Tuesday 12 December 2017

What I've been up to: Reuniting with friends & my Singapore travel buddy

Just a few stuff I want to document :)

#1 Cooking with my housemates

My new bunch of housemates cook a lot and so we decided cooking together would mean we could explore different recipes and at the same time, didn't have to store too much leftovers in the fridge :D

We tried making Indonesian-style ayam penyet and planning for nasi goreng next because I was telling my Indonesian housemate how I love the fried rice I tried in Nusa Penida. It so happen this simple dish is his favourite as well! So can't wait!!!!

#2 Omnomnom-ed the BEST cheesecake in Kuala Lumpur

Out of the blue, my bestie asked if I wanted to try a legendary cheesecake which of course I cannot say no to! Like come on, I SUPER LOVE cakes!!!! This is at the newly renovated Isetan Lot 10's The Tokyo Restaurant.

Aat Isetan Bukit Bintang, KL

This is by far one of the best cheese cakes I have but they sure are pricey for RM18 per slice! The kakigori was as expensive for a tiny portion. It tasted amazing but that's because I love mojito!

#3 Catching up with old buddies

Recently, I reconnected with my buddies from uni who has settled down in KL since she has been overseas for work so it was tough to arrange time to meet. That's what happens when everyone starts working :/ I'm just super glad they could make time to meet up! This was at Lala Chong Ara Damansara.

#4  Omnomnom-ed Durians

I MISSED DURIANS SO MUCHHH!!!! Been telling my friends I wanted to have them so badly, I finally make plans to have durians at SS2 LOL! Last weekend I am Musang King which was super fleshy and yummy and sometime this week and next (Maybe!) I'll have another session of durians buffet coming up. Yea, I'm that obsessed but that's because I haven't had any this year! 

#5 Going minimalist, slowly but surely!

For the past weeks, I have been putting aside and giving away clothings I have not been wearing. Even going to H&M to recycle some which I do not think can be worn.

As of now, I am trying to minimise my beauty and hair care products. I realised I didn't need 30+ makeup I do not frequently used, 100+ facial masks or 10 shampoos plus conditioner. I am super tempted to get hair masks because I heard they work better than conditioners/treatments and a whole lot other beauty products, but I'm trying to resist this! It's difficult but great for my purse LOL.

Of course, clothing shopping is another I have to deal with! I have a whole lot of things in my wish list but decided I should 1) Make use of what I already have and 2) Only buy items which I will surely wear a hundred times! For the same purpose, I have reduce my work wardrobe size to a minimal, just several I will wear and that definitely helps in reducing my time needed to choose something to wear for work!

#6 Reuniting with my new-found friend

Back at the crammed Singapore hostel I was staying, I clicked with Malu and we hung out together when we were exploring the city. So just yesterday she was around in KL and so I showed her around and we even had banana leaf rice in Bangsar! Then at night we had Arabian salad at my favorite spot in Bukit Bintang and more catch up which was great!

 So those are it! This coming weekend will be a bit to hanging out with the fam and it's my sis' BIG day!!!!! I've drafted my travel posts but didn't have the extra hours to load and then edit my photos. Guess it will be awhile before I post them... Sorry, peeps!

Sunday 12 November 2017

my sister's bachelorette party

I mentioned online I wanted to write about my recent hauls from Singapore & Bali but then decided to get straight to my sis' bachelorette last week and recent going ons first LOL. 

We had the bachelorette at Ploy, Publika because the bride-to-be recommended the place. While it's a great place to hang out and eat (the food is amazing!), there is no private room which meant we needed to tone down for the other customers' convenience.

That morning I was so tired, having gotten back from my vacuum the weekend before and had a hectic schedule trying to catch up with work that piled up while I was away (T____T) Like come on, girls!  Had to force myself to wake up so I can go collect the cake which was ordered just the night before! 

I'm super thankful, Eddie from Cake Tella have an extra for us! I love cakes from Cake Tella, they're one of the best and contain alcohol (You have been warned!) I have so go check them out for events! My absolute, all-time favorite would be the Pecan Salted Caramel Mille Crepe but since I made the order so last minute, I settled for Bailey's Chocolate Mousse (beggars can't be choosers anyway!) which was super chocolate-y, I'm hooked! 

Got the crazy fireworks candle supplied by Eddie and another bridesmaid, Nicole found the Hello Kitty gachapon to add as a cake topper. 

Yeah, this bride-to-be is a huge Hello Kitty fan, as you may have guessed so the theme for the day is cat theme hahaha! Two of us only started looking for the headbands the day before and could only find a handful, I got the fancy ones from Forever 21 and had to settle for the bunny ears from S&J.

Sisters' photo~~ Do we look alike? Got a lot of comments saying we do but I doubt it lol. (And OMG I looked baked in the photo! Shouldn't have gone to the beach before a bachelorette/wedding >.< )

Oh, hectically put up some decors for the day too. Such a morning I had... You bet by the time I got back I slept like a log!

