Saturday 24 July 2021

Beauty Products Hauls | restocking skincare (The Ordinary, Hada Labo) & more hair dyes 🤐


Links to all the items which I shared in this video are as below:

1. The Ordinary 1% Retinol in Squalane  ShopeeMY

2. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%  ShopeeMY

3. The Ordinary Peeling Solution  ShopeeMY

4. HadaLabo Hydrating Perfect Jelly  ShopeeMY 

5. eZn Creamy Hair Bleach  ShopeeMY

6. Hello Bubble Whale Deep Blue  ShopeeMY

7. Vijude Hair Color Cream in Smoky Ash Blue  ShopeeMY

8. ARTIZTA Linseed Restructuring Hair Lotion  ShopeeMY Link 1, Link 2, or Link 3

9.  ARTIZTA Soothing Infusion Pre-Chemical Hair Treatment  ShopeeMY

Sunday 11 July 2021

Mise En Scene Hello Bubble in Whale Deep Blue & Dusty Ash Review


Hello Bubble Blackpink

Early this year, I ordered several shades of DIY box dyes brand called Mise en scene x Blackpink Hello Bubble. This usually retails in the local pharmacy at RM49 but I found retailers at more affordable prices on ShopeeMY, at RM26-29 per box! Some of the colors that caught my eyes from the are Whale Deep Blue,  Dusty Ash, Mermaid Green and Metallic Ash. I also love the warm brown shades rocked by Jennie in Dark Choco and Choco Brown but these are shades of browns I had tried. I wanted something different this year!

I also found out there is two other range of Mise en scene x Blackpink called Hello Cream (Shopee MY) and Perfect Color (Shopee MY), both focuses on very pretty, natural, otona color shades. I had tried 9N Sand Gold from the Perfect Color range. You can read about it or watch the review here.

For this round, I decided to mix BOTH Whale Deep Blue and Dusty Ash. I have came across a TikToker who does that and love the result therefore I'm trying to emulate it LOL. Here is my video of me doing so:

Verdict? As you can see in the video, mine turn up a dark green. In fact, it is very similar to what's shown on Hello Bubble's Mermaid Green box! I suspect it's because my hair is orange and not yellow like the girl's in the TikTok video. Perhaps if I have toned my hair the color will turn out blue? While the color seem to compliment my skin tone, I don't think green is my shade WOOPS. Just me lah. I did get compliment on it.

The color is really vibrant and pretty IRL. HOWEVER! Very oddly, photos or videos don't do them justice! Several online reviewers share the same comments so I don't think it's just me. This is also a semi-permanent dye and lasted well over a month. I had thought like most colors other than brown shades, it'll probably be completely gone in two weeks but nope!

At present, they've lightened to ash green and I'm already noticing few sections of bleached hair visible. Still, it will probably be another week or so before they're completely gone (I think!) and I can move over to trying another shade.

Putting those aside, I find this brand is becoming a favorite. It's easy and not as time & energy consuming to apply. Of the many types of DIY hair dyes I have tried, I always love bubble dyes because they're less cumbersome and gives a much even result. I think Liese has found its competition! But yes, it does get all over my arms and face but they are easy to wash off. Hair dye brands usually changes their lineups every now and then but really wishing they could make some colors permanent! Hopefully, Mise En Scene comes out with more ashy colors too!

Monday 5 July 2021

Shopee 6.6 Stationeries Hauls


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