Sunday 24 June 2018

outfits I wore for attending my Indian friend's wedding

Today, I attended a wedding of my dear friend's sis. Thought of sharing what I wore in this post because there are just too many photos to edit before I can share it. Too tired to edit because just last Friday did some team building activity at work so now my body's hurting and I'm sleepy even though I slept for the entire evening yesterday. Just so you know, the photos are heavily edited.

I bought this maxi dress since the ceremony is in a temple and I have read (did my homework!) that it is best to wear something that is covered up. I brought a scarf too but ended up not wearing it. Thankfully, they weren't too strict about covering the shoulder.

Another new haul of mine _ this fancy tassel earrings. Initially wanted to get something green or blue for matchy effect but decided these works too!

Those are them for today, look forward to my full post!

Sunday 19 October 2014

Girls' Saturday Day Out: Izakaya Aka Chochin


photocat Yesterday, I hung out with a friend and we finally got to try out the new Japanese restaurant in Pavillion called Izakaya Aka Chochin. Been wanting to try since I first spotted it a few weeks ago! So this post is mostly about what we had at Izakaya and other cafes we dropped by lol.

Jyan~~ Le me at Izakaya~! (*°▽°*)♪

Forehead so long not sure 'cuz of lens distortion or what...

Le me @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Only recently I've been introduced to the concept on Izakaya, which is known to be a place where Japanese hold nomikai or drinking party. I actually have my first experience dining in an Izakaya right beside Shibuya 109 in Tokyo which I had drafted a post on but yet to be published. Dragged for so long 'cuz my schedule's been occupied again.

That's what happen when you try to balance work with studies and so blogging and other hobbies comes in last... ( T____T )

That aside, sharing some photos we took yesterday~

@Izakaya Aka Chochin

Hotate Yaki~

Yaki Hotate @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Unagi Kabayaki (if I'm not mistaken)

Unagi Kabayaki @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Sashimi platter~ Can you spot the bunny?

Sashimi Platter @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Egg souffle~ We thought it is the size of the usual chawan mushi but it turned up in a huge bowl of super succulent souffle~ yum yum!

Egg Souffle @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Then fluffy cheese okonomiyaki. Not the best I've tried but it was still good.

Cheese Okonomiyaki @Izakaya Aka Chochin

We wanted to order idako for appetizer but overlooked when ordering but then the food turned out to be wayy too much for us both. After spending hours trying to finish out meal and chatting at the same time, we went window shopping for a bit before heading to Komugi at Tokyo Street upstairs.

I like Komugi's pastries but never dined in the cafe before (OへO)


Had their flavored latte in hazelnut and it was really yummy. Plus it came with an uber cute Hello Kitty coffee art~!

Hazelnut Latte @Komugi

Also ordered matcha parfait. There's ALWAYS space for more desserts!

Matcha Parfait @Komugi

Nadia ordered this Chocolate Monkey which is actually chocolate banana lolol. Such a befitting name!

Chocolate Monkey @Komugi


More shopping afterwards because Nadia needed to get some clothes for some occasions~ So while she does the changing and catwalk, I snap some photos from the boutique, occasionally took some pics of her modeling the clothes too hahahaha

Chandeliar lamp

Pretty pretty, blingy tiles~



After all that, more drinks. I cannot believe how much sugar I consumed yesterday... Today trying to detox by drinking loads of water 'cuz I felt a bit guilty wth

This is what I had_Loaf Mocktail from The Loaf~

Loaf Mocktail @The Loaf

And carrot cake~

The Loaf Carrot Cake

Between all the shopping and chatting, the heels of my favorite wedges I was wearing came off いやだ! ( T a T ''||) and had to get another.. Not sure if it's a blessing in disguise or what but I finally get to buy this moca color heels I've been eyeing a while...

And bought another pvc-style one from Jelly Bunny because the other day I waded through streams of water (ankle high even with heels) in my work shoes when it rained heavily the other day fml.

Shoesss~~ Jelly Bunny bow flats and Vincci moca color heels

I was worried because I have bought many work flats that didn't survived through the rain and lasted like less than a month from being over-worn. What's more flats are my least favorite item to splurge on urggghhh

A friendly girl who was paying at the counter assured me hers lasted for 2 years and that I would be back for more. When I posted on my fb, another told me Jelly Bunny's really worth it. The brand's seems to have lotsa strong supporters.

