Sunday 5 February 2017

Food Adventure at Bukit Bintang: Feeka Coffee Roasters, Vivo Pizza & An Arabic Cuisine Restaurant

My first destination, Feeka Coffee Roasters! I have not been to this cafe in a year or so. It's just less than 10 minutes walking distance from Bukit Bintang monorail station, right behind Jalan Alor and Chiangkat. Got there for morning coffee and to takeaway cakes for my friends' mini birthday celebrations.

Our meetup point is at Berjaya Times Square's Vivo Pizza. Initially, I suggested Kikuzakura but only found out it was closed... That was my favorite Japanese restaurant, they're now moved to Mid Valley. Vivo Pizza was a random restaurant we decided on because we were hungry hahahah. Turned out they serve really amazing pizzas! 

We ordered Smoked Salmon pizza and All Around the World, both about RM75 for 11 inches pizzas. Both are amazing but salmon lovers, you'd totally love the former!!

We sang a happy birthday and dug into the cakes (Salted caramel nuts and Japanese cheese cake slices) while waiting for our food to arrive LOL

After stuffing ourselves, we chatted and took plenty of instax (with the help of Vivo Pizza's amazing staffs)! These are some of them, now sitting in my ever growing collection. Ok, I have about 30 now, that's 3 cartridges in just over two months (>v<)

After two of them left, it was Ben and I who took our time exploring the newly renovated Isetan, window-shopping then checking out Chiangkat & Jalan Alor before deciding on a place to have dinner. I even showed him where I got my coffee and cake hahahaha. There are just so, so many restaurants and cafes we have yet to explored, yet we have so little chances and tummy capacity wth to try them all!

Break at ChaTime!

We chose Arabic between Vietnamese, Chinese, Thailand and Arabic, so many choices! 

Had super filling meal! We ordered fatoush salad (RM8) which is hands down, the yummiest appetizer ever (so's all Arabic/Pakistani-style salads) and  mixed grilled meat platter (RM36) that comes with naans, so yummy, I would SUPER RECOMMEND this place!! 

Unfortunately, I don't remember the place name (or how to read the logo).....


At Isetan, we found tons of interesting imported Japanese crafts, fashion and even a humongous coloring board. You bet we demonstrated our creativity and 'helped' color.

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