Sunday 26 July 2015

went to consult the dermatologist


I found a pretty wall shrubbery~ (*⌒∇⌒*)v

That's not the main point of this blog post though LOL. Today I'll just be blogging about my visit to Ting Skin Specialist yesterday and on the way I found a cool-looking building with wall shrubs so gotta take selfie hahahaha. No makeup well, because going to the dermatologist. But then again, I seldom put on makeup :/

Anyway, it's been 2 years since I last went to Dr Ting for my skin consultation. You can read about my review of this place from my blog post back in 2013 here.

I arrived at there at 10 ish, which I deemed quite late since I was planning to get there by at least an hour earlier for fear of having to wait. On all my previous visits I had to wait up to 3 hours! Thankfully, and surprisingly the queue wasn't long _most probably because everyone's still in the Raya mood and so I was out of the clinic in less than 20 minutes. Yesshh!!

Short wait but still got time to selfie wth

Oh, in case you're wondering, I already edited out my pimples and scars before posting.

So the purpose of my visit this time is because I wanted to check with the derma if I'll be legible to get the laser surgery done in my next consultation. Yeap, finally, like after yearsss of procrastinating. Been wanting to get it done way back in my uni days but for various reasons, including sheer laziness and for the sake of saving up I put it off until recently.

Before I could do so, I needed to make sure to get rid of some pimples on both sides of my chin. Thankfully these days my skin is wayyy more under control than the last time when I was plagued with crazy yucky, puss and blood-filled pimples so I'm guessing with just the antibiotics, I could get the zits under control in just the next few weeks. Though of course, whether or not I could do the laser then will still be decided in the next consultation.

Sharing with you on my skin's condition from the time I first visited Ting Skin Specialist ↓

From the scribbles and drawings you can gauge how awful my skin's condition was back in 2011 eh? After just 2 visits, I pretty much got the pimples under control and only got back for another consultations in 2013 and again, yesterday.

The consultation was pretty quick this time round since I'm not having much of a breakout and even opted not to get the injections. Yeap, you can opt for injections for fast results but bare in mind, they are going to hurt like crazy! (T▽T)

And when I say injection-S, get ready to be poked on your face like a hundred times. Alright, I'm simply scaring you LOL.

Just maybe, at least 30 times. Or 40 *evil grin*

Here are my prescriptions from the derma: a month's worth of cleanser, toner, pimple cream and of antibiotics.

This time I wasn't prescribed the usual pill 'cuz I complained the last one kept giving me bad headaches. Apparently they work just as good but just with slower result. Since I don't have really bad breakout and I'm not gonna have to go through the horrendous side effects from the other kind of oral medication, I'm not complaining LOL

So yeah, pretty much all for now. I'll be back for a follow up consultation in 4 or 6 weeks' time so I'll be updating again if I do get my laser done then. If you're interested to find out, follow me on my blog or Facebook page, I'll be giving you a heads up!



5/9/2015 Been quite occupied of late so I haven't gone for my follow up with Dr Ting yet. I'm trying to get my other stuff done here so most probably the laser thingy will be scheduled the end of this month or early October.

Sunday 19 July 2015

Senka Hoshitsu Moisturizer Review

Hello people, I'm back with another review~!

Today I'll be reviewing the Senka Hoshitsu Emulsion's Concentrated Moisturizer which I've been using for about 2 months or so now.

I traded my favorite Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid moisturizer for Senka's for 2 reasons. Firstly, I am still very into experimenting on different brands with different ingredients and secondly, while I was restocking on my moisturizer, I noticed the bottle of Hada Labo's moisturizer seems to have shrunk in size yet still retails at the same price... (≥Д≤ )

I'm still sticking to Hada Labo's lotion for the triple action Hyaluronic Acid's goodness and stuff LOL

Hoshitsu means "Water Retaining" and this moisturizer comes in TWO versions which you can differentiate from the color of the cap.

White cap which is the 'sappari' version a.k.a. 'fresh' and suits normal to oily skin while the pink cap (which I am using) 'shittori' version a.k.a. 'moist' for the normal to dry skin.

I just noticed the difference actually and now thought I should have gone for the 'sappari' version since I have oily skin. Though its not as though my skin has been oilier after using this though I'm not sure it fuels my breakout (which I usually blame my hormones because they mostly turn up around my chin area). Maybe I'll try the 'sappari' version the next time!

We know that the main ingredients used _  Hyaluronic Acid (Yayy!) and Royal Jelly, both which contributes to giving your skin the moisture it needs.

However, I did a bit more homework on Royal Jelly and from what I've read online, this particular ingredient has anti-aging and healing properties! Acids found in Royal Jelly also boost the skin's collagen production which is in turn important for younger looking skin!

Just how awesome it this?? (*°▽°*/)

Here's how it looks like, quite watery but it absorbs really quickly into the skin. And oh, I probably use only 2/3 of what I'm showing here.

The first noticeable result is how my pores appear smaller and radiant looking. I remember checking myself in front of the mirror and went, woahh, feel so different! 

No kidding.

It's like the morning you woke up after putting on a mask the night before and you're just like noticing your face has a nice glow to it? That's just how it felt.

Tell me if you actually feel the same after using this moisturizer :D

My verdict? This one's a keeper!


