Monday 26 October 2015

Bio-Essence Snail Secretion Face Mask Review

Hello~! Today I'll be reviewing on my new favorite sheet mask, the Bio Essence Snail Secretion masks!

Bio-essence snail secretion masks

Snail masks have always been one of my must-try list of beauty products and it wasn't until months ago I got myself one. For one, snails' mucus are said to be rich with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants! Furthermore, it appears to be able to control acne and reduce scarring with frequent application.

I chose Bio-essence because its one of the few brands I can find in just the nearest pharmaceutical store. I have several other brands keep-in-viewed but now that I'm comfortable and loving this one, I'm just too lazy to try experiment on another wth.

Bio-essence masks

Let me digress for a bit, my classmate tried the TonyMoly snail mask _ because I asked her to give snail mucus mask a try_ and she loves it because it has a lifting effect. She didn't find much repairing result with just one-time use but then again her skin's pretty clear. Oh I'm envious!

Bio Essence actually recommend twice/thrice a week application of this mask for results but really, they are pricey at RM8.90 per sheet to be used that often (>д<) And oh, I don't know why the only sell by the sheet because I would rather if they come in a cheaper bundle, I really wouldn't mind buying a box! (Can Bio-essence consider this suggestion??)

Anyway, I applied it once a week and it took me the second sheet to see result! Definitely vouching for this one~!

Totally am impressed with the result, I soon find myself obsessing over the entire Bio-essence snail secretion range! When I saw the serum was on sale, I grab a bottle for myself without a second thought. OK, I hesitated a bit, it was a splurge. I've been using it for 2 weeks now. Give me some more time to experiment and I'll be happy to share more about it on another post☆-(≥vO)

Sunday 25 October 2015

Laser Treatment at Ting's Skin Specialist


Yessss, I did it!! LOL Finally dragged myself to the Ting's Skin Clinic at Jalan Imbi to do laser surgery yesterday~! I mentioned I'll be doing it earlier but then I had things popped up on the last few Saturdays _ like my sis' convo last weekend! Congrats sis!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺ

Anyway, considering this post will be about the laser treatment, I decided to leave all my photos unedited.

Firstly, here are clearer shots of my skin condition from the front & sides (btw you can click each photo to enlarge). I have lotsa visible pores, there are some scars and my skin's uneven (>Д< )

I arrived at the clinic around noon which was quite late and there were already so many people at the waiting area. Luckily, perhaps because I was there for the laser treatment, it wasn't long before I got to consult the doctor. It was a quick one and he was just checking if my skin's condition is OK for the laser.

After I've gotten the green light, the nurse ushered me to another room to apply the anesthetic cream and then covered my cheeks with plastic wrap. Afterwards, I had to wait for about an hour for the numbness to sink in.

For an hour, I looked like that ↓ Chose a super secluded area to wait LOL

Fast forward later, I was in another room lying down and getting zapped on the face. They were less painful than being zapped the last time I had a mole removed but because the area covered this time is larger, it still hurt. In case you're wondering, it feels like like getting bitten by red ant kinda pain. And my goodness, I can smell pungent burning odor!

The whole process took 10-20 minutes I reckon (I forgot to check the time).

During and after the laser, I had this throbbing, burning sensation on both side of my cheeks and when I took a shot right after, I thought my face seemed to swell a bit despite the redness haven't set in.. Don't mind my hair, they're all messed up from lying on the bed gahh!

At this point, there are tons of tiny little dots on the laser-ed part which isn't really visible in this photo.

Five minutes later, both my cheeks were burning red. So glad the doctor who came in to check later handed me a mask before I left LOL. I really needed one else so paiseh (embarrased in local Chinese dialect) to walk outside looking like that (>д<)

Somehow, after I left the clinic I felt dizzy and was feeling rather uncomfortable. Not sure if they're from getting the laser done or just the haze...

Walah, took this shots right after I got home. My face was burning red, like red wine color red, the entire evening though it doesn't show much here.

I was advised to apply moisturizer as often as possible if I want to get rid of the redness. So first thing I did after I got home is to spray my Avene's Thermal Spring Water Spray. It usually works to soothe redness but didn't this time and soon after I sprayed, my cheeks felt like they were burning again and I could smell the pungent odor of burnt skin...

Despite that, I was still spraying all over my face and I accidentally sprayed directly into my nostrils FML

I was also prescribed some moisturizer though I'm alternating it with my own because I feel my Hada Senka's moisturizer have better moisturizing effect LOL.

(Updated: I actually found out that the moisturizer provided has some cooling effect that'll make my skin looks less inflamed. So it's better to apply BOTH the derma's moisturizer and the Hada Senka one.)

As I'm finalizing my post now, I'm putting on my snail sheet mask which I have kept aside just for my after-laser pampering. Hoping it'll help speed up my skin's rejuvenation process (@⌒ー⌒@)v

I was actually planning to get whole face done (forehead, cheeks and nose) but somehow, perhaps from miscommunication, the derma thought I only wanted the cheeks done. When, I told the female derma and she said my forehead doesn't need much work to do so she just helped me zapped the 3-5 imperfect bits yayyy~~

I regretted not asking her to do my nose at the same time so maybe another round? Though if its just the nose, next time I'll come out looking like Rudolph the reindeer. If its by Christmas, least I wouldn't need to ponder what I should dress up as LOL

Today, my face is still slightly pink and blotchy. Plus, my skin's feeling a bit scaly and pixel-like dots seem to have darkened in color. You can actually see an obvious line that distinguish the part which got laser-ed on my cheeks too.

