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Friday 31 March 2023

more weekend vlogging~ let me introduce you to the bestest croffles ever

Hi! The first quarter of the year has been quite hectic because life happens! Here are some of the things I've been up to and places I've been~ 

I revisited Degree Coffee, a cozy cafe in Kedai KL which IMO serves the best croffle. I brought along a friend and she approves of the this! This time I tried their drinks topped with dalgona which compliments the drink. LOVE the dalgona lots!). Then we visited another pop up bazaar at KL Gateway Mall and shopped some more hahaha.

Wednesday 9 November 2022

mini staycation in Penang & balik kampung


  Just last month I did another trip back to home sweet home with the fam~ We also did a mini staycation in Penang in Sunway Hotel Georgetown just so we can spend more time in the island. 

Some other spots we visited include the Penang Bird Park, Batu Feringghi, Esplanade, the Aquarium, and Botanical Garden (my fav place!). Expect tons of food shots 😋

Sunday 8 May 2022

Chinatown Kuala Lumpur: a walk through time

Hello y'all! I'm back with not one but two videos this time round! These were actually taken on the same weekend but I split them as they were getting quite lengthy! In the first part, I bring you together with me to Kafei Dian and Fung Wong. Then to what I did on my weekend that is hanging out with the fam and mostly playing with the cats~

The second part of my video highlights REXKL, an old cinema given a makeover and now houses an array of cafes, shops, exhibition area and bookstores. 

The refurbished building has been reopen to public since 2019 but probably due to the pandemic, I didn't hear much of it until recently! I love the old school aesthetics they have implemented in almost every corner of the building. It brings back memories of my childhood days when movie theaters look just like that and still uses rolled film projectors. 

The BookXCess bookstore being the main attraction with its unique and insta-worthy interior! And I thought the branch in MyTown Cheras (checkout my video on MyTown Cheras' BookXCess here) was impressive already, this one was equally as impressive! It's any booklovers' romantic rendezvous *swoon*

Saturday 23 April 2022

Instax Share SP-3 | polaroid printing spree & framing my prints


Hello! I have been on a printing spree with my Instax Share SP-3 which I am super loving! 

I kept my prints in a box while trying to figure the best way to put them on display and I finally figured how. For my mini project, I bought IKEA KNOPPANG &HOVSTA frames besides an album from Shopee. So far, I'm liking them this way~

This video was initially posted early this week but while clearing my phone I noticed I forgot to include some videos. This is what happened when I have too many contents still pending to be shared! I thought it would be a waste to not include them so I re-edited *cries*

Thursday 9 December 2021

my minimal wfh desk setup

Hi y'all! I'm back with another video, this time sharing (mainly) my new hauls from IKEA and a reveal of my wfh office desk setup! My desk has changed a bit since the start of the pandemic. Mostly I have been minimalizing and not into too many decor items because I don't like the cluttered feel.

One of the highlight is my new office chair. I have been considering of getting one since last year when there were no sign of the lockdown ending soon. Also, the brand I was eyeing is about RM400-ish which is why I contemplated. But the particular shop I saw online offers color customization so you can get more options than the usual black or blue office chairs. 

Then only a few weeks ago did I came across the FLINTAN chair while I was window-shopping and love it! Obviously a lot other people love it too it is out of stock. I was keeping an eye for it and ordered the same day I received the email notification that it is restock. It was a good idea because a few days later the site shows that the Flintan chair is once again low in stock in the IKEA branches around Klang Valley. 

I bought online because I thought it'll be more troublesome to get it on my own. Together with the other item I ordered, the parcel is about 20kg yikes!

So far, I've only use this chair for less than a week but have been loving it! Mostly because of how aesthetic it looks without making my room feels like a work-work office. I need the workplace separation feel. The other reason is because it is way-y-y more comfortable than my stool (also from IKEA) that obviously isn't made to sit on for too long hours! My legs and back aches have suddenly been relieved like OMG should have gotten a chair earlier.


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