Sept 19th, 2015 Update

Somehow it just occurred to me today that there is but one amazing result I'm getting from using this Senka Hoshitsu moisturizer (yeap, I'm still using this!) which I forgot to share with you.

So just days after using the moisturizer, I noticed my chin seems to be 'lifted' and the V-shape more defined! One friend also noticed the difference and she thought I was losing weight (but then, it really was the opposite and I gained a few kg FML). Furthermore, I definitely wasn't using other new skincare products or eating/doing anything differently so I'm concluding the moisturizer contributed to the changes  (*⌒∇⌒*)v

Else, if you're not too convince with my explanation, maybe a more plausible explanation would be that I'm finally losing my 'adolescent fat' LOL

Monday 13 July 2015

Juice Obsession: La Juiceria

Lately, I've been obsessing over healthy eating and so making it a habit to consume juices, yogurts and fruits besides opting for salad and greens on a frequent basis. Today's post will be me sharing with you my recent favorite juicebar _ La Juiceria(Not an ad btw!).

As much as I love other juice bars, I guess what caught my attention is how the juices are prepared _ via cold pressing technique. From what I've read, cold pressing differs from normal juicing as it produces juice without producing heat that usually destroys most of the fruits/veges nutrients and that juices produce from this technique could be store longer as well! *impressed* Though it may not provide as many fibre, which IMO is still as important as they are removed in the middle of the process.

Personally have tried a number of juice concoctions from La Juiceria such as:

#1 Mint Lemonade

La Juiceria's Mint Lemonade

#2 Gold Glow, one of my favorite

La Juiceria's Gold Glow

#3 Cilantro Celery Punch _ another personal favorite and 4) Orange Power. There are 2 more tiny bottles there, I'll get to that bits in a short while~

Love the juices because they taste so refreshing and well, fresh LOL. Also, one bottle of the juice keeps me full so sometimes I just drink it as a substitute for my dinner before class. After consuming, I also realize I have better bowel movement too!

La Juiceria's Cilantro Celery Punch, Orange Power, Vital Shot and The Defender

La Juiceria's Cilantro Celery Punch

I also tried the Power Shot ranges _those stuff in tiny glass bottles. There are two which is 5) Vital Shot and 6) The Defender.

Despite the size they tasted really concentrated_Vital Shot with super strong ginger flavor and The Defender with equally strong turmeric taste. Every sip got me grimacing. That yucky. But OKla, they're good for the body right? Once, I caught the flu bug and so decided to try the ginger juice and next day I'm runny nose no more. Can't be 100% sure that this play a huge part in it but I've read how ginger is indeed good for cold.

From the pamphlet (see below), it seems like previously they have the Skin Tonic for this range too but when I inquired about it, turned out is has been discontinued... I was like, Nooo 'cause I really wanted to try that (≥д≤ )

La Juiceria's pamphlet

And oh, another point that differentiate La Juiceria from other juice bars is that they have their own Cleanse & Detox Program!

I've been wanting to try detoxing for a while now for two main reason, loose some weight and cleansing my tummy/intestine/liver. La Juiceria's detox program seems tempting since it only involves consuming fresh juices and they have combinations of fruits, vegetables and even nuts. I've also read several reviews from other bloggers who have tried La Juiceria's detox program and most of them seems pretty positive about detoxing with cold pressed juice.

Definitely to include in my to-do list though I really ought to check out my other to-dos before attempting for it(I'm trying to clear them off, one at a time!) But when I do, I'll definitely share them here with you ☆-(≥vO)

Till next time~!


25th July 2015

So I was reading through the TimeOut KL magazine, July issue and found an article on the various cold-pressed juice bars around KL, some of which also offers detox packages (In my blog post I mentioned only La Juiceria having their own detox program...). And oh, a lot of these juice bars offer delivery services too!

TimeOut KL July 2015 on Cold-Pressed Juice

2015-07-21 23.56.56

Sunday 12 July 2015

just finished my exam~!

taking exam~~

↑my sitting area in the exam hall

Yes~!ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Just completed my JLPT N3 exam last week so I have slightly more time on my hands right now. So happy I'm able to check this off my to do list. For now. Result will be out around September so if I fail, I'd prolly to resit in December fml.

While it did went quite OK, I'm not entirely sure I'll pass because my classes up to the time I sat for the exam definitely haven't prepare me enough IMO. So that was why months before the exam I had to put in extra effort to cram in extra vocabs, grammar rules and kanjis into my head so much one week before the exam I just can't bring myself to flip through my revision book. Or even if I do, I'm just staring blankly into the pages. Brain fried (¬º-°)¬

So for the past few days, just taking some well-deserved break.

And yesterday my friend and I randomly decided to hang around KLCC to check out the book fair though we didn't get any. We're guilty for buying too many books but don't read them *sigh* These days I try not to buy new books/toys/anything unless I have checked off what on my existing to do lists first #2015goals

When it gets darker, we hung around KLCC's Symphony Lake just to enjoy the water fountains display. At night, the fountains are lighted up, programmed to perform in different motions which I find rather entertaining. Damn suapakkau wth but I like it~♪

Also I just got to know from a friend that they actually have the water fountain symphony where the fountain animation and lightings are synchronized with the music played. We managed to catch the show yesterday yayyy (*⌒∇⌒*)v

The timelapse I got of the fountain some other time~

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