Jelly Bunny Review

Strutting off nau, chao ( Ov< )~❤


Wednesday 1 October 2014



Today's post is a quick compilation of my OOTD which I Instagram-ed recently. These days my shopping lists consist of mostly clothes I deem work-worthy ones since I spent more time in the office wth. So you'll notice lots of work clothing in this post ranging from formal to smart casual to casual Friday's.

#1 First off, Padini peplum top, Bershka yellow cardigan and Nichii hi-lo skirt.

OOTD: Padini, Bershka, Nichii

#2 Bershka checkered top, Uniqlo cardigan blazer and Kitschen skirt.

OOTD: Uniqlo, Bershka, Nichii

#3 Nichii lace peplum top & royal blue skirt.

OOTD: All Nichii

#4 Cotton On floral dress and Seed belt.

OOTD: Cotton On, Seed

#5 From last weekend, wearing this Applemint's lace sleeve detailed top.

OOTD: Applemint

#6 Boutique peplum stripped top and matching Factorie stripped tote bag.

OOTD: Online boutique, Factorie

#7 Lace detail orange dress from an online boutique and Seed belt.

OOTD: Online boutique, Padini, Seed

$8 Oh, and a new addition on my Instagram today_Nichii detailed chiffon top with black skirt and Cotton On charity bracelets I super like. Just added this to my Instagram just nau (^o^ )♪

OOTD: Nichii, Cotton On
 That's all~!

Saturday 16 August 2014

OOTDs & I'm on Instagram


Lazy to write since I got to prepare for test next week so instead I'm posting some OOTD pics today on some of the new addition to my wardrobe from last month. Been building up my dream wardrobe yay (*⌒∇⌒*)~❤

#1 First one work OOTD in my favorite Uniqlo cardigan blazer. So comfyyy I'm in love with it!!

Work OOTD in my fav Uniqlo cardigan blazer and Floral Dress from Kitschen

And, oh spot my new baby? Finally gotten my smartphone (my first on my own!) and don't need to carry the super bulky DSLR to camwhore hahaha

#2 Another work OOTD with this lace-detail collar chiffon tunic top from Miia. Splurge on this in Japan at Shibuya 109.

Lace-detail collar chiffon tunic from Miia and skirt Nichii

Close up on collar details~!

Lace collar details close up

#3 Cropped stripe top from Kitschen and white maxi from Mira Mew.

Cropped stripe top Cotton On and maxi skirt from Mira Mew

$4 Uniqlo's cardigan blazer, again over Visalia pastel floral top, also bought from Shibuya 109.

Pastel floral dress Visalia and cardigan blazer Uniqlo

#5 Padini balloons printed top and high waisted pastel yellow skirt (from Japan, forgot the brand name).

Printed tee Padini (old) and high waisted pastel yellow skirt from Japan

I am on Instagram now! Also, if you missed it, I'm also on Facebook which I do update. Do follow me for updates (*°▽°*)v

I'm on instagram!

Chao for nau~!

Wednesday 28 May 2014

A Photo Diary: Girls Day Out


Spent days editing photos to create this mini photo book (*⌒∇⌒*) Always wanted to make one but didn't get much chance because it's not like there's cafes with lotsa nice photos to take near my place... Been wanting to go to this Garden Cafe & Lifestyle Store in Mid Valley forever 'cuz the interior's just so pretty!

Finally went there with a friend, Nadia whom I got to know from class with an excuse to study but we didn't LOL

Since it's such a pretty place, I told myself I MUST bring the camera along! Outdoor photo chance!!

This July, I'm planning to take tons of photos from my trip in Japan to make another photo book and then have it printed out! (*°▽°*)♪ I'm so-o-o looking forward to my trip there but I really need to plan for it ASAP. Didn't confirm a thing yet and yet I still spend time editing this photos gahh (X__X )

Ramblings aside, here's my first mini photo book with photos taken from inside Garden Cafe & Lifestyle Store  (*⌒∇⌒*)



Together with Nadia~





Moi and my outfit for the day~❤

I have posted the same pic on my TagBrand account, by the way v(^o^ )






We both ordered spaghetti, which was surprisingly good.

Above: My aglio olio spaghetti with ham, spicy just the way I like it & Below: Nadia's ikazumi/squid's ink spaghetti~


Le me ordered this amazing blossom -sth tea. It's pink, so prettayyy~!! ❤








On a final note, here's a DISCLAIMER: Photos taken by both Nadia & yours truly. Editing done by le me. Please do not use the photos uploaded on this post (and on my blog) without permission.

Thanks for reading~! ☆-(≥vO)

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