Thursday 14 June 2018

How to prevent your contents on Blogger to be copied and other Blogger tips

Decided to share something with my fellow bloggers who use Blogger (Previously known as BlogSpot) simply because recently I figured out how to add HTML script to prevent my contents to be copied just as added precaution. I have been trying out so many scripts before finding two that works. Aside from that, to make your lives easier so that you don't need to look around the World Wide Web.You're most welcome.

So here they are _ some tips to level up your Blogger blogs:

Tip #1 Buy Blogger Templates

Whether to turn your Blogger blog into an online shop, a photo album, or just beautifying your blog, you can get a whole lot of templates from Etsy. I found several sites offering free templates but I cannot get them to work so I don't have other suggestions. Etsy is my go-to when looking for templates and you can easily get a simple one from RM20 or more for templates with more interative features.

Tip #2 Get your own Domain  

What's better than personalizing your own site name as well? Getting your domain is actually easy and cheap. I spent a lil' under RM250 to purchase my own domain name for a 5-year period. I heard (from someone, I don't remember!) that you can get them at much more affordable price but have not come across a site with better deals than this. Mine is from DomainPlus, a Malaysia online service provider so in case there are issues, I can connect with them on the phone. So far, I do not have to resort to that yet.

Tip #3 Do not add photos via "link"

Not something to upgrade your blog but rather an advise. When I discovered I could added my photos onto my blog via link, I happily did that! Then recently I noticed they appeared as 'broken' links which means none of the photos were showing. Had to painstakingly re-upload most of my pics from my last posts, some I can't even re-do because I didn't save the pics... Until today, I have no idea what went wrong. In conclusion, just don't do this!!

Tip #4 Backup your blog frequently

Says it all. The horror of losing everything you worked so hard on!

Tip #5 Preventing contents of your blog to be copied

Took myself a long while to figure this out mostly because a lot of scripts I found online don't work! It was so frustrating to look for working codes so you guys better thank the people who wrote the scripts which I am gonna share! 

To make text contents and images to be copied, you need to insert BOTH these HTML scripts into the HTML widgets. I put mine in the "HTML/JavaScript" widget in the header section of Blogger's layout. I didn't include the full scripts since I have disabled the copy section. Sucks, I know. Good news is I did you guys a favor and created shorten links so you won't need to type the super long link.

#I For preventing text contents to be copied

#II For disabling right click for "Save Image as" 

Reminder to drop MyBloggerBuzz a thank you note and go bump up Wasserleiche295 and Jason's answer (Only two bumps?! They deserve more!!). I did BOTH so no excuse for y'all not to!

Those are all! Hope you guys find this post useful (Ov<)~✧

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