Friday 29 June 2018

i attended an Indian wedding for the first time!

Last weekend ago, I had the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding where I was invited to both the temple ceremony and the dinner reception. I was super excited to attend because I've never been to one! I ended up only attending the ceremony in Sri Maha Mariamman Midland's temple since the dinner reception falls on a Sunday and was to be held in Cameron Highlands which was not convenient since I'm to be back to work the next day! Too bad, really!

I was super excited until reality sets in. I have no idea what an Indian wedding is like! Being the sua pak kau (Hokkien phrase that means being ignorant), I looked it up. Thankfully these days we have Google and with simple search, you'll get tons of result. When I shared it with my (Chinese) friends, they were like, "What? They actually have a guide for Indian Weddings?" LOL!!! Apparently I was the only one who did my homework...  Oklah, to be fair I did Whatsapp the friend who invited me and asked what to expect. She was like, "all my Chinese friends ask the same thing!" HAHAHAHA!

Totally appreciate the thoughtful invitation from my university mate, Kalai! And totally loving her saree~!

For that day, I woke up super early to get ready and head out to Section 7 of Shah Alam. Intermission, I read up that in temples, guests ought to cover up a bit so I went to the length and bought a maxi dress and a shawl just a week prior to the event. I posted about my outfits that day in an earlier post.

Initially, I thought this was a small and intimate sessions among family members and close buddies but the crowd quickly grow! Every ladies were in their finest, most colorful sarees and flowers in their hairs, everyone's so pretty!!!

My friend saw one Chinese lady dressed up in saree and remarked that I should have come dressed up that way. Turned out she's part of team bridesmaids HAHAHAHA. I definitely would love trying out one saree one day cause it's not like you get that many chances, at least for melah. Perhaps next time! I told Kalai I'll be totally looking forward to her wedding next!

Not too long later, the mini procession begin before the bride made her entrance. She looked so pretty!!!! Okay, what happened after that went pretty vague for me... Between moments of awe and curiosity, I took plenty of photos. Hopefully when I go visit them again, they can explain to me what was going on HAHAHAHA. I'm shameless!

Anyway, I'll let the photos do the talking. Tell me if you're like woahhh like I was!

So many things are going on in this photo!

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