Saturday 25 March 2023

bleaching my hair with MOREMO KERATIN & coloring with HELLO BUBBLE

Hi! I'm back with another hair dye review vlog! I was letting my hair recover for a while until the temptations to try new colors came back LOL. Mise En Scene released a new lineup of the Blackpink's HELLO BUBBLE and the colors are so pretty 😍

Milk Blonde

Moremo Keratin Milk Blonde

This is the first color I use in this video. I bought it thinking that it may lighten up my hair color so that I can color them in the other shades of Hello Bubble _ I knew the lighter shades won't turn up pretty on dark hair. Though I should have known light shades dyes on the market usually don't do much for dark hair *roll eyes*

I'll spare you the trouble of attempting this yourself and advice you'd either bleach with Moremo Keratin Hair Bleach (if you want to DIY like me).

A few things I noticed with Moremo DIY dye is that they smell good and leaves the hair really soft. I think their formula is probably the best. The only cons is that the are NOT in bubble or foam so application can be troublesome.

Keratin Hair Bleach


I've always wanted to try Moremo Keratin Hair Bleach (Get it from Shopee here & here), I know they work from checking out reviews. 

I've tried eZn Creamy Hair bleach a few times (here and here) but found that they could only bleached up to orange tone even if I leave it for long. That is good if you are not confident with using bleach and want to ensure that the end result is even. However, if you want to try lighter tones or bright colors like pink and blue, you do need to bleached it to yellow or platinum blonde.

Moremo could bleach your hair to those shades but they are tricky _ you might end up with different tones. I think mine didn't turn up even because I'm totally not a pro. It's tough when you're doing it on your own. The pros, I find Moremo have really good formula _my hair doesn't feel dry from bleaching twice but it probably will if I did another round IDK.

10AB Ash Beige

This was the color I was what first caught my attention. However, it didn't turn up like what's shown on the box despite me having bleached hair. I think it probably turn up if your start with platinum blonde hair but I cannot be sure... Anyone tried it yet? This color is always out of stock in the stores so get it from Shopee here (from OS & with free shampoo sample) or cheaper here here.

8MB Matt Brown

This was my experimental choice but turned out to be quite a pretty color and received the most compliment. I like this bc I think cool brown shades suits me better. 

Looking back at the video and photos, this actually turned out closer to the photo of Rose with Ash Beige than Jisoo with Matt Brown... But it could be because I bleached my hair. The color theory is so messed up..

You can find it on Shopee here (from OS & with free shampoo sample) or cheaper here here.

3NT Dark Choco

I think this color totally turn up well on bleached hair. Love this shade! It is VIBRANT _ at least for the first few days _ and gives off the rich gal look (Cehhhh!). Though this color is probably the messiest to deal with. OMG it leaves stains that lasts for a few days on my arms and I can see that the color still runs when I wash my hair for the first week. BTW not to be mistaken with 6N Choco Brown shade though they do look the same. Get it from Shopee here (from OS & with free shampoo sample) or cheaper here & here.

If you're observant, you'd probably spot another shade of Hello Bubble in Dusty Ash in my video too. That was another color I really really want to achieve for the longest time. However, (again!) it didn't turn up well on yellow tone hair and fades into dusty green which lasted like just a few days if you wash your hair daily *groans* Overall, loving the new Hello Bubble lineup a lot! No, this is NOT a sponsored post, I'm just a very loyal customer of DIY hair dyes. Also I bought mine on Shopee during sales and with the free gifts LOL. 

I'm also gonna add that the Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Original Shampoo is SUPER AMAZING. It makes my hair look so healthy and feeling moisturized! I'd say it's the same level as Marc Anthony's Coconut Oil & Shea Butte shampoo which is another personal fav, tried-and-tested shampoo. The packaging in my video appears to be the old version. They have rebranded into a sleeker new look (and there I was searching for it thinking they're different!). Also, for a free sample, I'd say the amount is very generous LOL

(BTW the set which link I provided retails at RM64 but I bought them during sale for RM42! So keep them in your cart until sales day)


Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Original Shampoo

That conclude my post here, hope you find this useful! Do like, share and comment on this blog or on my YouTube channel~


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