Wednesday 29 February 2012

Just a lil' break~: Skinlite Re-energizing Green Tea Mask Review

Things been hectic here and I'm always up and running so much that I didn't have time for my beauty routine. And now I'm sick.....(,T^T,)

Took some time off to rest and put on 2 masks just now.

So I chose Skinlite Re-energizing Green Tea Mask in hope it'll work but I guess it didn't work as much as I hope it would... Dang fever.

Here's how this mask looks like

It has this gooey, sticky sort of texture and really mild fragrance.

While I love how it feels on my skin, washing it off can be such a chore. When I first started using this mask, I kinda overlooked the "wash off with warm water" instruction and took me a while to get it off.

By the way, if you're wondering why I'm using 2 masks here, you can check out my previous post here. Should have a more detailed review about the 2 masks mentioned above too ^^

Saturday 25 February 2012

Makan trip with bro(Part III)

Lunch at a newly opened fish head noodles kopitiam(I forgot the name) in Semenyih town. We've been wanting to try the fish head noodles here since a number of friends had recommended this place. So I actually implored my housemates to wait till my bro comes down for a visit before trying it out. Went there like 2 days ago(?)

I decided on... fish head noodles-lah. No prizes for guessing it right ;P

This one's my bro's_fish head noodles cooked with XO. I think it's either Chinese wine or other cooking wine... Bro's face literally turned red eating this. LOL. He can't take alcohol without having his face turn red.

In the photo below_ 2 pairs of chopsticks. That's my friend messing around while I was trying to take a shot.

The verdict? So-so only. I've tried better ones from my hometown. And this one cost us a bomb! Mine was like RM7-sth already. I think my bro's RM10 or so? Can't remember.

~ ♥ ~

7 Wonders Restaurant who's famous for their home made ramen which was also featured by local food review channel, Ho Chiak! They serve Japanese food with a mixture of local flavors.

Here's my bro's and my all time favorite_Malak Ramen. 'Malak' means spicy, thus explains the thick, reddish gravy which I think, looks like a volcano lava. And yeah, it's as spicy as it looks. If you're a fan of spicy food, this is so-o-o for you. My bro calls this ramen legendary. LOL.

And no, his face didn't turn red at all from eating this. He even finished the entire bowl!

Once again, I've decided to try something different since I actually had Malak Ramen the last time(the week before this trip) with my housemate already. Yeah, I love the ramen!! So walaaa~ Black pepper udon! It tastes awesome! My brother loves this as much and kept eating off my plate.

Celaka!  ''(,=.=,')'

After dinner, we dropped by another restaurant right opposite 7 Wonders to grab some Taiwan(I reckon) dessert.

Mine's err... lotus seeds-white fungus-something. It's sweet and just nice~

Ginger-sweet potatoes-something dessert. Gahhh!! I forgot the names already!! Gomen ne! (,>.<,)

This one tasted ginger-ly kinda spicy. Not a bad choice but my bro decided to down what's left of mine after finishing his.

Ps, Both the restaurants are just less than 10 minutes walking distance from Kajang KTM v(^v^),

Want more recommendation for good restaurants near Kajang KTM? See also 21st Century (club house-restaurant) for this post.

Dinner Tonite~

Something I cooked for dinner just now_brinjal chips~

I used to hate eating brinjals until my roomie introduced me this recipe. Got me and my other housemates hooked!

Mah nail design today

Something simple I designed using the FIMOs I've got recently~


Thursday 23 February 2012

Makan trip with bro(part II)

Okay. So the first photo isn't from a food trip with my bro. I simply stir fry the vege and had it with rice for lunch since I didn't want to waste them.

