Monday 22 October 2018

#throwback my Cameron Highlands photobook

You probably heard me mentioned that I have gotten myself a DSLR and in my Cameron Highlands trip, my bestie who is into cameras helped me took the photos. That's why this is my first trip where I have someone took so many photos for me HAHAHAHAHA. He is also working on portrait photography so was happy he has a model but this model can't pose one. Sigh.

Decided it'll be a waste if I don't share it so I made this post dedicated for photos only. If you prefer to read about my experience in Cameron Highlands, check out my 2D1N Cameron Highlands post. You may also find it useful when planning for a trip there *wink*

Saturday 20 October 2018

Self-dye my hair again: a Herbatint Permanent HairColor Gel in M5 Light Mahogany Review

While I was window-shopping, I discovered Herbatint's Permanent HairColor Gel by chance at one of BMS Organic's pop up store. I rarely step foot inside BMS Organic so was not aware they carry hair care range. Pretty interesting. Out of curiosity, I decided to give it a go and at the same time I want to look nice for a friend's wedding but did not want to spend in the saloon because I don't think it is worth it now with some part of my hair still bleached. Also 'cause dyes don't stay long on bleached hair, so troublesome!

At just RM70.75, this is slightly twice more expensive than Liese's Creamy Bubble Color but still affordable. I chose M5 Light Mahogany (Amazon), my favorite shade of reddish brown!

Only after I have purchased the box did I noticed they do not come with a brush! Apparently, there is a separate Herbatint Kit which consists of a reusable cape, bowl and brush which BMS Organic doesn't distribute.. Off I went searching in every Daiso, Yubiso, Watsons, Guardians before finding one at Aeon Wellness. Who else can't find things especially when you need them?

It does comes with a pair of gloves attached to the back of the instructions.

 I started off with mixing the solutions into the bowl by sliding them off the brush. Initially, I used only half thinking that will be enough but obviously my hair is so long and thick I ended up needing to use the whole bottles. Those with shorter hair will find half enough to cover.

One hour later with the red jell-o dripped all over the floor and all over my hands, neck and forehead, I looked like I was ready for Halloween. No photos cause very uglylah.

The whole painting my own hair process took me about 40-45 minutes to apply the dye making sure I blasted the music to kill boredom. Then just chill reading manga for another approximately 40 minutes before washing it off. By then the dye has harden slightly and my hair felt ridiculously dry I can barely comb through. Took maybe 10 minutes to wash everything off before applying half sachet of shampoo (it's too much!) and the entire sachet of cream (this one not enoughlah). That all at least 2 hours.

I gotta mention bout the cream, which was the game changer! My hair went from course to soft again in seconds after application! Though since creams are only to be applied at the ends, only 2/3 of my hair felt smoother. To fix that, I finished off with massaging my new hair cream, Kosenze Professional's Ocean Miracle Spray from Hair Zone at RM69 all over my crown and my hair felt better again.

I know these days I have been spending a lot for my hair but that is because my hair is one of my biggest annoyance. They're course, unruly and everything! Rather than spending hundreds of ringgit _ which can cost up to RM400 to RM700 or more in a single visit doing one time treatment at saloons, I would rather spend RM300  or way less for products which can last me months!

So here is a pic I took in a rush right before getting into business! You'd notice I have three tones on my hair _ black, my last saloon-dyed mahogany shade and the bleached ends.

Second day after dyeing my hair

By the way, I will keep sharing my after-a-few-week/month photos in this section to update on how the color is holding up after a while. If you are interested to try Herbatint's Permanent HairColor Gel, you can KIV this post for reference. Otherwise, I will try to update on my almost-inactive Facebook Page as well.

{this section for updates}

One week later~ Trying to smile but I'm still awkward with selfie-taking so ignore the awkwardness

6th Dec 2018: Turns out they do sell the Royal Cream for Rm61.30 at BMS Organic! KIV-ing for future when my hair treatment runs out. Shampoo's Rm51.90 if you're wondering.


The Pros

You can divide the chemicals to use for two applications!
Contains organic ingredients
Can experiment with mix-and-matching colors (Say what?!)
Not as pungent as saloon's hair dyes or Liese's
Hair dye (or jell-o) slides easily
The Light Mahogany shade actually covers bleached hair
Color is permanent
Comes together with a sachet of shampoo and cream which smells so good. Plus, the cream is oh-so-amazing!

The Cons

Dyeing kit (cape, bowl and brush) except gloves is NOT included and unavailable in BMS Organic
May take some time to get the hang of it
I missed out some strands of hair
Applying the dye by yourself can be a messy affair!
Some hair fall because hair becomes so dry after dyeing
Extra post-treatment required

To summarize these, I can say the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I especially love how the color turned out though I wish they were lighter but I know it is because my original black hair. Maybe the color will tone done after some more washes. Process-wise, it was troublesome and I missed out some section of my hair but still achievable to apply the dye. If you are DIY-inept, just get your fam or girl pals to help!

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