Sunday 3 June 2018

Celebrating Homies' Birthday at Uncle Don's

Went for a mini birthday celebration at Uncle Don's yesterday because the birthday dude wanted to try the place. So off we went~!

Selfie with my DSLR while waiting for the other pals to arrive. Gahh I will need a wider lend!

Since it has been a while since I last drank, decided to order the Red wine sangria. Mojito's still my personal favorite, the red wine is strong for my liking.

Mah mains _German Pork Chop with mushroom sauce.

Pal's pork burger and aglio olio pasta (I supposed).

Spicy pork pizza for sharing, yum! Apparently the Chef's Pizza is highly recommended too.

 All the other drinks, so colorful!

At the end of our meals, suddenly staffs of Uncle Don started singing "Happy Birthday" super loudly, it turned out our friend has managed to get the birthday dude a cake after all. Nobody was expecting it so you have to say this is one successful birthday surprise WTH. I wasn't even ready with my camera! Thankfully, I managed to get some great shots.

This is my slice of cake for the night. I don't know how my spoon got underneath the cake, it was hilarious! Oh and the strawberry? I called it discriminatory strawberry because my gal pal who was distributing the cake be like, "Strawberry's for girls, boys take blueberries!" laugh die us.

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