Thursday 14 June 2018

Exploring Shah Alam Botanic Garden, Laman Seni 7 & SS2 Murni Restaurant

It's Raya, people! For that, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends and readers a Selamat Hari Raya! Today's ramblings is on my recent visit to the Shah Alam Botanic Garden the art back street, Laman Seni 7. While my friends and I were there for a walk, I also took some opportunity to snap some photos for my couple friends. Thought I should at least utilize my baby (my new, second hand DSLR) LOL

We were checking out the little pony when out of nowhere, a hog ran out and past us. Gave us quite a shock. Kinda scary because hogs are capable of inflicting serious injuries even death if they feel threathened. Thankfully, this one just ran away. When we took the same route later, we found the same hog eating the pony's food

We didn't go further because it was getting dark and we were tired from all the walking! The furthest point is a 3.5km walk from the animal park and while we really want to explore more. We were there during the fasting month so the services in the parks such as the buggy services are unavailable.

I love parks so would definitely recommend this place to y'all. It's a great place for families and there are a lot of things to explore for a mere fee of RM3 per person! There are replicas of traditional tree houses, pretty gazebos, an animal park, a lotus pond and so forth. I strongly think this Botanic Garden should also be promoted as a sightseeing spot for tourists! The only problem is getting there may be a problem without any public transportation and it can get really pricey (approximately RM30, might be higher on peak hours) to Uber/Grab all the way to Shah Alam unless you're in a group.

Our next stop is Laman Seni 7, just about 10 minutes drive away. Our initial plan was to go to iCity too, since it has been years since I was last there and my Indonesian friends have never been there. However, the iCity's site is so confusing we didn't know if the entrance fees are for one person or a group! When I was there years ago, I only needed to pay the group entrance-cum-car park fees.

We didn't stay long because the sun has set. Before we left, I took the opportunity to try snapping photos with my LED string lights ala Brandon Woefle. Took me a few trials before I got the hang of it. Here is one of my favorite pic (⌒o⌒)


For dinner, we decided to head back to PJ to have our dinner at SS2 Murni Restaurant, a mamak famous for its fusion, modern menu and generous portion of meals.

My mee raja tomyam.

My friend's mee raja biasa.

Mee goreng mamak served with chicken maryland and fries.

Add on roti cheese.

Butter chicken rice served with fries and keropok.

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