Saturday 28 February 2015

Feb 28th, 2015 Another Reflection

How time flies!

It felt like 2015 just whoosh by so quickly. Suddenly it's already the last day of Feb, goodness! I have lotsa things on my mind today, usually so too but somehow I woke up this morning reflecting on things that had happened years ago.


It's 7.43pm now btw and I had spent the last hour reflecting on other stuff as well while listening to music and burning my Peony scented candle. But I'll get to that later.


I woke up angry and sad. Maybe it was because recently 2 days ago I unfriend-ed an ex-bestie for the 2nd time and then yesterday I somehow managed to annoy another friend but for the record, I apologized soon after. Anyway, it was really about the dream I had_in my dream, I was betrayed by ex-bestie who claimed credits to the club establishment and I was reprimanded by our club advisor who weirdly turned out to be my high school English teacher. Yeah, weird stuff do happen in dreams.

So yes, I was angry, ready to defend myself and all. Then I woke up WTF

And started thinking about how maybe ex-bestie do deserve some credit for helping me out with Bunkasai a lot even though she didn't showed up for the event, uninformed. I reflected on how I could have done more, better and everything. But then, being new with leadership and all, you can say I'm ignorant. A friend, Marcus had once advised me not to put up a one-man-show and unfortunately, that was exactly what I did. But I learnt. In fact, the "How I could have done better (as a leader/for the event)" had popped out on my mind every now and then.

Nevertheless, it was something that I am proud of, establishing the club I mean.

And though there are a whole tons of things about how I could have done better I wished I had done, I kept reminding myself I couldn't turn back the time.

As for ex-bestie, I am not sure if I can see myself being close with her once more though I may have wished so at the bottom of my heart. It was her who took the initiative to add me once again as a friend on FB, but her lack _or none_ communication so after made me think it's just pointless. Therefore, I decided to remove her once more. Silly me, huh? Maybe I'll beat myself up for this next time but I just don't know yet.

I will just live for today and everyday.

Which brings me to present time LOL

I am still afraid that I will never achieve greatness. That I will just be one of the many unknown bloggers out there and that I will never get paid for doing what I love. Yes, I want to earn from doing things I love. Not that I am not but I just want to improve myself, be someone greater. Stuff like that. Recently I am thinking about getting a domain name then adding Nuffnang initially. But decided maybe Google Adsense would be a better choice. Well, I am still deciding...

After I have made more research, I'll just go for it!! :D

The second thing that is on my mind is about grandma's passing. I still cry thinking about it. It's one thing that reminds me to seize everyday as though I only get to live for another day. I want to remember this, ALWAYS.

 Alrightey, it's 8.07PM now. Guess it's time for me to blow the candle and read more blogs before I start writing another post! ☆-~(>vO)

Monday 23 February 2015

2015 CNY OOTD~

Hello~! I'm back again this time with just a real quick OOTD post on what I wore for this CNY.

Starting of with my balik kampung (directly translated to "return to village" which really means "going back to your home/hometown")  OOTD.

#1 Here I am wearing my new Ti:zed Ladies cardigan blazer, Padini Authentic tee, Padini white shorts and Typo duffle bag (old)

#CNY #OOTD Ti:zed Ladies Cardigan Jacket, Padini Authentic Tee, Padini white shorts and Typo duffle bag

#2 For CNY Day 1, I wore this Padini red knit shift dress _ which is still kinda baggy 'cuz I didn't have time to alter it _ and  a cinch belt from Taobao. Pumps are from Jelly Bunny.

I really wanted to wear heels but I'm just too lazy to carry more stuff back :/ And please ignore my messy hair in this pic...

2015 CNY Day 1 OOTD

CNY Day 1 Selfie

#3 For Day 2, I totally forgot to ask my sis to snap a photo but this is really what I wore except with the white belt like from the previous photo instead of the mustard one. I bought 3 colors (the other one is black) from the same Taobao seller (⌒▽⌒)

#CNY #OOTD Miira Mew Dress, Taobao belt

OK, last OOTD photo. Yea, this is a really quick post ( >__< )

#4 On Day 3, I wore this Nichii lace dress with a matching cinch belt I bought from FBlock. Took this photo from the porch so you get to see part of what my home looks like~


Mom loves her garden and has lotsa plants including lotuses. One time I counted she had more than 20 different plants and over 50 of them in the porch/garden (=v= ) I'm not sure how many she has now but definitely lesser.

