Monday 20 November 2023

Ipoh Travel Vlog 2D2N

Hello!! This is the vlog when I travelled to Ipoh with my friends over the weekend. 

We travelled to Ipoh using the ETS train which took us 2 hours. 

The rest of the trip we book Grab rides if not walking to explore. Most of the touristy destinations in this video are  close to the city center so rides are about RM6-RM8.

Our stay is at Kong Heng, just smack in the center of everywhere really! Concubine Lane, the Book Excess just within several minutes walking distance. Qing Xing Ling, Kin Loong and Canning Dim Sum are a must go! 

Check out what we did and everything we ate in Ipoh~~

Sunday 29 October 2023

Mooncakes & Mid Autumn Festival, Red Red Botak Head, Awesome Canteen

Hello!! Here's another compilation of makan places I've been around in KL the past months 😬

 It was also the Mid Autumn Festival and so I bought some mooncakes. This year, traditional handmade lanterns are making a comeback and I got my hands on some really cute handmade ones for a kiddo *wink wink*

I tried Red Red Botak Head at the Gardens' rooftop. The vibe and the location is amazing. So is the dessert but service then could do better. Fast forward to fairly recently, I revisited Awesome Canteen. A cafe I have not been since the lockdown! 

Check out my food recommendations and tell me if I should try something else!

Saturday 28 October 2023

How I fixed my crusty Marc Jacob's Tote Bag


This post is about how I turned my crusty Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag looking much presentable!

How to dye Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag

Only recently do I start taking my Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag out again. This tote bag has been abandoned for many moons now since I deemed it not presentable enough with the color turning crusty even though I was using it for less than 6 months!

I love this tote bag because of its design, size and material. However for the price tag and brand, the quality has proven to be quite a disappointment. For one, I own another black tote bag which I bought for about RM15 from Kaison that doesn't discolored despite years of wear. So what the heck Marc Jacob?!

I wanted to send this to a (any) luxury bag repair shop. One shop quoted me RM700! For the price, I'd rather get a new one. Somehow chance upon a video showing canvas paint and I thought I should give it a try!

This is me repainting my tote. You can sleep see how bad the discolouration was in the next few photos and videos better.

How to dye Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag

Left before painting, right is after

How to dye Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag

The other way round, right is after and left before painting

How to dye Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag

The whole painting process took me about 3 hours (tiring!). The dye dries fast and doesn't leave any funny paint odour which is good. So far it's been two weeks and no issues yet. I did accidentally paint over the words. I didn't try to scrub the dye off but I think it's possible to come off.

One tip is to dab the wet brush on the canvas close to the fonts and let the canvas absorbs the paint itself. Rather than trying to paint by the lines. It came out nicely except for some parts because I was impatient lol

 And how much did it cost me? The canvas paint is just RM15.90 from Shopee (Rm18.32 including delivery)! So far it's it's two weeks and the bag is still looking good. I still have maybe 1/3 bottle of dye after painting the entire bag. You'd probably need to adjust for the larger size ones. I cannot imagine the effort needed to paint the bigger ones tho. Yikes!

Anyways I hope this post helps bc I totally didn't like it when my bag turned crusty! Tell me if you tried this~~

Sunday 17 September 2023

Glow Up September


Decided to embark on a glow up sesh early thus month as I'm on the journey of another chapter of my life. Here are some glow ups I did~~

Heads up this post contains affiliate links which I appreciate if you'd support if you like what I recommend here (I assure you, good stuff below!). The affiliate links doesn't earn me much only RM1 to-date LOL. I get better returns when I spend my own monies using ShopBack #truestory

#1 New hair color!

I have this for awhile now but only took the time to dye my hair with Mise En Scene Ash Olive (Shopee). From the box it was hard to tell what shade exactly but the result is a black with ashy green hue. It completely covered the orange blonde part and gray part of my hair! I thought it would at least be lighter but OMG. Definitely not the color I was aiming for but still received quite a number of compliments. Mostly from friends who hasn't seen me in dark hair since I have bleached hair for over a year now! The green seems to wash off and it is now warm, dark brown shade.

Would recommend if you prefer subtle but nice color!

Mise En Scene Ash Olive

#2 Glowing up my skin

So happen that it's time to restock my beauty products and now that there are sales I went on a shopping spree! 

My current beauty routine

Malaysia beauty routine

Most of my routine products remain the consistent throughout the years. I've been a loyal consumer LOL. 

This time I went back to HadaLabo Kouji range, this time the Treatment Tightening & Hydrating Gel Emulsion (Shopee) which I bought for RM75 which is a crazy steal from its usual price is RM125! I can't remember but it's either Guardian or Watsons. On top of that, I got the HadaLabo Lifting+Firming Cream (Shopee) also for almost 40% off its usual price in-store. Been wanting to try this range for awhile now. Instead of getting the set from the same range, might as well mix and match them! And somehow I do think they're amazing and I can feel the result. Once upon a time I can't tell but at this age it's possible FML.