~ ♣ ~

Now this is the photos taken at 21st Century Club House/Restaurant(?!) in Kajang. Bro chose his all-time favorite Lamb Steak with Swiss Cheese

Me not so prepared to get mah photo taken (',>.<),

I chose chicken cheese randomly from the menu, for the sake of trying something new. Kinda regret a lil' for not getting my normal snack plate. LOL.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Books Haul

Using the 1Malaysia book voucher which I got weeks ago, my brother and I got these:

I chose 'It's Rising Time' by Kim Kiyosaki 'cuz I just love the idea of independent women. Yeah, gals power!! I actually wanted to get the book 'Rich Woman'(like forever!), also by Kim, but I just couldn't find it at all the major bookstores around KL *sigh* My second choice_ 'Everyone communicates, Few Connect' by John C. Maxwell, which had caught my attention for a while now. And my bro got the book on Robert Kiyosaki's 'Cashflow Quadrant'. He's pretty much interested in getting the board game after reading about it from 'Why We Want You to be Rich".

I only spent RM150 so which means I've still got the remaining RM50 + RM5 book voucher from MPH to spent. FYI, for every RM100 of 1Malaysia book voucher spent in MPH, you're entitled to get an additional MPH RM5 book voucher. Not bad, eh?

I'm so glad I've waited for a while before deciding to get them and so thankful they came up with the 1Malaysia book voucher program ,(OvO)v though I don't get why the hell some people just got them wasted on stationary...(,=.=!,) My housemates and I were whining about this. We want more books!!!

So can't wait to get started with all these! Gonna have to find time between assignments (,T^T,)

Monday 20 February 2012

Makan trip with bro (part I)

Introducing my bro to all the awesome food around my uni~ Here's something from the the night before yesterday and yesterday


Bro's supper last night: Square chicken-sth pizza from Buddyz Restaurant

~  ~

Lunch yesterday for the cafeteria's Arabian Corner. Mine cost a frigging RM10 (,>.<,'')

~  ~

Dinner's at Hokkaido Ichiban in The Gardens Mall! Awesome place!

Here's what we ordered~

My brother's choice~ tempura ebi with curry rice, which was not bad but I think the curry rice from the bento the Japanese Society in my uni made last year for the bento event was wayyyyy nicer. Too bad they didn't have tempura prawn ;P

And my choice!! Turkey ham with cheese okonomiyaki. I love okonomiyaki and this one taste really good~

And for dessert_ ice cream!! I recommended the Niagara Fall Sherbet(all time favourite) and Kuro Goma(Black Sesame) flavours!!

(,T~T,)   <-- brother crying tears of joy after trying the okonomiyaki and ice cream. ROFL!!


Sunday 19 February 2012

Polaroid photos~

Just this evening my sister dropped by to fetch my bro over at my place. She actually got herself an instax mini camera and she insisted on getting several photos. Here's how they look like~


OMG! Love her camera so much~!!

Me looking crappy in my comfy tshirt which reads "it's not cheating if no one knows". LOL. Just woke up from my afternoon nap. Been so tired lately from the lack of sleep in the past weeks. Been spending all day in the uni lab trying to get my project done. My research papers just keep piling up. Expecting to produce more results next week, hopefully (,QAQ,)

My bro will be spending some time with me for a couple of days(yayy!!) but he'll have to bear with me and spend the entire day in the lab~ Such a pity...,(TvT,) Will bring him to explore all the good places to eat in Semenyih. And of course, he's paying (,^v^)v

Saturday 18 February 2012

Natio Face Mask Purifier Review

I got myself this Natio Face Mask Purifier and some Skinlite wash-off mask at SaSa a couple of days ago while hanging out with my friend ♥♥ Price for a single tube of Natio's mask is RM37 but I got it on a discount for RM29-something.

[caption id="attachment_876" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Natio Face Mask Purifier[/caption]
I always love this particular deep cleansing mask from Natio though this is just my second tube. One tube can last for maybe 2-3 months depending on how often you use it. When I first got it I use it once every week but when it gets to busy I only use it once a fortnight.

So what's so awesome 'bout this clay mask?

It contains Kaolin Bentonite that supposedly deep cleanse your skin and absorbs impurities. Here's a clearer description which can be found at the back of the tube:



Natural purifying elements to gently yet thoroughly cleanse the skin while absorbing unwanted impurities. Balances surface oils, pH level and refines skin's texture for a youthful radiance. Tightens pores and smooth the complexion. Helps to prevent the appearance of blemishes. Promotes soft, clear and healthy-looking skin. Suitable for all skin type.