I'm just gonna religiously apply moisturizer in hope that the blotchiness will further reduce by tomorrow. Else I'll turn up to work looking like crap (╯_╰”)

Alright, will be updating you on the laser healing progress.

Until my next post, adios~!

Wednesday 14 October 2015

my current beauty routine~

Haro~!ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ I'm back and this time I want to share with you all my daily beauty/body care products that I'm using now!

Most of the brands that I'm using are the ones you can find from Watsons, Guardian or SaSa and usually the ones at affordable price range. As much as I want to investing on branded skin care/beauty products, I find most of the drugstore brands sufficient for my current needs. Also, now there are so many options to choose from in Watsons/Guardian/SaSa alone! On top of that, besides being occupied, I'm also a bit lazy *ahem* to do extra wtf

Just to clarify, ALL these are NOT SPONSORED and I bought them for my personal use. I'm not paid to write this post but am simply sharing what I'm obsessing over right now.

Let's get started!

♥ Naturals by Watsons' Olive Shower Cream

♥ Naturals by Watsons' Marula Oil Body Lotion

♥ Nivea Instant White Firming Body Serum with SPF 33

♥ Bio Oil

First up are the current stuff I'm using for bath and body care~! I find myself very into scents lately, so I'm getting a bit more particular with by body wash scent yayyy (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ I bought the Naturals by Watsons' Olive Shower Cream which scent I'm loving! I find the whole olive range smells really good!!

Since I'm just starting to pay a lil' extra attention, I also got the body lotion, though from the Marula Oil range. (More about these Naturals by Watson range in another review post!) This is my night body lotion whereas during the day, I'm using Nivea Instant White Firming Body Serum as it comes with sun protection and SPF 33++

The Bio Oil is actually something I've stuffed in my drawer for a bit but decided put it to good use in my attempt to get rid of the scar on my knees. I went humpty dumpt-ied and had a great fall FML (T▽T) That was weeks ago but the scars aren't going away easily because my itchy fingers had to just scrape off the scabs instead of letting them fall off when they heal naturally *roll eyes* I'm still waiting for it to work its magic..

♥ Loreal's Extraordinary Oil

♥ Dove's Intense Day Repair Cream

For my hair, I'm at my 2nd bottle of both Loreal Keratin Smooth 72-H Shampoo and Conditioner. Again, loving the scent but they're definitely not solution to my hair fall problem which I'm facing for months now! I just figure out my hormones condition could be a cause but I'm still crossing my finger I can find something to fix it...  And yes, I'm still at the same tub of VS Sassoon's Intense Hair Mask. I'm only doing the intense mask once a week now so it seems like it will take a while to finish this one LOL

As for the Loreal's Extraordinary Hair Oil and Dove's Intense Day Repair Cream, I don't use them together but simply alternate between them just to keep my frizzy hair under control.

♥ Dr G's A-Clear Foam Cleanser

Now, into the more crucial part_ facial skin care! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺ

I am using Dr G's A-Clear Foam Cleanser, something I decided to try just recently to replace my usual Avene's Cleanance Gel. I simply wanted to experiment on something different and I've heard raving reviews on this brand. So far, so good but because I'm still on trial phase, so maybe a while before I will be reviewing this in detail. I actually have another cleanser, the Tamago Hada AHA+BHA Cleanser which I forgot to include in the photo *smack forehead* I'm treating it as a facial exfoliator because I find it works really good in that department. Unfortunately for the same reason, I don't find it suitable for everyday use as it gives me breakout because the texture is simply too rough on the skin. I'm using this twice per week at most!

After drying my face, I applied my all-time favorite HadaLabo's SHA Lotion which is super hydrating _ 2 thumbs up_ and which assists in better absorption of the serum and moisturizer in the next step! A very recent addition is the Bio-essence Snail Secretion Repair Serum which I splurged on because I was pretty impressed with the result from using Bio-essence snail masks. It was on 40% off too! ☆-(≥vO) v

I usually just finish it off with Senka Hoshitsu Moisturizer which I'm crediting for giving me a more lifted, V-shaped chin! Definitely another personal favorite product of mine! And one of the key ingredient? Allow me to quote the young Flemming Prescott from the movie 'The Age of Adaline' _"made from the royal jelly of the queen bee".

(Though, fact: honey bees in general, regardless of roles, secretes royal jelly. Still, good stuff!)

Once in a while, I use Avene's Thermal Spring Water. I'm on my last bottle but I'm considering to stock up as I find I need this more now. I notice the prolonged haze is giving my forehead odd little bumps! It has always been clear so I freaked out when I first spotted them. After I sprayed with this spring mist, the bumps receded so I concluded they are caused by the pollutants in the air.. Damn you, haze! Speaking of Avene's products by the way, if you are looking for pimple cream try Avene's Triacneal, this one works like magic!

Bio-Essence Snail Secretion Repair Mask

♥ BLiv's Stem Cell Revival Mask

Watsons range Masks

♥ Guardian's Jeju range face mask

♥ Beauty Talk whitening mask

Finally, on facial masks~! I actually don't have time to do double masking _deep pore cleansing mask followed by sheet masks_ and have reduced my mask routine to merely once a week (>д<) But that only means it is important for me to choose the right mask to target my skin issues.

One of the mask I am super OBSESSING over is the Bio-Essence's Snail Secretion Repair Masks which I swear does wonders to my skin! Super duper good stuff here. They are pricey at about RM8.90 per sheet but I stock them during sales for about RM4-6ish each. Such a bummer they are not selling this in a box set, I would definitely prefer it that way...

Besides that, I also always buying Bliv Masks, especially the ones that highlights on skin repairing and rejuvenation. Not forgetting Watsons' Masks too of course!

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