Mediheal Face Toner Pad in Madecassoside

Later I added Mediheal Face Toner Pad in Madecassoside (Shopee) into my cart after being brainwashed by a TikTok review. I do notice smoother face texture in just a few applications! Felt like I just did laser. If I would've known, I'd save on laser sooner! But boy has there been a surge of beauty products recently! From the same shop, I actually ordered something else buy they didn't send and I'm still waiting for my refund.

Another very recent haul is the Numbuzin No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner (Shopee), prolly my best haul at just RM65.21 for not one but TWO 200ml bottles! This price after using the RM10 shop voucher and RM10ish Shopee voucher. Again another product I chanced upon many reviews online before making my purchase. There seems to be a huge cult following for this brand these days.

For all these, I utilize Shopee's RM30 voucher which is available when you make an order of RM150/RM180! Totally make use of the Shopee vouchers while they're still available.

#3 Exercise

I have been doing the Le Serrafim workout challenge because I needed something fast, brutal and with results WTF. I did it for 5 times within 10 days, not consecutively. I'm still doing this because it works for me! Abs, abs baby!

Btw, let me introduce the best workout mat which I think y'all need to get. Because IMO there are too many lousy ones out there. I'm currently using a marble print rubber workout mat (Shopee) and previously, Forest Fitness workout mat (Shopee). Yes, they're made of rubber which means they provide stability when you're doing certain poses, absorb impact so your workout is quiet and easy to clean. But most importantly, they freaking last longer! 

If I have to decide, Forest Fitness is the better one. You're welcome.

#4 New nails!

Unplanned but to support a friend's new business, I decided to book an appointment with her. This is actually my first time getting my nails professionally done and at home!

My manicure choice is coffee, minimal, nude theme while pedi was supposed to be matcha but looks more like avocado theme LOL

And those are pretty much them. I did some clothing haul too but then I'm too lazy to get OOTD shot hahahha. I'll see you in my next vlog or blog post!

Saturday 19 August 2023

2D2N at Port Dickson | Chilling at The Regency Tanjung Tuan 🏖🐚🌊🌅


Hi! Here's another short local travel vlog. This time I headed to Port Dickson, Seremban with friends. We had potluck, watched the amazing sunset at the beach and just chilled. Missing the beach already! ⛱ 

Wednesday 19 July 2023

May-June Vlog | Went to the National Museum and had vegan meals at the Bombay Palace & Voila + more cafes!


Hi! Back with another compilation of things I've been up to the past months. So many things came up including tons of socializing and after those it's plenty of Me Time to unwind. More vids to come!

In this vlog, I spent some time at the National Museum aka Museum Negara, tried a couple of new makan place, cafes and even one milk tea place, Nuttea & Caffike. One of a friend who came to visit is vegan so we went to the Bombay Palace (near KLCC/KL Tower) and Voila Meat Free Restaurant at Jalan Panggung near Pasar Seni.

Friday 12 May 2023

Kuala Lumpur food diaries | More cafes to visit! Come True, 3 Years Old, Staple Dough, oomph & more!


Hi! Here's another food-filled vlog! I compiled all the places I went around Kuala Lumpur in the past month. 

Some of the cafes I tried include Come True Cafe at Eslite Bukit Bintang, 3 Years Old, Staple Dough and oomph. I would say most didn't disappoint. I especially think the refreshing coffee from Come True Cafe (I tried two!) and the super frothy coffee at oomph my absolute favorite! Staple Dough is another which food is omaigawd *chef kiss* (but this place is non-halal yo!) 

Thursday 27 April 2023

Kuala Lumpur food diaries: a food packed vlog

Hi! Here's a food compilation of the places I went in March & April~ I especially enjoyed the Indian restaurants my friends recommended called Lawanya Food Corner in Bricksfield. It made me realized how many yummy Indian food I've been missing out! I always said I want to try all these places but have barely tried most in my list because there are simply so many places to try.

Took the chance to check out the Bangsar Ramadhan bazaar too. I wanted to check out several bazaars but it didn't work out bc I kept coming down with cold or just some illness 🤧😷 At present I've been coughing for a week or so *sigh*


Friday 31 March 2023

more weekend vlogging~ let me introduce you to the bestest croffles ever

Hi! The first quarter of the year has been quite hectic because life happens! Here are some of the things I've been up to and places I've been~ 

I revisited Degree Coffee, a cozy cafe in Kedai KL which IMO serves the best croffle. I brought along a friend and she approves of the this! This time I tried their drinks topped with dalgona which compliments the drink. LOVE the dalgona lots!). Then we visited another pop up bazaar at KL Gateway Mall and shopped some more hahaha.