After thoroughly cleansing face and neck, apply a thin layer of mask, avoiding eye contour layer. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with luke warm water. Follow with your favourite Natio toner and moisturizer.


Hmm.. never noticed the "helps to prevent the appearance of blemishes" part before ,(>v<,)

This is how I use it:

I first start of with washing my face with normal cleanser and patting my face dry.

Then apply some on the back of my hand before applying them on my face. After that wait for 10-15 minutes, sometimes 20 for it to dry.

[caption id="attachment_866" align="aligncenter" width="490"] really watery kinda texture![/caption]
Wash off and pat face dry.

But wait! That's not all. I usually apply ANOTHER mask right after using Natio's clay mask. Since Natio's mask "thoroughly cleanse" our face, the skin gets to absorb other mask's ingredients better_means better results! So I usually apply an Aloe Vera mask or a green tea mask to sooth pimples or cucumber mask for a fresher look the following day. Or use Bio Oil to get rid of scars~ Anything~! Even homemade masks works as well!

[caption id="attachment_867" align="aligncenter" width="490"] The second mask of my choice SKINLITE's[/caption]
After my second mask, I notice some pimples and some area appeared pinkish~ And I realized some annoying blackheads are gone. Weeee~~ Even my face appeared less oily and shiny the next day! ,(^v^)v

More nail hauls~!

Some of my new stuff from past weeks~

And a whole bunch of FIMOs!!

And some more from another haul!

Friday 17 February 2012

Mah nails design today

After getting mah work done in the lab, took some time off to play with my new toys with my roomie~

Here's something I come up with using squarish round nail tips.

#Design 1

#Design 2

I really wanted to make this like forever with these tiny little beads! Just something simple since I was just doing a quick art. I've got gold ones as well. I shall share some more designs using these beads next time~! ,(^v^)v

Wednesday 15 February 2012

China Glaze Style Wars swatch

Got this color like a while ago and took forever to make this swatch. WTH. This is my first color(out of the 2) from China Glaze. When I put it on, I was like, OMG! Love it so much~! ♥

Initially I thought the brush is somewhat too thin and was worried it couldn't coat my nails evenly but it turned out pretty much the opposite.

Here's the swatch!

Here's one with the closest color to the real thing(below).

My camera wasn't behaving when I was doing this. I tried different lighting but it didn't give the results I want so check out this site: here, a more accurate color on Style Wars, in my opinion. Hope that helps!

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Mah Nails today~

Some of my nail hauls just arrived today~ This time it's rhinestones and some FIMO♥ Will post them sometime later. I was really expecting the brushes and other tools to arrive but they didn't :(

My housemates were like, "You got yourself V-day gifts? Forever alone-lah u".

They just happen to be arriving then mah, I retorted (,=3=,)

Anyway, spent my entire V-day in the uni lab and only got like a small bar of KitKat from one of my housemates. LOL. Better than nothing. And I got my new toys and I've got some progress with my work so I'm happy. Going to spend the entire week in lab for the next few weeks more.

With that said, here's my nails today. Nothing elaborate for V-day.

Gomen ne.... (,>.<,)

Just a sheer nude color with simple rhinestones arrangement.

Zooming into the thumb. I've arranged the 2mm square rhinestones into the shape of a heart.

Hope you guys like this. And have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sunday 12 February 2012

Mah roomie's nails today

As much as I want to write more reviews and stuff, I just don't have the time to. Not with my assignment I so-o-o need to catch up with. So I'll keep my post short for the next couple of days, maybe weeks but I promise to find some time to talk about other stuff.

Here's something simple I did for my roomie last night.

Simple blue nails with some floral FIMO from my new nail haul.

Saturday 11 February 2012

V-day nails

Just some of Valentine's Day nail designs I found on the web which I really like~!

I especially love this one(above)!

And something I stumbled upon: nails with lip print shown below from! Been wanting something like that forever!

And nail lovers' gotta check this cool nailway video from GIOGO!

