Friday 30 March 2018

Bali (Day 4): Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan

My initial plan for the day was to leave early to the neighboring island, Nusa Lembongan. Thanks to Made's unconditional hospitality, I decided to explored the rest of Nusa Penida. With Made's help, I was introduced to his friend (I forgot his name, OMG!), who then introduced me to my first ojek experience! Riding pillion, we headed to Atuh Beach which was both my guide (surprising, I know!) and my first! 



This beach is top of my To-Go list and I almost didn't make it on my maiden trip to Nusa Penida. Just so you know, Atuh Beach is known for their coral beds which protrudes in the evening when the tide is low. I didn't get the opportunity to see the corals but enjoyed the view tremendously!

Thanks to my guide's master manoeuvre across the gravel road and plenty of locals who guided us there, we made it to Atuh Beach safely. I was super excited until I saw the stairway leading down. More stairs, fantastic! I huffed and puffed my way down (and later up) while my dearest friend did it with zero effort. I'm so envious of his stamina!

Our destination next is the Tree House, an Instagram-famous spot to snap photos. Unfortunately, in order to do so, you'll need to hike down the slope. It won't take long but by then I'm too tired for any more hiking up and down so I threw in the towel... Fast forward to lunchtime, I was introduced to Warung Makan Bora Segara, a warung overlooking the sea.

 Ikan nyat nyat, recommended by Made.

Sanghyang Bay, Nusa Lembongan

After plenty of needed rest, it was finally time to head to my next destination, Nusa Lembongan. By the time I checked into my new stay, Suba Deluxe Room, the sun was close to setting. So off I went to the nearest restaurant I can find, settling for Sanghyang Bay so I can watch the sunset. This place is super pricey! True to my host's tips, the nearer a warung is to the beach, the pricier it is.

~ ♡ ~
That morning, Made was supposed to be showing me around. However, he had to attend to a group of guests who has arrived that morning. We chatted for a bit before leaving to our respective destinations.

"About 70% tourists have changed their plans (coming to Bali because of the imminent volcanic eruption)", Made said.

I intercepted, "Yeah, that friend of mine is part of the statistics"

*Laughers broke*

Sunday 25 March 2018

Current Obsession: 2018 Innisfree Empties & Mini Reviews

Hello, netizens! How was your weekend? This post today will be a quick review on Innisfree beauty products, my current obsession!!

Here are my Innisfree's empties for the month~!

#1 Green Barley Bubble Cleanser,  a foam cleanser which IMO does not do well in deep cleansing my face. A few weeks into using this cleanser and I found blackheads popping up! Very stubborn ones to boot! They won't come off easily and took weeks before I can popped them out with the help of a pore pack.. Because of that, I'd say this is my least favorite cleanser.

#2 Olive Real Lotion, this olive range gotta be my favorite of them all! Mostly because the scent is nice and it works alright for me.

#3 Jeju Sparkling Mineral range samples which consist of the toner, lotion, eyecream and cream with anti-aging properties. I actually noticed I had lesser breakout on my chin when using these. Will definitely consider to purchase the set in the near future since the set is cheaper than getting each of the items individually.

In case you're wondering why the lack of toner, I am currently using these with SK-II toner and essence. Go here to read up on my reviews.

~ ♡ ~

As of now, these are the products I am using

#1 Olive Real Cleansing Foam, this cleanser not in photo because I left it back in my hometown and is now in the possession my sis who helped me bring it back to KL but haven't pass it back to me lol

#2 Bija Trouble Lotion, a cleanser with sharp tea tree scent (which I don't fancy) and which promises to resolve any skin troubles. Of all the Innisfree cleansers I have used, this is the one which leaves me with super refreshed and my face clean! Noticed this because whenever I use my SK-II toner, I find the facial cotton covered with dirt but they are clear now. Price at RM35 per tube.

Perfect 9 Repair Skin which has "9 different types of Jeju-oriented botanical active ingredients " which promises to prevent 9 signs of ageing". This is one of the higher end Innisfree's beauty line and the 200ml bottle costs aver RM100 (If I'm not mistaken). I definitely think it is overrated, simply because I don't feel much of a result compare to when I used other products. My skin is a troublesome one, thus my opinion.

~ ♡ ~

Aside from these, I have tried all their other cleansers including Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam and Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam. Generally their scrub cleansers are good enough for my kind of combination skin, so no complaints!