Saturday 25 March 2023

bleaching my hair with MOREMO KERATIN & coloring with HELLO BUBBLE

Hi! I'm back with another hair dye review vlog! I was letting my hair recover for a while until the temptations to try new colors came back LOL. Mise En Scene released a new lineup of the Blackpink's HELLO BUBBLE and the colors are so pretty 😍

Milk Blonde

Moremo Keratin Milk Blonde

This is the first color I use in this video. I bought it thinking that it may lighten up my hair color so that I can color them in the other shades of Hello Bubble _ I knew the lighter shades won't turn up pretty on dark hair. Though I should have known light shades dyes on the market usually don't do much for dark hair *roll eyes*

I'll spare you the trouble of attempting this yourself and advice you'd either bleach with Moremo Keratin Hair Bleach (if you want to DIY like me).

A few things I noticed with Moremo DIY dye is that they smell good and leaves the hair really soft. I think their formula is probably the best. The only cons is that the are NOT in bubble or foam so application can be troublesome.

Keratin Hair Bleach


I've always wanted to try Moremo Keratin Hair Bleach (Get it from Shopee here & here), I know they work from checking out reviews. 

I've tried eZn Creamy Hair bleach a few times (here and here) but found that they could only bleached up to orange tone even if I leave it for long. That is good if you are not confident with using bleach and want to ensure that the end result is even. However, if you want to try lighter tones or bright colors like pink and blue, you do need to bleached it to yellow or platinum blonde.

Moremo could bleach your hair to those shades but they are tricky _ you might end up with different tones. I think mine didn't turn up even because I'm totally not a pro. It's tough when you're doing it on your own. The pros, I find Moremo have really good formula _my hair doesn't feel dry from bleaching twice but it probably will if I did another round IDK.

10AB Ash Beige

This was the color I was what first caught my attention. However, it didn't turn up like what's shown on the box despite me having bleached hair. I think it probably turn up if your start with platinum blonde hair but I cannot be sure... Anyone tried it yet? This color is always out of stock in the stores so get it from Shopee here (from OS & with free shampoo sample) or cheaper here here.

8MB Matt Brown

This was my experimental choice but turned out to be quite a pretty color and received the most compliment. I like this bc I think cool brown shades suits me better. 

Looking back at the video and photos, this actually turned out closer to the photo of Rose with Ash Beige than Jisoo with Matt Brown... But it could be because I bleached my hair. The color theory is so messed up..

You can find it on Shopee here (from OS & with free shampoo sample) or cheaper here here.

3NT Dark Choco

I think this color totally turn up well on bleached hair. Love this shade! It is VIBRANT _ at least for the first few days _ and gives off the rich gal look (Cehhhh!). Though this color is probably the messiest to deal with. OMG it leaves stains that lasts for a few days on my arms and I can see that the color still runs when I wash my hair for the first week. BTW not to be mistaken with 6N Choco Brown shade though they do look the same. Get it from Shopee here (from OS & with free shampoo sample) or cheaper here & here.

If you're observant, you'd probably spot another shade of Hello Bubble in Dusty Ash in my video too. That was another color I really really want to achieve for the longest time. However, (again!) it didn't turn up well on yellow tone hair and fades into dusty green which lasted like just a few days if you wash your hair daily *groans* Overall, loving the new Hello Bubble lineup a lot! No, this is NOT a sponsored post, I'm just a very loyal customer of DIY hair dyes. Also I bought mine on Shopee during sales and with the free gifts LOL. 

I'm also gonna add that the Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Original Shampoo is SUPER AMAZING. It makes my hair look so healthy and feeling moisturized! I'd say it's the same level as Marc Anthony's Coconut Oil & Shea Butte shampoo which is another personal fav, tried-and-tested shampoo. The packaging in my video appears to be the old version. They have rebranded into a sleeker new look (and there I was searching for it thinking they're different!). Also, for a free sample, I'd say the amount is very generous LOL

(BTW the set which link I provided retails at RM64 but I bought them during sale for RM42! So keep them in your cart until sales day)


Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Original Shampoo

That conclude my post here, hope you find this useful! Do like, share and comment on this blog or on my YouTube channel~


Saturday 28 January 2023

Hello 2023!

Hi! This is my first video of 2023~

Videos were taken early this month but life got hectic in preparation for the early CNY and then I bummed around so expect catchup videos soon (〃´∀`) 

Friends and I have Christmas-turned-new-year catchup so we went cafe-hopping in Petaling Street. The cafes we visited are called Merchant's Lane and Flaon. I showed them around the other attractions and we did batik coloring at Pasar Seni too.

I also finally checked out Gyomu Super, the newest and apparently most affordable Japanese grocer in town. Bought quite a number of foodstuff which I used to prep my work bento for a week in January! The other firsts of the year is getting a deep body massage at Urban Retreat. It was quite an experienced!

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