I'm not going to take photo of every inch of the porch but here's a close up on what's in my background. Largest pot we have in the house compound for lotus which hasn't flower yet and you can't see them but we have guppies in there too.

around the house~~

Selfie-d beside several pots of mom's new addition for CNY LOL

another selfie~Okiee, and last photo for today~ Not a CNY OOTD but something I wore today (^v<)-☆

#5 MANGO basic tee (old) and Taobao marble print skort

#OOTD Mango basic tee and Taobao marble skort


Gong Xi Fa Chai~!!


Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous new year!

Happy CNY~!

Went back to home sweet home last Wednesday for CNY and had the most relaxing time. It was just for 4 days but can you believe it if I say it's the longest I've been at home ever since I started working?!! By Sunday morning, I'm already back to KL since I followed sis back even though I took a day off today. This is also the longest break I've taken fml (=__= )

Work + study life *sigh* I really ought to take more breaks and spend time with family more often. Need to make this part of my 2015 resolutions!

Took the train home and got this photo on the way back~ I'm sorta obsessed with looking at the colors of sky especially when the sun is setting or rising #simplethings

Sunrise at CNY Eve 2015

Got back home and mom just kept feeding us wth. I think I gained weight already crap (T▽T) Time to brush off the dust from my running shoes...

Here are some of the stuff we had for meals at home. For cny eve, we had roasted duck and pork, soup, Hokkien jiu hu char (fried vegetables with dried squid, a must every year) and curry chicken. Day 1 since we went out, we sorta tapau-ed. Forgot to take photo, my bad.

For day 2, we have more veges, vege soup, chicken and curry fish head~

CNY Day 2 Meals

Non-stop feast even on day 3 wth. Mom prepared steamboat since we were expecting visitors.

We don't usually do steamboat so YAYYY (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))

CNY Day 3 Steamboat

A lot right? This didn't include the fish, prawns or greens yet. We were like, "how to finish?!", but thankfully our guests can eat hahahah. Btw, took this photo while standing on a stool LOL

The exciting part of steamboat, waiting for the soup to boil (≧◡≦)



And then, not forgetting CNY cookies~


I brought back a bottle of my favorite Umeshu to share~ It's my favorite alcohol beverage because it tastes sweet though I don't drink often (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥

Choya Umeshu for CNY :D

Homemade chocolates my friend gave when he came to visit~


Last photo for this CNY food post _ Yee Sang photo my colleague took before we turned it into a whole lot of yummy mess.

Yee Sang

Sunday 15 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Happy belated Valentine's Day LOL

How did your Vday went? I hope everyone, whether you're in a relationship or rocking single (like I am) had a lovely day!

My Vday was simply spent appreciating me time and scribbling on some Chinese New Year cards I got from Typo while burning Peony scented candle which I just bought from H&M. I'm addicted to this scent nau (ღˇ◡ˇ)~❤

Also, indulged in these awesome Hakodate's Mel Cheese from Isetan's current food fair. Re-sharing though I posted on my Instagram already because it's so worth sharing LOL

Hakodate Mel Cheese cake

And for lunch, I sorta treated myself to this amazing Wasabi-marinated scallops which I also bought from the fair (Ate it with rice and other dishes).

Do not judge them by their plain appearance, they're so very yummy I'm hooked!

wasabi marinated hotate (scallops)

Also get to sample some others like the marinated seaweed and oysters which is equally good *wipe drool* Last time I had oyster, I swore I wouldn't touch another because it tasted like the sea wth. Making exceptions this time.

Contemplated if I should stock up on them but then I remembered we have a crappy refrigerator here... ( ; Д ; )



Later that day, while still grieving over my little 'loss', I found love again wth. Window shopped and I found a super nice army green cardigan blazer. It was the last piece on the shelf in my size and IMO gives off the casual, a bit Korean-stye vibe when worn unbutton. Will share with you what it looks like on my Instagram since I'm planning to wear it soon!


And oh yesss, CNY's is just in a few days' time _ THIS Thursday_ and I'm so-o excited!  I'll be heading back home for a couple of days to celebrate. It has been a while since I get to spend time with my parents and have good ol' home cook food. All the CNY cookies too weeee ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Alritey, will be blogging again soon but need to pack a lil' bit some more before I sleep so gotta say chao for nau~

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Summer 2014 in Japan: Shinjuku, Gotanda & Odaiba


It's a long weekend here in Malaysia since there are public holidays and today is Thaipusam so, Happy Thaipusam to all my Indian friends & family out there!