Thursday 9 February 2012

The Face Shop nail polish review

Was hanging out with my sister the other day at Festival City Mall and she got me 3 bottles of nail polishes from the Face Shop, 2 of them are top(blue transparent content) and base(pink transluscent content) coat. All bottles cost RM5.90 each.

I'm loving the top coat and base coat!! The brushes are just the right size and the formula for these two coats are just awesome! Combination of those two allows an even coating and they're fast drying.

And no, the colors don't show on the nails. It only made the nails appear a little bit glossier(without nail lacquers on).

And I decided to get a lacquer with really striking yellow.

Here's how it looks like:

My sis actually got herself 2 more bottles, a pastel blue (which I had been eyeing for a while), a glitter-ish almost-transparent pink and another bottle with little heart shaped glitters.

I'll get some photos of them next time!!

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Can you fly lyrics

When my friend invited me to cosplay as Yin from the anime "Darker than Black", I did some research about the character and watched the anime(I've read the manga) and I love the theme song. So I just want to share the lyrics here.

Lyrics from

Can you fly? ano sora ni kagayaku Ziggy Star
kowareta yume kieta ai torimodoshite Fly away
Can you try? nikushimi wo jihi e to kaete
kawaita mune wo nurasu Darker than Blackutsuro ni hikaru kousou no mado hatasenu mama no yakusoku
muda ni nagareta chi to namida ni somaru kanashii GEEMU
Oh, Where is my friend? hitori yozora wo nagamereba
hoshikage ni yureru kimi no Sweet smileCan you hear? ano sora ni todoroku Ziggy Sound
kegareta koi hizomu wana mi wo kawashite Go Away
Can you try? tachihadakaru kabe wo kowashite
tabidatsu toki wo kizamu Darker than Blackhaikyo ni hikaru ichirin no hana mioboe no aru koukei
fui ni nagareta koukai ni somaru kanashii GEEMU

Oh Where is my friend? ano hi kireta akai RIBON
yoru no kaze ni fukarete Swinging

Can you fly? ano sora ni kagayaku Ziggy Star
kowareta yume kieta ai torimodoshite Fly away
Can you try? nikushimi wo jihi e to kaete
kawaita mune wo nurasu Darker than Black

Can you fly? never I don't try
itsudemo Cry Away
Can you fly? never I don't die
I don't gonna think so never cry

Can you hear? ano sora ni todoroku Ziggy Sound
kegareta koi hizomu wana mi wo kawashite Go Away
Can you try? tachihadakaru kabe wo kowashite
tabidatsu toki wo kizamu Darker than Black
Can you fly? Ziggy Star shining in the sky
Claiming back my broken dreams and lost love Fly away
Can you try? Changing this hate into compassion
Soaking up my dry chest Darker than BlackFrom hollow spaces the windows on the skyscrapers shine, a promise that remains unfulfilled
Dyed in the pointlessly flowing blood and tears, this sad GameOh, Where is my friend? If I Gaze at the night sky alone
Swaying in the starlight is your Sweet smileCan you hear? The Ziggy Sound roaring in the sky
Dodging the stained love and hidden traps Go Away
Can you try? Break the wall that is blocking your way
The time to begin is ticking by Darker than BlackFrom the ruins a single flower shines, a scene I know by sight
Dyed in the suddenly flowing regret, this sad GameOh Where is my friend? The red ribbon that was cut on that day
Is blowing in the night wind Swinging

Can you fly? Ziggy Star shining in the sky
Claiming back my broken dreams and lost love Fly away
Can you try? Changing this hate into compassion
Soaking up my dry chest Darker than Black

Can you fly? never I don't try
No matter when Cry Away
Can you fly? never I don't die
I don't gonna think so never cry

Can you hear? The Ziggy Sound roaring in the sky
Dodging the stained love and hidden traps Go Away
Can you try? Break the wall that is blocking your way
The time to begin is ticking by Darker than Black

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Grim Reaper meets Puss (in boots?!)

Just playing around with some of my toys~

Got the baby Puss (not) in (his) boots from McDonalds. Oh yeah, I ordered a Happy Meal :)

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