Wednesday 23 January 2013

PART 2: 2013 Penang Yosakoi Parade

I'm back~!ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノHere's the second part of the post on the Yosakoi Parade. These were taken at night around Beach Street.

My photos are a lil' blur so I stole some from my friend Marcus who were there with me to watch the parade. I'm lazy to reference each and every photos of his in this post. You'll notice some photos with better resolutions_those are his. And no, Marcus, I'm not jelly over your camera ٩(≥3≤)۶

Anyway, here are the pics~!

There was a horse carriage! This was taken before the parade starts.

Parade begins~!

Ok, this I'm not sure what it is. The children were carrying it and rocking it back and forth while shouting something I didn't quite catch. Can someone enlighten me about it?

Some random shot LOL. The lil' girl was standing on her dad's shoulder to watch the dance performance. Brings back memories (๑>◡<๑)♡

So jelly of her. There were so many people there I couldn't catch a glimpse of some of the performance. Was tiptoe-ing most of the time my legs hurt.

Some modern elements incorporated in the parade. Dancers dancing to catchy beats.

More children and adults performing in happi coats~

Pretty ladies in colorful kebaya parading~

Kendo demonstration~


Also performances by local students~

Luffy and Captain Jack Sparrow was there together with many other cosplayers from the Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan.




Sumo-man was there too!

Hahahaha. He had the best costume on that day (≥v≤)


That's most of it.

Here's something to end the post with_photos of the lanterns light up that nigh at the carnival area taken by Marcus.


Tuesday 22 January 2013

PART 1: 2013 Penang Yosakoi Parade

 (●⌒∇⌒●)/I was in Japan a couple of days ago!

awkward solo pose (≥A≤)

Yeah right, how I wish! (¬_¬) Apologize for being lame...

The background's actually some of the huge printed banner with sceneries around Japan hung around Esplanade in Penang last Saturday. I was there with mom that evening to check out the Yosakoi Parade which is the first time ever held in Penang.

Weather's so cloudy. I'm so glad it didn't rain.

I wonder if anyone hung teru teru bozu the night before 'cuz I forgot to do so. If you did, thank you. It worked!!

Some stalls around the carnival~

One stall displayed orchid-sth mantises. Pretty!

Little girls playing. Not to mess around with the one on the far left. ROFL!

Haunted house! I wanted to go in and check it out but my mom didn't want to and I'm too scared to go alone. I'd probably freak myself out first before the peeps in ayakashi costumes does.

Putting the blame onto my Japanese-event-anything kaki for coming just before the parade that I couldn't go in and see.

2007-01-02 06.59.09

More pretty banner~

2007-01-02 07.18.05

A carnival can never be complete without the food stalls! *drool*

2007-01-02 07.14.18

Hokkaido cake with marshmallow かわいい〜!

Also there were several stage performances going on. This one was the choir performance by the Japanese Women Choir.

I happened to meet a friend there~

And here's my friend's friend _who's now my friend LOL_ who's the owner of an online accessories boutique. She opened a stall there in the carnival~

Got myself some bracelets to add into my ever growing bracelet/bangles collection. I actually hoped to find get some nice kanzashi or Japanese anything accessories but there were none(,=A=,)

Me again standing in front of the torii gate prop~

There's actually some rows of Japanese lanterns at both sides but I forgot to snap photo (,=A=,)

Got tired from checking all the stalls and performances we went strolling around to kill time before the parade.

A view overlooking Padang Kota Lama~

One of the few trishaws around the area~

Photos of the parade that night will be posted in Part 2 of this post. My photos were quite blur so I'm trying to edit them first.

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