I'm making use of today to blog about my last year's trip to Japan. I know, it's been over 6 months since I was there! (/>.<) Still, to me it felt like yesterday and I do dream every day that I could go back there again. Gotta start save up and plan again but this time I wanna make a longer trip to take my time to explore more of Japan.


*gets sucks back into realtime*

Alrighty, where was I? OK, Shinjuku.


After a long day of exploring Sakae in Nagoya, I took the night bus down to Shinjuku which helps me to cut down one night's room booking in a hotel.

Plus, buses in Japan are quite safe and I was told that there's a speed limit of 80km/hour which means longer but peaceful ride. That's really something OK. Try taking an interstate bus in Malaysia and you'll be taken for a roller coaster joyride which will leave you wide-eye all the way. Not that I've ever been on a roller coaster, but I daresay it might be similar to a roller coaster warm up.

I arrived in Shinjuku 5 o'clock kinda early but because it's summer, it's already super bright.

Since I definitely didn't want to be ringing my friend's doorbell in the wee hours, I decided to go exploring around Shinjuku first.

Got tired so powered up with Calpis LOL (⌒▽⌒)

Pretty much most of my diet in Japan consists of soft drinks. Too lazy to eat until I met up with Danny and Naoko. They fed me real well. ( ^__^;)

Lots and lots of shops.

I bet Shinjuku's a really a livelier place_if not in the wee hours_ and with so many shops and all, it'd be a nice foodie place to explore. Though I feel very safe in Japan, I don't know why but some parts of Shinjuku just gave me creeps. Hmmm... just me I guess.

~ ♥ ~


I headed over to Gotanda later in the morning to where my friends were staying and I tell you, I LOVE the place. How would I describe it? Small _ in a good way _ and home-y? I don't know, I walked around the town and I just love how everything feels just right. Convenient too since you can find Lawson and a supermarket close by.

Railway tracks, just like the ones you've seen in anime!! #suapakkaume wth

Met Naoko in person for the first time that day and she was so sweet to prepare me Japanese-style breakie (≧◡≦)~❤ I get to try Japan's super creamy tamago and hamburger for the first time. They're really different from the ones in Malaysialeh. I want to eat the tamago again!

If you notice, I posted this photo previously, but just re-sharing 'cuz I still think thats the nicest thing ever~~❤

They lent me a futon for my stay there~! Wee~~


~ ♥ ~


Later that day, we headed to Odaiba and spent the rest of the evening there. Odaiba's another favorite place for a stroll because it's bayside which means it's really breezy besides you get to enjoy the scenery and all.

A friendly advice for girls visiting Odaiba_ don't wear skirts or dresses. I wore a skirt there, bad idea. More than half of the time, I was trying NOT to attempt a Marilyn Monroe moment (╯_╰”)

* Stroll stroll*

New York in Japan? LOL

For lunch, we went to an Okonomiyaki shop at Diver City.

Our set lunch came with an okonomiyaki, salad sides, yakisoba and tamago for less than 3000 yen!! So worth it! (*´∀`*)

Speaking of food, earlier that day we made a detour and stopped by Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza at Yurakucho because I said I wanted to try Hokkaido ice cream.

Tried the Hokkaido melon and milk flavor soft serve ice cream, yummy stuff. Dug into it first before snapping a photo 'cuz it was starting to melt.

~ ♥ ~

Spotted the rainbow-color ferris wheel at Palette Town~

After that I was teleported to medieval city of Europe. It's actually Venus Fort LOL

The interior's just so amazing must take photos!


~ ♥ ~

The rest of the evening was just us window shopping so let me just fast forward to dinner. We stopped by a "family restaurant", I don't remember where exactly but it was a few stops away from Gotanda.

I ordered some mix meat plate set that also comes with Japanese-style hamburger. Yesss, another hamburger (*´∀`*)

Danny's combination of fried rice with chicken, mini pizza and fries with sausages.

Naoko's Japanese style set.

Phew~ Took me longer to get this post done 'cuz I needed to sort and edit some photos.

More up next time, good night!

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