Saturday 30 June 2018

Tadom Hills Resorts in Banting & other things I've been up to in June

Just when I thought I should rest after my mini Cameron Highlands trip, I received an announcement that my team (at work) will be going to Tadom Hill Resort in Banting as part of our team building session. The news came like just a few days after Cameron Highlands and a day before I am attending my friend's Indian wedding. No wonder I've been feeling tired these days!

Before heading to Tadom Hill for fun time we first had lunch at Dengkil Seafood Restaurant, a two-storey Chinese restaurant in Banting.

We ordered steamed fresh water fish, stir fried vegetables in a yam basket, shrimp omelette, stir fry Vietnamese lettuce (I think!) and fried cuttlefish rings in salted egg sauce.

Getting to Tadom Hill Resorts

After food, we headed to Tadom Hill Resorts, which is about 15 minutes or less, further from the restaurant. I supposed the only way available is via car or Grab/Uber. The road is very narrow and nearing the resort, bumpy for buses.

Admission Fee & What activities to do

For RM22 per person and a refundable deposit of RM50, you can use facilities such as the giant jenga, bamboo raft and the list goes on!

Available facilities can be used for a fee as below.

Safety vest is also included into the fee and a must when you're planning to dive or even climb on the platform. I was reprimanded for not wearing one when I climbed up the platform even though my intention was simply to snap some photos. I definitely wasn't planning to stand too close to the edge but the staff has a point. According to my colleagues who jumped into the lake, it is very deep so you have been warned!

Tip #1: Try to avoid going on Fridays as the staffs have Friday prayers to attend to which means the resort only opens after 2:30PM. If unavoidable, go later in the evening!

Tip #2: Go with sandals. A lot of time you will be needing to remove your shoes and all the sands will get into them.

I find the facilities there quite decent, the washrooms and toilets are clean so no worries about having to bath and change after leaping into the lake!

For rental of ping pong rackets, volley balls or futsal ball, deposits are required. Most importantly, while small, this place is so Instagram-worthy!


Too happening these days, so I decided to include the other things I have been up to in the same blog posts because there are so many other posts to come!

TTDI Ramadhan Market shopping

I love visiting Ramadhan!! This year, I have dropped by the Pasar Ramadhan thrice _ twice in TTDI's and another in Bukit Bintang. Wished I could have gone to the market more often!

My favorite Tepung Pelita. Managed to purchase them the second time I visited the Ramadhan market. The first time they were sold out!

Some random photos I took of 1Utama's Hari Raya decor. It's so pretty!!

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival with rice dumplings

Don't know why this year gotta be the year I eat a lot of dumpling because my parents dropped by and they bought me chang. A week later, my hommies brought back some homemade Hokkien-style chang she made with her grandmother. Feeling super thankful!

Friday 29 June 2018

i attended an Indian wedding for the first time!

Last weekend ago, I had the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding where I was invited to both the temple ceremony and the dinner reception. I was super excited to attend because I've never been to one! I ended up only attending the ceremony in Sri Maha Mariamman Midland's temple since the dinner reception falls on a Sunday and was to be held in Cameron Highlands which was not convenient since I'm to be back to work the next day! Too bad, really!

I was super excited until reality sets in. I have no idea what an Indian wedding is like! Being the sua pak kau (Hokkien phrase that means being ignorant), I looked it up. Thankfully these days we have Google and with simple search, you'll get tons of result. When I shared it with my (Chinese) friends, they were like, "What? They actually have a guide for Indian Weddings?" LOL!!! Apparently I was the only one who did my homework...  Oklah, to be fair I did Whatsapp the friend who invited me and asked what to expect. She was like, "all my Chinese friends ask the same thing!" HAHAHAHA!

Totally appreciate the thoughtful invitation from my university mate, Kalai! And totally loving her saree~!

For that day, I woke up super early to get ready and head out to Section 7 of Shah Alam. Intermission, I read up that in temples, guests ought to cover up a bit so I went to the length and bought a maxi dress and a shawl just a week prior to the event. I posted about my outfits that day in an earlier post.

Initially, I thought this was a small and intimate sessions among family members and close buddies but the crowd quickly grow! Every ladies were in their finest, most colorful sarees and flowers in their hairs, everyone's so pretty!!!

My friend saw one Chinese lady dressed up in saree and remarked that I should have come dressed up that way. Turned out she's part of team bridesmaids HAHAHAHA. I definitely would love trying out one saree one day cause it's not like you get that many chances, at least for melah. Perhaps next time! I told Kalai I'll be totally looking forward to her wedding next!

Not too long later, the mini procession begin before the bride made her entrance. She looked so pretty!!!! Okay, what happened after that went pretty vague for me... Between moments of awe and curiosity, I took plenty of photos. Hopefully when I go visit them again, they can explain to me what was going on HAHAHAHA. I'm shameless!

Anyway, I'll let the photos do the talking. Tell me if you're like woahhh like I was!

So many things are going on in this photo!

Sunday 24 June 2018

outfits I wore for attending my Indian friend's wedding

Today, I attended a wedding of my dear friend's sis. Thought of sharing what I wore in this post because there are just too many photos to edit before I can share it. Too tired to edit because just last Friday did some team building activity at work so now my body's hurting and I'm sleepy even though I slept for the entire evening yesterday. Just so you know, the photos are heavily edited.

I bought this maxi dress since the ceremony is in a temple and I have read (did my homework!) that it is best to wear something that is covered up. I brought a scarf too but ended up not wearing it. Thankfully, they weren't too strict about covering the shoulder.

Another new haul of mine _ this fancy tassel earrings. Initially wanted to get something green or blue for matchy effect but decided these works too!

Those are them for today, look forward to my full post!

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