get tiring #loveyourself

1. Natural cleaning brush (Wood)  ShopeeMY

2. Dish washing loofah  ShopeeMY

3. Soap net bag  ShopeeMY

4. Potato multipurpose soap bar  ShopeeMY

5. Solid toothpaste (25g)  ShopeeMY

6. Soapnuts berries (100g) ShopeeMY

7. Milk frothing pitcher with silicone cover  ShopeeMY

8. Small milk/espresso glass jug  ShopeeMY

9. Utensils drying rack/holder  ShopeeMY

10. Stovetop conducting plate  ShopeeMY

11. Aluminum Laptop Stand  ShopeeMY

12. Collapsible Silicone Funnel  ShopeeMY

13. Purple acryllic tortoiseshell hair claw (Variation Purple)  ShopeeMY

14. Purple jade hair claw (Variation 2)  ShopeeMY

15. Matte green hair claw (Variation Green)  ShopeeMY

16. Marble/Pearl hair claw (Variation 1)  ShopeeMY

17. Donut hair clip (Variation Coffee)  ShopeeMY

18. Oval hair claw (Variation Khaki)  ShopeeMY

19. 12L Outdoor water Container  ShopeeMY

20. Beige Yoga Belt  ShopeeMY

Sunday 3 October 2021

EP15 #whatieat | Kimchijiggae, lockdown noodles 🍜, 🧀 hashbrowns, etc.

Hello! Posting a very delayed compilation of #whatieat (Malaysia food) from last month. It had been very busy (life happens!). In this video I share some of the meals I prepped while still trying to stay home :D Hope everyone is doing good too & stay safe!


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