Sunday 26 May 2024

March Vlog | Malaysia Ramadan Bazaar, Night Market and Coffee Pop Up event scenes


Just put together my March videos in this vlog~~

I shared what foods do Malaysians (my friends and I Lol) buy from a bazaar ramadan and local night market. March was the start of the fasting month in Malaysia and with it marks the month long ramadan bazaar with tons of food food. This year I had the chance to go to the bazaar a handful of times to savor all the yummy foods I've been missing since the lockdown.

Besides that, I also shared the time where my friends and I played tourist in one of the night market and tried a lot of night market foods. So really lotsa food in this vlog hahha.

The rest are excerpts of my March life in Malaysia. From visiting a small coffee event at Isetan KLCC, having coffee, shopping on weekends and so forth!

Saturday 11 May 2024

Magnetic eyelashes : The easiest way to get pretty lashes!

I haven't review beauty products in yearsss but I need to share this with you girlies who don't like to do makeup. Even at this age, I'm no fan of putting on makeup bc I find it troublesome whether to apply or remove. 

MLEN and Wosado Magnetic Eyelashes

This one particularly is false eyelashes. I've attempted falsies many times with glue and failed rather miserably. Even until today I haven't master it! Mascara is my go-to and there are a lot of good ones. Only thing if you don't use them frequently, many times they'll end up dried up and clumpy mess.

So introducing _ MAGNETIC LASHES!!

MLEN and Wosado Magnetic Eyelashes

I've always wanted to get my hands on MLEN but find it really overpriced, I think RM250? I did get my hands on two pairs from MLEN and another from WOSADO. WOSADO has been turning up on my TikTok alot, and goodness I have a lot to say about this brand!

After much contemplating, I decided to go for 

  1. MLEN Retro Goddess
  2. MLEN Natural Beauty
  3. WOSADO Silky Black Shopee#1 Shopee#2

Which magnetic eyelashes should you buy?

So you see I opted for MLEN, mostly because their designs are less of the spikey sort, more lashes plus they're arranged at angles to give the natural look. Also bc they're the first brand of magnetic falsies I know of. The OG.

After buying MLEN Retro Goddess, while it looks amazing in photo, IRL make me look super gyaru which isn't a look I'm into now. I've grown outta it LOL. Still, I'd recommend this for photoshoots. FYI Retro Goddess falsies length is between 10-14mm.

From there I learn that I prefer the shorter lashes, anything 12mm and shorter but still with more lashes and natural arrangements so I bought MLEN Natural Beauty and WOSADO Silky Black. These are winners for natural looks and I LOVE them! The downside is they don't show much in photos.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Just comparing them in a single photo, obviously MLEN Retro Goddess has the most drama. As for MLEN Natural beauty and WOSADO Silky Black, their falsies arrangements are almost similar but MLEN has more fullness to it.

Lashes applicator

One tip, so both these brands come with falsies applicators (aka glue aka falsies thickener) for you to apply before putting the magnetic falsies on. This works to keep them in place especially more if your natural lashes are thin. It also helps when you chose a heavier magnetic falsies. With Wosado Silky Black, I could totally skip this. With MLEN Natural Beauty, I could do without but better if I want to guarantee it stays. With MLEN Retro Goddess, I DEFINITELY have to apply. Like my natural falsies can't hold it leh and I have almost 10% success rate.

So if you have trouble putting on magnetic falsies, it's most probably the weight of the falsies or the lack of natural lashes to hold the falsies. 

Final Tips

The other thing I want to share about putting these on is how to get them sticking really close to your eyelids. For me, the outer corner of the falsies tend to be the not close enough or sticking out. The solution really is to ensure the applicator is touching the outer corner. Maybe its just a me-thing but I somehow only focus on the inner corner. 

My Verdict 

To sum everything up, the BEST falsies with good magnet, EASIEST to apply, hands down WOSADO got it right. Like absolute chef kiss. It's so-o true when the say you'd get it right at first try! In fact, I have 99% success rate putting on WOSADO than MLEN! Still love MLEN designs, if WOSADO actually have similar ones I'd hands down choose WOSADO.

But yes, MLEN pouch and applicator is pink so it's cuter. Plus, MLEN has more natural-ish full falsies design but they can be pricier and you can only find few to a handful shops selling them. WOSADO do seem to put a lot of thought into their falsies case and quality of the lashes. They're also very viral now (for reasons I told you) so many shops sell them. 

So yessss, for all the girlies who struggle with DIY glue falsies, this is it. Magnetic falsies are godsend!

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