Saturday 28 January 2023

Hello 2023!

Hi! This is my first video of 2023~

Videos were taken early this month but life got hectic in preparation for the early CNY and then I bummed around so expect catchup videos soon (〃´∀`) 

Friends and I have Christmas-turned-new-year catchup so we went cafe-hopping in Petaling Street. The cafes we visited are called Merchant's Lane and Flaon. I showed them around the other attractions and we did batik coloring at Pasar Seni too.

I also finally checked out Gyomu Super, the newest and apparently most affordable Japanese grocer in town. Bought quite a number of foodstuff which I used to prep my work bento for a week in January! The other firsts of the year is getting a deep body massage at Urban Retreat. It was quite an experienced!

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