The BEST part with purchasing from Innisfree is that it is one of the brands in Malaysia who actually accepts these empties to be recycled! For every bottles, you earn RM2 credits for as long as you are a registered member (It's free!). As for myself, I kept forgetting to bring the along every time I visit the store in Pavillion until last two weekends ago did I recycled whatever I had. I also learnt that you can only recycle a maximum of 3 large-size bottles in a month.

Support Recycling!!

Saturday 24 March 2018

Bali (Day 3): Nusa Penida

Day 3 in Nusa Penida Bali and we got up early for a half day trip before my friends leave for Nusa Lembongan. I, on the other hand, stayed for another day. Our first destination is Peguyangan Waterfall, which is located at the end of hundreds flight of staircases, some close to a perfect right angle and one horizontal flight of staircase at the end *gulp*

I'll say they're mostly a breeze until you come to this super deceiving staircase that appears to end in the sea?! I went down several flights, holding the wooden stairs with both hands but decided against heading down.

That is, until two pak ciks came down the flight of stairs and promised to go together. But they walked so fast I had to catch up even though I was so frightened! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

My tour guide was like, staring at me taking only one step at a time across the horizontal stairs. Would've love to snap a photo but didn't want to risk my camera falling into the sea #TheHorror

Climbing down was terrifying but climbing up was super tiring! I later learnt years ago before most of the wooden staircases were replaced with metal ones, the journey down was way-y-y terrifying!

After the hike, I was super convinced my stamina sucks, thankfully the other dude was feeling the same. It's great to have friends with similar level of stamina in outdoor activities, so you don't feel left behind hahahahaha. We rested a bit once we reached the top, can't help it LOL

 Later, we had lunch at Penida Roadside Warung, before heading to Goa Girl Puri on our tour guide's recommendation.

We were greeted by more staircases! Can you imagine climbing up to the puri right after the hike down and up Peguyangan Waterfall? .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. 


Once my acquaintances left, I waited for my host from my next stay, Abian House to pick me up from the jetty.

I would DEFINITELY recommend for a WHOLE MANY REASONS! For one, everyone _ Made, the owner and Latra, his brother plus Latra's wife and their friends_ at Abian is just so friendly! Plus, the place is close by the town area and even several warungs by the sea in case you want to explore, it is just walking distance away.

Just five minutes away, is the sea where seaweed farming is abundant though a bit neglected, apparently from low season.

In the evening, Made was so kind as to introduce and accompany me for dinner at Warung Dukung, his favorite dining spot. We dined and wined (Bintang beer, actually) while enjoying the sound of waves. It made me forget some of the nasty stuff that happened early in the trip so I cannot thank him enough!

My evening didn't end there. I spend my time chatting with Made, Latra and a friend of theirs. Made was super nice to bring me to the temple where children were practising Baliness traditional music using local instruments! I quite enjoy listening to the rather smoothing song, they played them so well!

Monday 19 March 2018

Merchant's Lane Cafe, Petaling Street

Welcome back to my blog~~! Thought I should document what I was what I was up to last Sunday. Finally had the opportunity to check out Merchant's Lane café in Petaling Street and checking it off my Want-To-Go places lol.

The Mistress burger~ Three of us had the same order LOL

~ ♡ ~

Got myself a Canon 70D, which I bought from Mudah.My! My friend, Ben is an advocate for the purchase of second hand cameras. You can find good quality mirrorless and DSLR cameras available. The downside _ they get sold out real fast! I got third time lucky, two of the initial sellers I had reached out to have sold their cameras. Thankfully, it didn't take long before another got posted on the site.

Tadaaa~~.My new baby!

I have tested on the camera last weekend and so far loving it to bits! The dials are still in a good condition and it looks brand new for a 4-year old camera. Best of all, I didn't pay full price ehehehe

Which brings me to why we were at Merchant's Lane café _ I volunteered to snap photos for my friends to test out my camera and to prove my amazing photography skills hahahaa. Damn vain. Gotta edit them soon :))

Bali (Day 2): Nusa Penida

Day 2 in Bali was when the real fun starts!

We started early to have our breakfast at Shelter, a boutique cafe seemingly cater for ang mohs or foreigners as how we call them in Malaysia. I say that because we were the only Asians around, really. I can tell why _ the Western dishes with salads, big breakfast and rolls in humongous portions!

