Sunday 19 January 2014

weekend jalan jalan again <3


How was your weekend? Hope you had a great weekend and for those celebrating Thaipusam, Happy Pongal! And for those who wished weekend were 3 days a week, your wish just came true this week LOL There's still another one this coming CNY so wait for it lah~

This is how I spent my Saturday _ losing two games in bowling and I was so confident wth (=A=; )

Later that evening went to 21st Century at Kajang~ Missed this place lots!

Me and my supersize pink guava juice~~


With Aki~


All da food we had~


Close up on our food~

These are mine~


...with Swiss cheese steamboat so YUMMEHH!! ❤


His_Combo Beef and Chicken~


And had an additional snack plate.


Was so full after that (・∀・) *satisfied*

Then chatted until it got really dark but that's the best part about the place really. The night scenery and when we were there it was so windy!

Night photo from our place.


Can you spot the Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower?

Sunday 12 January 2014

December Hauls from Tokyo Love Collection(Part 2) & Dolly WinkEyelashes Reviews


Sharing with you my cosme hauls from Tokyo love Collection~ This is the 2nd time Isetan has organized the event. Didn't get to check out the Tokyo Love Collection 2012 so I thought I really should this year~ This post is meant to be completed last month but I've been dragging it alright... I'm trying to get the momentum back but with class started already I just don't know wth

I finally bought my 2 favorite Dolly Wink falsies that's been on my wish lists like forever (*⌒∇⌒*) Ohlala~~

Here's the Dolly Wink products I bought.


#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

Bought 2 falsies and then got this Koji crayon liner complimentary.

Booklet from Love Tokyo Collection(Part 2).

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

Go check it out the rest of the booklet on Cheesie's or what's the fashion pop out store/makeup booth at Isetan like on Audrey's blog..

A week later went on round 2 to get the Dolly Wink Black Mascara No.2 Volume that comes with a liquid liner some more!!  o(≧▽≦)o I'm on cloud 9!

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection #Mascara #Liner #IsetanKLCC

This blog post is about my first haul from Tokyo Love Fashion 2013 and for the shots I used all Dolly Wink products! Even Ramune Pink Lipstick and Peach Orange Lip Gloss from Candy Doll also by Tsubasa Masuwaka!~ ♥

Dolly Wink #No17 Diamond Dolly

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

Jyan~ Me trying out this matsuge~~

Nice or not? Bottom corner lashes I cut off from some old one v(//v//)

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

Looks oh so natural don't you think? Plus, they're so easy to apply I'm amazed!

Dolly Wink #No9 Natural Dolly

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection


#DollyWink #Falsies #FakeLashes #TsubasaMasuwaka #Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection

Wore this with the same Sesame Grey contact lens which is the same with Tsubasa Masuwaka's~~ Think the lighting made them look greener than grey...

Hadanomy Collagen Mist

 Besides the eye makeup, I also bought this limited edition Hadanomy's Collagen Mist that comes in this spray bottle's in heart shape. Uber cute!

#Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection #IsetanKLCC #Beauty #Cosmetics

#Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection #IsetanKLCC #Beauty #Cosmetics

#Gyaru #Kawaii #TokyoLoveCollection #IsetanKLCC #Beauty #Cosmetics

Super convenient to carry this spray bottle around in handbag~! My roomie told me the spray is something like in Korean drama one LOL

Lots of Hadanomy facial care products at the booth. Got this one for only RM19 PWP. Else, original price is RM25.

Also grabbed these two Dolly Wink booklets with Tsubasa Masuwaka so prettayyy~

#TsubasaMasuwaka #DollyWink

Wednesday 8 January 2014

one Sunday at KL Bird Park

... went like this ( = A =;)

Friend randomly suggested we go to KL Bird Park. Never knew such place existed all the while I was living here wth

So off we went. Got off from the Pasar Seni LRT and walked all the way there. So mafan one. By the time we reached the entrance we were so tired from the distance and stairs climbing and uphill climbing (X__X)

But we made it~!

Map of the bird park. The place is huge~!

Plenty of birds flying and hopping and fluttering freely. Here's a peacock showing off its feathers. Lots of them there but we didn't get much chance to see them like this.

Anyway, there are lots other birds there but lemme fast forward to when we went into a parrot enclosure(it's one of the many little ones there). That was where a lory ended up on my head wtf It's one of my favorite place 'cuz you can actually feed them!

Check out these 3 sitting on my hand so heavy (>A<) Plus their claws are so sharp they hurt and left small scratches on my arm ouchie!

Super fun though!

Besides the birds, the scenery's great too (@⌒ー⌒@) So calming cannot believe such place like this exist in the middle of KL!

And a pond with lotsa kois! And yes, you can feed them too. They had several gachapon stands around except for toys you get fish feeds hahaha


At the 'tunnel' inside the waterfall~

Nice leh (^o^ )~♪

Had late lunch from all the 3-hour long sightseeing just in the bird park! There's an orchid garden and a few other parks/garden close by but we were to tired to check them out already.

Then took taxi to Chinatown a.k.a. Petaling Street for lunchy~~

Ais Batu Campur or ABC or shaved ice is perfect after a tiring trip~!

ais batu kacang (abc) on a hot day

ais batu kacang (abc) on a hot day

That's for now~ Oyasumi!

Saturday 4 January 2014

Happy New Year~!!

Happy New Year~! Akemashite omedetou~~ 

Thank you for reading my blog~ Super appreciate some readers who contacted me. It's great to get to know you! And also sponsors who call me up to write about their products/events invites(though I can't attend the events on weekdays). Still, I truly appreciate that.

Please be kind to me this year. Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimase~ *bow*

Last few months I haven't been blogging actively because I started taking Japanese lessons. It's been a tiring 3 months but I'm super happy finally I've been able to do so! Been studying on my own but it was tough and I couldn't practice...

Will be going for classes for the next few months again and I hope I'll get better... (//~//) Occasionally I feel sorta frustrated for not able to write/communicate fluently or use the correct grammar and that made me feel like shit. But yeah, I understand it will take some time to get to know everything like the back of my hand (;д;) Will continue to ganbatte this year too so wish me luck hahaha

Ok, enough rant. Changing subject now.

Here's a photo of a naughty kitty to cheer your day up LOL (^・x・^)

2007-01-01 12.01.10

This is my new neighbor and she's been invading mah balcony! And that the toy I bought for her which she destroyed it a few days later (=___= '|)|||

Once again, THANK YOU for dropping by my blog and wishing you all the best this year~!

☆*:.。. (ヽ^・x・^)八(⌒▽⌒〃).。.:*☆

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