Sunday 25 October 2015

Laser Treatment at Ting's Skin Specialist


Yessss, I did it!! LOL Finally dragged myself to the Ting's Skin Clinic at Jalan Imbi to do laser surgery yesterday~! I mentioned I'll be doing it earlier but then I had things popped up on the last few Saturdays _ like my sis' convo last weekend! Congrats sis!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺ

Anyway, considering this post will be about the laser treatment, I decided to leave all my photos unedited.

Firstly, here are clearer shots of my skin condition from the front & sides (btw you can click each photo to enlarge). I have lotsa visible pores, there are some scars and my skin's uneven (>Д< )

I arrived at the clinic around noon which was quite late and there were already so many people at the waiting area. Luckily, perhaps because I was there for the laser treatment, it wasn't long before I got to consult the doctor. It was a quick one and he was just checking if my skin's condition is OK for the laser.

After I've gotten the green light, the nurse ushered me to another room to apply the anesthetic cream and then covered my cheeks with plastic wrap. Afterwards, I had to wait for about an hour for the numbness to sink in.

For an hour, I looked like that ↓ Chose a super secluded area to wait LOL

Fast forward later, I was in another room lying down and getting zapped on the face. They were less painful than being zapped the last time I had a mole removed but because the area covered this time is larger, it still hurt. In case you're wondering, it feels like like getting bitten by red ant kinda pain. And my goodness, I can smell pungent burning odor!

The whole process took 10-20 minutes I reckon (I forgot to check the time).

During and after the laser, I had this throbbing, burning sensation on both side of my cheeks and when I took a shot right after, I thought my face seemed to swell a bit despite the redness haven't set in.. Don't mind my hair, they're all messed up from lying on the bed gahh!

At this point, there are tons of tiny little dots on the laser-ed part which isn't really visible in this photo.

Five minutes later, both my cheeks were burning red. So glad the doctor who came in to check later handed me a mask before I left LOL. I really needed one else so paiseh (embarrased in local Chinese dialect) to walk outside looking like that (>д<)

Somehow, after I left the clinic I felt dizzy and was feeling rather uncomfortable. Not sure if they're from getting the laser done or just the haze...

Walah, took this shots right after I got home. My face was burning red, like red wine color red, the entire evening though it doesn't show much here.

I was advised to apply moisturizer as often as possible if I want to get rid of the redness. So first thing I did after I got home is to spray my Avene's Thermal Spring Water Spray. It usually works to soothe redness but didn't this time and soon after I sprayed, my cheeks felt like they were burning again and I could smell the pungent odor of burnt skin...

Despite that, I was still spraying all over my face and I accidentally sprayed directly into my nostrils FML

I was also prescribed some moisturizer though I'm alternating it with my own because I feel my Hada Senka's moisturizer have better moisturizing effect LOL.

(Updated: I actually found out that the moisturizer provided has some cooling effect that'll make my skin looks less inflamed. So it's better to apply BOTH the derma's moisturizer and the Hada Senka one.)

As I'm finalizing my post now, I'm putting on my snail sheet mask which I have kept aside just for my after-laser pampering. Hoping it'll help speed up my skin's rejuvenation process (@⌒ー⌒@)v

I was actually planning to get whole face done (forehead, cheeks and nose) but somehow, perhaps from miscommunication, the derma thought I only wanted the cheeks done. When, I told the female derma and she said my forehead doesn't need much work to do so she just helped me zapped the 3-5 imperfect bits yayyy~~

I regretted not asking her to do my nose at the same time so maybe another round? Though if its just the nose, next time I'll come out looking like Rudolph the reindeer. If its by Christmas, least I wouldn't need to ponder what I should dress up as LOL

Today, my face is still slightly pink and blotchy. Plus, my skin's feeling a bit scaly and pixel-like dots seem to have darkened in color. You can actually see an obvious line that distinguish the part which got laser-ed on my cheeks too.

I'm just gonna religiously apply moisturizer in hope that the blotchiness will further reduce by tomorrow. Else I'll turn up to work looking like crap (╯_╰”)

Alright, will be updating you on the laser healing progress.

Until my next post, adios~!


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