Wednesday 31 January 2018

Happy New Year & Happy Thaipusam!

Hello internet~! Happy New Year & Happy Thaipusam!
I know I've been MIA-ing, it is always for the same reason_ work, work and work. I really don't like mentioning about work but the past few weeks have been all about meetings or preparing for meetings. So when I do have time for myself, I go to full hibernation mode like today.
Aside from pigging around, baby-sitting my housemates' poodle who loves cuddles on bed (Awwww) and starting to binge-eating on CNY cookies (pineapple tarts, nut cookies, kuih bangkit and now salted egg dragon beard OMG so yummy!), the past weeks have been about playing In-Between, Uno, Cho Tai Tee and now Mahjong Rummy, a game one of my housemate got the rest of my housemates _me included_ addicted LOL. We sure hope this addiction last until CNY which is in two weeks ! But thankfully, some of my housemates doesn't want to play with cash so that's safer for my wallet. Boy, can you loose a lot in a single game. Imagine playing them over and over!

Tonight we will go for Settlers of Catan board game, my first time wheee~!

Anyways, since it is the New Year and for my first post in 2018, I thought I should share my New Year Resolutions for 2018:

1) Continue to enhance my personal finance management knowledge
Idk but this has been a topic I have been obsessed with! Plus, I am sick of reading novels or self-help books, they're all the same!

2) Shop and spend less, hopefully!
I came to a realization that I am too lucky and have way-y-y too much things for a single lady and I don't need more.

3) Continue to work to be a minimalist
About time I use up my stacks of hair products and masks, yo! Plus, I have been recycling my clothes or giving them away. Exception for photography stuffs _ my existing cameras can stay and I want a DSLR this year! Maybe clothes too for as long I wear them again and again. I have both history of getting more than I need and at the same time I do have clothes I can wear for years! So the former gotta go, the latter can stay.

4) Save $$$ so that this year I can bring my parents on a vacay
Tjhis has been on my mind for years! I think by now I've been doing enough trips on my own and with friends. I STILL want to do that (Japan, I miss you so much!) but think my parents deserve some time off too. I have a destination in mind (my mom mentioned previously), so hopefully by middle of the year I can walk my talk!

5) Work out more
I feel I have been sitting too much from overworking. Since I got two sports shoes, might as well use them for jogging right? I missed jogging! Maybe I should pick up a new workout hobby IDK yet.
So that's it for today~!

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