Saturday 31 January 2015

MY FIRST VLOG! January 2015 Collective Hauls


Yes, as this title has obviously pointed out, today I'm publishing my first ever vlog!

Decided to make a video of me showing off sharing with you my hauls for the month before I forget about them. I'll eventually post them in my OOTD post lah but that usually takes a while to put together because I usually put what I bought aside until I find some accessories to match them together with.

But making a video is oh so-o time consuming. I actually made the video last weekend but Day 1 was just me wasting my time which just shows how unprepared I was. But then also I was not feeling so well with headache and me shivering all day because it was so chilly! I seem to get the chill easily these days... The complete video was taken on Day 2 and that took me a few hours just for this 5-minute video OMG

I'm seeing newscasters/actors/actresses/vlog-ers in a whole new light *salute*

After I finished editing and all, it took me a whole week to figure out how to get the video saved 'cuz every time I attempted to do that, iMovie stopped responding (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Yesterday alone I rebooted my lappie half a dozen times.


This is my first vlog, so please go easy on me. I know it probably isn't the best one out there and personally, just from reviewing the video I find it super embarrassing to see myself and I have many second thoughts of not posting the video (╯_╰”) I may need more practice to get over the awkwardness of being in front of the camera.

Moreover, the quality of the camera may not be the bestlah. I just took it using my Macbook's camera straight into iMovie.

Alrighty, ramblings aside, here goes nothing somethingreallybigforme





Alright... now that you've seen my video, please share with me what you think about it.

Do you like my hauls? Do I look awkward? What can I do to improve it?

Saturday 17 January 2015

2014 OOTD

Hello~! (*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Putting together my OOTD shots from last year, like finally.

#1 SEED lace-detail camisole, Scarlet knit skirt and (old) NOSE handbag

OOTD: #SEED Lace Camisole, #Scarlet knit skirt and #NOSE handbag

I was looking to get myself a knit skirt when I found this. This skirt also has a matching top to match but I didn't quite like it so I just go for the skirt. It comes in another checkered pattern too, seee ⇓

#Scarlet knit skirts

#2 Nichii lace dress with belt

OOTD: #Nichii lace dress with belt

#3 Factorie oatmeal basic tee _which I got for a super good bargain at RM15!!! And quality so good OMG _ that I mix and match with my skirt and cardigan blazer.

OOTD: #Factorie basic tee, #Uniqlo blazer & #Zalora skirt

#4 Stacked rings (forgot where I got from). Really want more of these sort of dainty rings including midi rings, they're so-o cute!! #NotAnOOTD LOL

stacked rings

Next two photos are not something I got for myself. I sorta camwhored at H&M while waiting for my friend. Oh well, still OOTD pics.. XP

#5 H&M nude color dress

OOTD: #H&M Dress

#6 H&M Navy stripped top and khaki shorts with ribbon belt

OOTD: #H&M stripped Top & khaki shorts with ribbon belt

#7 Just some random mix and match with stuff in my wardrobe_ (old) Bershka quote tee, (old) Nichii royal blue skirt and SEED stud-detailed belt.

Really love this coordinate which sorta came up in a flash that day. Until then, didn't thought much about wearing my work skirt with my casual tees (*´∀`*)

OOTD: #Bershka tee, #Nichii skirt & #SEED belt

#8 Another mix and match look_ (old) navy cotton jacket, Vero Moda/Zalora mode tshirt, SEED white shorts, Alfio Raldo/Zalora quilted backpack and VINCI nude pumps.

OOTD: Boutique navy jacket, #VeroModa #Zalora tee, #Alfio Rado #Zalora quilted bagpack, #SEED white shorts & #VINCI nude pumps

#9 Something Borrowed/Zalora floral print halter neck dress with Bershka cardigan and Aldo sneakers

OOTD: #SomethingBorrowed #Zalora Dress, #Bershka cardigan & #Aldo sneakers


That's pretty much most of them~ Here's something recent:

#10 SEED Embellished Collar top, #Zalora handbag with (old) floral skirt

OOTD: #SEED collar embellished top, #Zalora skirt & #Zalora handbag

Yesterday I went shopping again and just got a few more pieces of clothing from Padini Concept Store at Pavillion yayyyy~!! o(≧▽≦)o  Can't wait to share my hauls with you soon!



Sunday 4 January 2015

Happy 2015!

Konbanwa~ Long time no blog and before I catch up with ramblings of whatever I've been up to, firstly

Akemashite omedetou~~!!

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year! Thanks for supporting my blog all this time, and please be nice to me this year too ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


So yes, back to the catching up bits! I've been on a long blogging hiatus, yet again. Gomen ne! Things have been getting a bit occupied in the past months and the rest of my 2014 been about prioritize work and studies. Especially more last month since I had class test and JLPT exam one after another and twinnie was like, "every week also exam?".

Really salute bloggers who can juggle between work life with whatevertheyredoinginlifeifnotstudies and still can find time to blog frequently at the same time *salute*

I think 2015 will probably be seeing me MIA-ing from time to time since I will be keeping up with classes and JLPT exams. Though I must admit I am guilty for pig-ing away when I did get some study break. Did a TV marathon and watched the entire 4 seasons of fairy tales, which I just completed and that's why I got time to blog WTH

I also started gardening and failing _ though not completely_at that. Okla, I didn't have any plans to garden just thought of putting a potted plant in my office cubicle to cheer the place up but that didn't happen because I didn't want to leave it unwatered on the weekends. Still, I got lazy to water it at home sometimes but still buy another pot because one seems a bit lonely... But no more, no more!

Not sure how my mom can be so patient taking care of her garden for over a decade.

Or takes care of 3 children for over 20 years. Errr.. ( =__=; ) 

... Thank you mommy (and daddy!).

There, meet my somewhat healthy growing shrubs. Something extra grew together with shrub no.2 but decided against plucking it off. Just do your part in absorbing the CO2, okayy.

Readers, meet shrubs. Shrubs, readers.

The one other thing that is growing VERY healthily is my wardrobe hahahahaha. You can check out the OOTDs I've posted on my Instagram, else sometimes I compile them together and upload here on my blog too.

I still haven't compile the last from 2014 but I'll do that pretty soon before start to post other new OOTDs. Bought several dresses/tops but I didn't post because I can't find accessories to complete the look. So they're now just hanging in the wardrobe for my admiring purpose.

Not that I mind at all *turns to wardrobe, nod nod*

Getting pretty late already so signing off now with new year selfie in my favorite corner of the room (where my wardrobe is LOL)


Chao~!ヽ(*´∀`* ,)

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