Thursday 30 December 2021

Instax Share SP-3 unboxing & printing


Hi y'all~~~

Unboxing and testing out the Instax Share SP-3 in this video. This was shot months ago but I finally take some time to put them together ( ^ __ ^ ;) You may have seen some of the earlier shots I posted months ago already showing some photos I've printed and all. 

I had planned to post this last weekend and then several other videos but then plans changed. Glad to have this up now. Hope you like it~!!

Wednesday 22 December 2021

i explored Zhongshan Building & went flower shopping at Lee Wah Florist in Pasar Seni


This is a slightly delayed blog posting because I forgot to write (and then procrastinated for a bit) after I had posted the video on my channel.

I've been in the mood to check out new places after a long period of 'hibernation' at home. Following SOP of course! My adventure brinds me to Zhongshan Building, a bucket list I can finally checked out. There I chilled at Tommy Le Baker before heading back to Pasar Seni for some jalan-jalan and flower shopping at Lee Wah Florist. 

All locations in the video are walking distance from either Pasar Seni LRT/MRT or the Maharajalela Monorail.

Sunday 12 December 2021

EP18 DonDonDonki 🇲🇾 online grocery hauls, #whatieat & takeaway from Aroma Johor


Hello! Here's another compilation of #whatieat the past weeks. I ordered some groceries from DonDonDonki via Shopee including a bundle pack (Quite a bargain!). I used some of these to prepare the food in this video besides other foodstuff I got. 

I was also craving for good Malay food, particularly sotong bakar and came across a shop called Aroma Selera Johor that does home delivery around the Klang Valley. They have limited options but good enough to fulfill my cravings. I also tried this pari (stingray) asam pedas and love it! 

Thursday 9 December 2021

my minimal wfh desk setup

Hi y'all! I'm back with another video, this time sharing (mainly) my new hauls from IKEA and a reveal of my wfh office desk setup! My desk has changed a bit since the start of the pandemic. Mostly I have been minimalizing and not into too many decor items because I don't like the cluttered feel.

One of the highlight is my new office chair. I have been considering of getting one since last year when there were no sign of the lockdown ending soon. Also, the brand I was eyeing is about RM400-ish which is why I contemplated. But the particular shop I saw online offers color customization so you can get more options than the usual black or blue office chairs. 

Then only a few weeks ago did I came across the FLINTAN chair while I was window-shopping and love it! Obviously a lot other people love it too it is out of stock. I was keeping an eye for it and ordered the same day I received the email notification that it is restock. It was a good idea because a few days later the site shows that the Flintan chair is once again low in stock in the IKEA branches around Klang Valley. 

I bought online because I thought it'll be more troublesome to get it on my own. Together with the other item I ordered, the parcel is about 20kg yikes!

So far, I've only use this chair for less than a week but have been loving it! Mostly because of how aesthetic it looks without making my room feels like a work-work office. I need the workplace separation feel. The other reason is because it is way-y-y more comfortable than my stool (also from IKEA) that obviously isn't made to sit on for too long hours! My legs and back aches have suddenly been relieved like OMG should have gotten a chair earlier.


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Tuesday 7 December 2021

updated beauty routine: Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In & Aiken Tea Tree Oil


Recently I went to restock on my cleanser and tea tree oil which have ran out. Instead of the usual brands I decided to get the Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In cleanser and Aiken Tea Tree Oil, both of which were on sale. 

I remember trying Perfect Whip (the original blue one) cleanser a few years back and love it. But then the sales was discontinued for a while and it's only in the recent years I see the brand again. Wanted to try all this time but with so-o-o many options these days it took me awhile to return to it. These days there are more options under the brand lineup so I opted for the Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In.

The Aiken Tea Tree Oil was just a random brand, we don't really have many options of tea tree oil in the local pharmacies. Prior to this, I bought one brand which name I've forgotten and has the best natural scent. It appears to be discontinued probably because of the slightly higher price range. Aiken's one is not bad IMO.

IDK which one but my skin's been amazing with my recent routine. There were days I don't see any many mini zits so these combination is amazing for my skin!

If you recalled, I bought several of The Ordinary's products a few months back. I started using the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and the Retinol 1% in Squalane every alternate days and the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution once a week but the whole routine made my skin become very dry & breaking out. It isn't like a very bad breakout but I'll have 1-3 really huge zits. I though it's what they refer to as "purging" of the skin but then they're not in the usual spots where I'd get acnes. While they do recover (took longer than normal acnes), they're kinda horrible. Thankfully for WFH and mask to cover up!

My lips also became very chapped and that lasted even after I stopped using. I tried drinking lots of water but it does nothing to fix the lips so I went out to get a lip balm...

Yes, I kinda stopped The Ordinary routine for two whole months and during this time don't get any huge, ugly zits. That's one of the reason you haven't hear me write about them! 

I had high hopes for The Ordinary because of all the hype they've been getting but they'd probably take a while longer to show results with the frequency I'm using them. For now, I'm slowly trying to reintroduce them back, applying 1-2 times a week (mostly once) but then it hasn't been consistent. Though I do think this way is better and I don't get much troubled skin with it. Fingers crossed I'd see result!

Saturday 4 December 2021

exploring Kebun Kebun Bangsar & Brickfields KL | a weekend with me

Last month (yes, the videos have been left unedited for that long because life happens) I decided that I needed some time outdoors and that I wanted to check out the list of places I have yet to explore before. I know, I've been around KL for almost a decade but there are so many places to check out. Even more now! Also, I've been feeling really stuck and try to be open with the endemic idea. Though now we have Omicron OMG so plans may change. Again.

I decided to check out Kebun Kebun Bangsar, located not too far from the city center yet good enough to supply me with a dose of nature. I love the place! Mainly because I didn't have to travel very far to be close to nature and animals, which is something I really am looking forward to doing more. Suddenly I'm done with too much urban lifestyle. I still love the convenience of living in the city and that it is a very lively spot but Covid19 happened.

Here's a vlog I made while exploring KKB and Brickfields. Yeah, I also went to Little India since it is quite close by. I've hung around KL Sentral a lot but somehow never cross my mind to explore Bricksfield. Somehow the timing is right as it was the weekend just before Deepavali and so there were much more festivities and that's really nice! Thankfully it isn't super packed. I'm sure it would be if people aren't still wary with the whole Covid19 situation.

Tell me if you've been to these place yourself! I actually have a list of places and things I want to do around Kuala Lumpur. If you know anywhere fun, tell me and I may include them in my bucket list!

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