Friday 13 December 2019

April Skin Turn Up Hair Treatment in Wanna Blue Review

These days I'm feeling adventurous to try another hair color (again!). I still very much love mahogany shade but somehow decided I want to try colors such as indigo, green or purple _ the shades I have yet to explore! Didn't want to spend so much because I know light colors don't last to invest so much on nor I am not so sure of getting permanent ones (like dark blue or dark purple).

I went ahead and bought April Skin's Turn Up Color Treatment in Wanna Blue and Purple for RM22.07 each during Black Friday sale. Wanted to do purple first but now I'm saving it for CNY.

While I was shopping around, I noticed a few others were checking out the DIY dye aisle and buying boxes for themselves. Guess everyone's getting ready for Christmas, New Year and CNY! Somehow Wanna Blue was quite a hit _ I dropped by different branches and found the shade completely sold out walao eh.

April Skin's DIY hair dye comes in two ranges_ the Turn Up Color Treatment that supposedly nourishes your hair while giving vibrant albeit temporary, approximately 2 weeks staying power. Choices between 9 different shades Red, Orange, Peach Pink, Pink, Green Blue, Khaki, Dark Brown, Purple and Wanna Blue. I think Wanna Blue's one of the newest addition so the sample result is not included in the illustration below, but that's fine, you're about to see it anyways hahaha

The other range is called the Turn Up Color Cream that gives a longer-lasting result and 7 different shades Pink Candy, Red Pepper, Matt Avocado, Cinnamon Butter, Ash Latte, Deep Blueberry and Highlighter, the last to bleach your hair. I actually would prefer Deep Blueberry but have not seen it around :( That was the initial color I wanted!

I already have a dye bowl and brush from experimenting with Herbatint's Permanent Hair Color Gel previously. I didn't know they already packed a glove and cape so I went to Daiso to buy the hair dye kit whiCh comes together with a comb, two sets of ear protectors, capes and gloves for RM5.90. Least the mini comb come in very handy, so oklah.

I start by washing my hair and towel dry them before spreading the dye on my hair. Just to make sure I have enough, I made sure to section my hair (top & bottom half) and squeezing enough for each section at a time. 

Was worried I didn't have enough considering my hair's long. Perhaps because I had recently gone for a haircut and treated my hair to an amazing ampule that kept it more manageable, my concern were unnecessary. If I hadn't done so I will advice you peeps on getting 2 boxes! It's also good to have a spare in case the color didn't come out evenly.

After Herbatint, I told myself I won't buy DIY dyes unless they're like Lieise Bubble Hair Dyes because it's so much harder to do it yourself and easier to miss a section. By the end of the whole ordeal, even your hands will turn sore! HOWEVER, April Skin Turn Up Hair Treatment turned out to be quite pleasant to use. It's easy to apply and doesn't turn your hair hard or make your scalp tingles. It also doesn't have the strong chemical smell but instead floral-y scent.

Before with permanent mahogany brown hair and black roots

After, hair appears darker with hint of ash gray IRL but obvious mahogany streaks

Unfortunately for me, the color didn't turn out obvious while I can tell there were many streaks of undyed hair. IRL, I'd say it looks more dark, ash black than blue. Also, I was very sad when I washed my hair the following day, the remaining dye washed off! I wasted 1 hour of my life dyeing my hair FML. So much for lasting for 2 weeks! 

I know the dye isn't entirely to be blamed because I was just very disappointed. I'm also not sure if it's because I toweled dry my hair before dyeing them to prevent them from dripping on the floor. Can't tell if that actually is a factor unless I try again.

Not too eager to try the cream range or the purple one I have but at least I know if I just feel like having a crazy hair color for a day, I know which brand to choose *shrugs*

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