Sunday 27 October 2013

Bon Appetit~!

(added more pics 3rd Nov 2013)

Have you (Malaysians-lah) had French cuisine before? I haven't until 2 days ago! Suddenly the sachou decided he wanted to try and brought us all along for another company dinner!  So we had a 5-course French cuisine at La Vien En Rose, a French restaurant at the heart of KL ohlala~ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ

2013-10-26 17.59.17

2013-10-26 18.03.46

Other photos taken from a colleague's hp taken by le me or colleague~

For starters, we had this super flavorful lobster soup.。.:*☆


... with bread.


For my second meal, I chose foie gras. Very creamy but foreign to me.

Later that night I kinda felt bad for it. I mean.. the poor goose was force fed for its liver!

(;へ:)No more foie gras for me.


My other colleagues chose escargot and potato salad. I got to try some ohohoho. Awesome stuff!! Never knew snails can taste so nice. I know it may sound disgusting but really, gotta try them!




(The two photos above taken by a colleague. So pretty!!)

In between meals we drank red wine:))

2013-10-26 18.46.55

Kampai!! lolol


Third course_errr petuna tuna? I don't remember what's it called already :/



With mashed potato and beans with carrot and smoked duck as sides.


Cheese platter next~ With bread and red wine of course!




Was so stuffed by then already but there's always an extra space for dessert, like usual (⌒▽⌒)~❤


Just realize this photo resembles a weird-looking face LOLOL

That's all for nau~ Gochisousama deshita~!


Sunday 13 October 2013

Food @ Semenyih

2 weeks back my parents came over to KL and together we went to have dinner at Semenyih. So here's just some foodporn from that day~

I forgot to bring my cam along and used my hp so the photos are crapped (>д<)

But I assure you they're awesome, affordable stuff I don't seem to find anywhere near my place... Some more it's going to be a while before I can eat proper home-cooked style food (;へ:) It's takeout most of the time cuz I'm sick of my own cooking *sigh*

Sliced pork with salted fish~


 Steamed fish_yummy stuff!


 Sizzling Japanese tofu hot pot~



ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺSo stuffed on that day LOL

And so after that, I was driving happily back home but almost ran over a dude (-___-;)

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't speeding! In fact, I was sorta driving at snail-phased (alright, walking-phaselah) because we were driving through really narrow lanes. And this dude was not paying attention because he was checking out his phone after getting off his car...(so-o NOT advisable to do that, peeps!)

So when he noticed us, got a shock, collected himself and made a i-got-hit-by-a-car pose_hands up with weird facial expression(think Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out at the opening of her show at the recent VMA).

What's more, he did that TWICE before walking off laughing! By then we're laughing so hard in our seats already ROLF. Awesome dude.

So yeah, it was a good day (⌒▽⌒)~♪

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