Sunday 24 June 2018

The Beginner Solo Travelers' Guide to taking your own Travel photos

In this post, I decided to share with you how I usually take travel photos. A lot of time, I have to take my own photos because I travel solo for many reasons ranging from it is hard to fit everyone's schedule or they didn't want to go to the places I want or vice versa. Other times, I think my friends can't take nice photos of me so I do it myself. A lot of them when asked to snap photos, it is as though they snap photos with both eyes shut the photos end up blurry or I end up looking like a midget HAHAHA! But yeah, seriously.

If you faced with similar circumstances, this super basic guide is for you! By the way, I typically snap with a camera. I know many people who are satisfied with using your smartphones for photos, they're crazy convenient for sure and very advanced these days, but I think camera are still my favorite way to shoot. It's just a matter of preference.

In my 2017 trip, I had to rely on my own skills for photos because the people who travel with me weren't helpful and for the second half of the trip, I went SOLO. I don't know why I did that but I found out the people in the Nusa Islands are the friendliest and the place safe for SOLO female travelers. The islands are now one of my favorite place on earth hahahaha

Looking at all these photos, can you tell which ones my friends took for me and which I took by myself? Answer is I took them all myself!

Sharing with y'all how I take my own photos in just 3 simple steps!


Step #1 Get the proper Gadgets

Tripod, a camera, batteries & plenty of SD cards are a must for me! As a solo female traveler, I'm also quite satisfied with my trusty Exilim ZR-1200's flip screen, wide angle (I can't do without wide angle lens now!) and weightlessness. While you definitely cannot compare this old Exilim model to the current, much updated mirrorless cameras or its predecessors, it has served me well over my years experimenting with photography.

For myself, this had always been sufficient, until recently when I am super eager to try my hands on DSLR which I am loving! That doesn't mean I'll abandon my Exilim ZR-1200, it is still the best selfie camera I own. In fact, there were several occasions where I wanted to get the latest Exilim model for its wider lens _ means you can snap wider scenery by just selfie-ing. Pretty cool, I thought. After some consideration though, just an upgrade for the lens and wifi ability are definitely not the best of investment, which was why I got the DSLR.

Reason why wide angle camera is great for people with short arms.

Anyways, you don't need super expensive gadget to take your own photos. Or carry 3-5 lenses for that purpose, they'll simply bogged you down!

Tip #1: Get a lightweight camera, preferably with flip screen.


#2 Setting up Your Camera 

Okays,to level up you will need a tripod to make your photos look 1) more pro and 2) as though you have a photographer to snap your photos like the ones I shared above. Definitely way-y more effort than just doing selfie or wefie but better looking photos!

For that, the next thing to do is to understand what your camera is capable to do. How long do you need to set the timer so you can have enough time to ready your pose? Typically, all cameras and smartphones have options for 2 seconds and10 seconds timer. These days you can download apps onto your smartphone to remotely control your camera, so handy!

With my toy camera, I can opt for a 10 seconds timer followed by 3 consecutive shots with 1 second interval. During the 1 second break, I have the chance to turn my head or change the position of my arms. This comes in real handy for me and save me time and energy to have to go back and forth to push the button. Unfortunately, my DSLR does not have such option, only giving me the timer but I can use a remote control. With  newer cameras you get to download the control app on your smartphone. So choose your camera wisely!

Tip #2: Always have the camera adjusted eye-level or head level with angle down slightly for near shot and lower for full body or far shot. I don't find it very flattering to take photos from below chest level, makes me look fat!

Tip #3: Only set the camera from mid body facing upwards when you want to include other subjects and you know how to pose in a flattering angle.

Tip #4: Get equally lightweight tripod.


#3 Pose & shoot. Retake.

This is either the funnest part or the most awkward part LOL. It will definitely take a lot of trials to get use to the stares, find your most comfortable poses and angles but keep trying! These days it is so easy to find ways to pose for photos to look candid and great in photos.

Tip #5: Best to post cross legs and be mindful of where your hands are! You can put your hands in the pocket, in front on your thigh or on your waist. Else grab a prop like a handbag or a drink.

Tip #6: If you conscious of your facial/eyes expressions, simply put on sunglasses. I do that because I don't usually put on makeup especially more if I am going to spend the day walking and sweating. Just don't wanna care LOL

Tip #7: Don't forget to take your time when taking photos.

Tip #8: In locations where it is tough to utilize your tripod or get a grip on your camera, get help from strangers! I usually am the one to offer my help to tourists in return for one-two photos of myself. Other times, female tourists approach me themselves because they're comfy for the fact I look harmless HAHAHAHA

Good luck with trying! Tell me if you find my post useful. Cheers!

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