Before I got tanned! LOL

After brekkie, it was time to head to Sanur to catch the boat to Nusa Penida, we arrived just on time before the 11AM boat leaves.... Then while I was getting on the boat, still standing on deck, a wave hit the boat and sent me tumbling down into the boat, ya~ouch! You should have seen me falling Humpty Dumpty (+____+) One lady went, "Kesian dia", kesian me I hurt my butt! Oh well, could've been worse like falling into the water and getting all drench *shrugs*

The entire boat ride to Nusa Penida was terribly rocky, it was really the worst boat ride in my life! I was surprised I didn't feel nauseous during the one hour ride. 

We arrived at Dwi Menunggal Harbor, one of the four harbors in Nusa Penida Island which is the largest of the three Nusa Islands. My first reaction was, OMG, this is the bluest water I have ever seen! The bumpy ride was worth it, still next time I'll opt for a flight from Denpasar to Nusa Penida.

So pretty!

(Typhoon-like shadow at the side is dirt on the lens...)

 At arrival, we were bombarded with tour guides offering to guide us around the island for 550kRupees and on top of that, separate charges of 160kRupees to our stay, Bintang Bungalow. Considering there were no option to rent a car (I checked there were but was told otherwise!) nor neither any of us could ride a bike, we didn't have much option. But this turns out to be a blessing because the roads around Nusa Penida is so rocky, driving around on our own isn't wise... I have also seen foreigners trying to manoeuvre their bikes along the gravels road and it was cringeworthy. I truly fear for their safety!

So here are your two travel tips if you're planning to go around Nusa Penida:

Tip 1: Renting transportations in Nusa Penida 

1) Get the help of a local tour guide for IDR 550k, this will save you a lot of trouble finding your ways and driving along the narrow and uneven roads. 

2) Rent a moped then have an ojek a.k.a. moped driver (usually staffs at hotels/hostels offer their service after their working hours. You can find them at the harbours as well) to show you around. WARNING: Butt aches and really painful thighs are to be expected from the long, rocky rides. Been there, done that (More about this on my Day 3 Bali travel post!).

So here was my lodging for the night _ Bintang Bungalow!

Our bathroom's nature ceiling LOL

I bungkus a pack of nasi goreng ayam satay aka fried rice with chicken satay (satay means chicken on stick, yo!) to eat on the way to our first destination. But halfway, decided to quit because the road was impossibly bumpy to enjoy my nasi goreng. By the way, it was the BEST fried rice I have ever tasted, I'm missing it so much!

Our first destination is Kelingking Point, which is impossibly beautiful!! I mean, just look at that!

You can actually hike down a bit for photos or even all the way down to the beach. I didn't dare to, it was so steep! Didn't help I was holding a tote, a backpack would've made the climb down much more convenient. I did, however found a wooden platform I could take photos!

I met this group of girls from Jawa, as they introduced themselves, and helped them with some group photos. They love what I helped them took and thought I was a photographer which totally flattered me hahahaha

After that, we headed to Angel Billabong, a natural pool framed by rocky cliffs. To get down to the pool, I learn you need to have some rock climbing skills. There was no proper staircase down so it was a bit tricky for me. And ouch, was the rock sharp! 

Check out how the rainbow formed from water vapors after the waves crashed into the rocks.

Our final destination for the day was Broken Beach, just walking distance away from Angel Billabong.

Boy, was it super blazing hot

That was how I got so tanned at the end of my trip.. Another because I didn't have the chance to

reapply my sunblock! I need to be more diligent with this seriously!

On the way back, our guide, Dewa was nice enough to drop by the town centre so that my friends and I can exchange more money. It turned out to be a bad idea because the rate was slightly lower than if you do so in Kuta! So that's your next tips if you plan to hang around Nusa Penida. 

Tips 2: How much $$$ do you need in Nusa Penida 
You'll need at least IDR400k per person for the return speed boat rides, about IDR200k to get to your hotel and IDR550k for four-hours tour around the island.  
Besides that, you will also need to pay IDR10k-IDR20k per attractions you visit. Kelingking point is counted as one destination while both Angel Billabong and Broken Beach are counted as another since they're both at the same spot. 
Food wise, price range from about IDR40k to IDR80k++ per meal, not inclusive of beverages.

Finally, it was dinner time before I sign off for the day. Had something from Bintang Bungalow's 
cafeteria. Opted for stir fried instant noodles because there weren't much other options but it tasted amazing nevertheless!

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