Sunday 17 September 2023

Glow Up September


Decided to embark on a glow up sesh early thus month as I'm on the journey of another chapter of my life. Here are some glow ups I did~~

Heads up this post contains affiliate links which I appreciate if you'd support if you like what I recommend here (I assure you, good stuff below!). The affiliate links doesn't earn me much only RM1 to-date LOL. I get better returns when I spend my own monies using ShopBack #truestory

#1 New hair color!

I have this for awhile now but only took the time to dye my hair with Mise En Scene Ash Olive (Shopee). From the box it was hard to tell what shade exactly but the result is a black with ashy green hue. It completely covered the orange blonde part and gray part of my hair! I thought it would at least be lighter but OMG. Definitely not the color I was aiming for but still received quite a number of compliments. Mostly from friends who hasn't seen me in dark hair since I have bleached hair for over a year now! The green seems to wash off and it is now warm, dark brown shade.

Would recommend if you prefer subtle but nice color!

Mise En Scene Ash Olive

#2 Glowing up my skin

So happen that it's time to restock my beauty products and now that there are sales I went on a shopping spree! 

My current beauty routine

Malaysia beauty routine

Most of my routine products remain the consistent throughout the years. I've been a loyal consumer LOL. 

This time I went back to HadaLabo Kouji range, this time the Treatment Tightening & Hydrating Gel Emulsion (Shopee) which I bought for RM75 which is a crazy steal from its usual price is RM125! I can't remember but it's either Guardian or Watsons. On top of that, I got the HadaLabo Lifting+Firming Cream (Shopee) also for almost 40% off its usual price in-store. Been wanting to try this range for awhile now. Instead of getting the set from the same range, might as well mix and match them! And somehow I do think they're amazing and I can feel the result. Once upon a time I can't tell but at this age it's possible FML.

Mediheal Face Toner Pad in Madecassoside

Later I added Mediheal Face Toner Pad in Madecassoside (Shopee) into my cart after being brainwashed by a TikTok review. I do notice smoother face texture in just a few applications! Felt like I just did laser. If I would've known, I'd save on laser sooner! But boy has there been a surge of beauty products recently! From the same shop, I actually ordered something else buy they didn't send and I'm still waiting for my refund.

Another very recent haul is the Numbuzin No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner (Shopee), prolly my best haul at just RM65.21 for not one but TWO 200ml bottles! This price after using the RM10 shop voucher and RM10ish Shopee voucher. Again another product I chanced upon many reviews online before making my purchase. There seems to be a huge cult following for this brand these days.

For all these, I utilize Shopee's RM30 voucher which is available when you make an order of RM150/RM180! Totally make use of the Shopee vouchers while they're still available.

#3 Exercise

I have been doing the Le Serrafim workout challenge because I needed something fast, brutal and with results WTF. I did it for 5 times within 10 days, not consecutively. I'm still doing this because it works for me! Abs, abs baby!

Btw, let me introduce the best workout mat which I think y'all need to get. Because IMO there are too many lousy ones out there. I'm currently using a marble print rubber workout mat (Shopee) and previously, Forest Fitness workout mat (Shopee). Yes, they're made of rubber which means they provide stability when you're doing certain poses, absorb impact so your workout is quiet and easy to clean. But most importantly, they freaking last longer! 

If I have to decide, Forest Fitness is the better one. You're welcome.

#4 New nails!

Unplanned but to support a friend's new business, I decided to book an appointment with her. This is actually my first time getting my nails professionally done and at home!

My manicure choice is coffee, minimal, nude theme while pedi was supposed to be matcha but looks more like avocado theme LOL

And those are pretty much them. I did some clothing haul too but then I'm too lazy to get OOTD shot hahahha. I'll see you in my next vlog or blog post!

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