Wednesday 16 September 2015

Watsons New 2015 Range Face Masks Review

Sharing with you one of the brand of sheet masks I usually use which is from Watsons! A box of 5 cost RM29.50 but I tend to stock up when there is promo and I bought this during a buy 1 free 1. Even without discount, they are still consider quite affordable.

I think its sometime early this year that Watsons decided to give an overhaul and thus came out with this whole new range of masks! They're also giving their packaging a fresh look and I'm definitely loving the new water-colored style!

Check out the whole range here ↓

Another point, the new range key ingredients are mostly fruits/vegetables extracts while the previous ones are made up of fruits extracts and flower power. I don't have one from each of the latest and old range but here are the ones from my stash for comparison. (Recently bought the Witch Hazel & Lemon Water one.)

What do you think of their new look?

Getting back to Watsons' latest array of masks, there are a total of 6 different options targeting the different skin problems yet at the same time, ALL have moisturizing effect:

Cucumber Juice for Refreshing & Moisturizing

Aloe Vera Juice for Radiant & Moisturizing

Lycopene (Tomato) for Energizing & Moisturizing

Mixed Berry Extract for Antioxidant & Moisturizing

Camu Camu Fruit Extract for Whitening & Moisturizing

Witch Hazel & Lemon Water for Oil Control & Moisturizing

For the new range, so far, I have only tried the lycopene (tomato) and aloe vera juice and the moisturizing effects are super evident!!

On the other hand, I don't quite like how the sheets are quite thick but they fit nicely and it keeps the essence in place so it is not too huge of an issue for me. No worries about messing your place up!

Just the other day, I bought the Witch Hazel & Lemon Water masks when I was stocking up on some of Watsons' body care. Going to give it a try to see whether it works well on my oily (combination type) skin.

And while I was still drafting this post, I noticed Watsons just came up with yet a separate range of masks made with Tencel Masks (I'm guessing they're referring to the thinner and better fit masks sheets) from apple, brown rice, ginseng, double HA, olive and even black pearl! They look equally appealing I'm tempted to try after I finish my masks stock.

Anyone else tried these mask yet (both the ones I reviewed and Watsons' Tencel range masks)?

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