For appetizers we had rainbow chips, mini crabs and some squid. Wine too because the bride-to-be requested it. They're all tasted amazing!

Early birds' toast~~

For lunch, I choose Mentaiko Linguini. I can't resist anything with mentaiko hahaha

Neesha chose pancake from the brunch menu which looked and tasted amazing! Definitely better than the ones in Bali, more on those later. 

During the meetup, we played a mini Q&A games for the bride before rewarding her with gifts and a photo frame.

Sunday 15 October 2017

How to take Double Exposure on Instax

I'm obsessed with my instax, no doubt about that. Been sharing some of my shots on Instagram too :) I super love my instax so I went checking out some photo tips and found one I really like, the Double Exposure technique.

Here are some of the double-exposures photos which I took last month _ the two at each sides.

Here's how to do so:

1) Open the lid partially so the cartridge sticks out but not fully so you don't over-exposed your films. That'll make your film turn out blank or black. (Happened a few times :/)

2) Snap the first photo. This one will usually turn out brighter than the second snap. Wait until you the sound stops.

3) Close the cartridge and snap the second photo.

And that's it! SUPER SIMPLE RIGHT?! It may take several trials to get a perfect double exposure shots but don't give up LOL. You would need to sacrifice a few films but don't fret! I found just the place to get the CHEAPEST films. So in most stores, you find them selling for RM33 a cartridge of 10x films, BUT at 11thStreet.Com,  you can find 3 packs of 20 Sheets for RM126! That's about RM2.10 per sheet, which is much more worth it! YOU'RE MOST WELCOME!

Friday 8 September 2017

A day trip to Port Dickson & dessert at Kakigori

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Hello Internet!!! Hope you all Malaysians have an enjoyable long weekend and a great Independence Day! MERDEKAAAA!!!

Myself, I went to an impromptu, day visit to Port Dickson just to unwind. I have been to Port Dickson as a child and recently to a resort for my company’s annual dinner but in the latter, we spent most of our time in the resort compound.

We started off early and headed to a random beach just for a bit of sightseeing. This beach we went is polluted, as notorious as other PD beaches.


Spot the crabs!!

Dirty water didn't stop me from wading my in the waters for an hour or so while exploring the length of the beach, we decided to have our lunch at Port Dickson Ostrich Farm.

We head straight to the cafeteria after buying the tickets as we were starving by then.

Chose the set of Ostrich’s steak, satay (Meat on stick) and omelet. It was my crazy idea to have everything ostrich ヾ(≧▽≦*)/ After all it's been yearsss since we tasted one! Of all, I like the latter best but totally hated the steak platter. The marinade tasted weird and the sides blend and weird. Satay was surprisingly good, sans fat unlike chicken satay.

Fun fact: apparently ostrich’s meat is a healthier option and even its egg contained lower amount of fat compare to chicken egg.

Gotta indulged in coconut juice after baking in the terrible heat. Weather's been ridiculous lately, ping pong-ing from super hot to rainy cold.. (✖╭╮✖)

Once our stomach were somewhat satisfied, we head to check around the farm to explore. From the canteen, we were first greeted with these feathery friends, some tiny gerbils,  seemingly well-fed kois and even snakes in glass displays.

Not too long later we spent some time in the mini bunny hutches and pet their fluffy coat. Even though they're quite dirty lolol

Crazy reaction hahahha

Next minute I befriended another ostrich.

 There is also a dogs' section. I have no idea what got me to even enter the place but when the dogs drew nearer, I freaked out like an idiot. While they were quite friendly, they still look menacing with their huge size. Never again, unless they’re small, docile, not so hyperactive sort.

Ben, being a dog lover had the time of his life playing with the dogs. Too bad the Cats’ corner was closed for renovation. Would have loved to spend time with the cats #CatsPerson

Big dude appeared super docile until he stood up and acted playful which meant I freaked out again. He's so huge on his paws, its scary!!!

We left afterwards to Tanjung Tuan, wanting to check out the lighthouse. Unfortunately because it was the public holiday, the place was close to visitors. What a bummer.

Instead, we decided to go for an impromptu hike over super sloppy heels and hundreds of staircases in the midst of the burning afternoon. Pretty leg workout, I joked.

Super steep woihh!

After what seems like eternity to me, but was in fact only 20 minutes of climbing and descending down the stairs (some taller than the length of my short limbs), we made it to the prettiest, cleanest beach in west coast of Malaysia.

I SWEAR this place has the clearest, bluest water in Negeri Sembilan or maybe west coast of Malaysia!!! Super breath-taking (on top of the whole hike lol)


That made all the effort worth it until it was time to head back WTHLOL. Anyways, we did stayed for a while to enjoy the scenery and seaside breeze.

The sun was too blaring to go for a dip unfortunately. Only a handful of sun-loving foreigners played in the water. Malaysians be like, this is the best reason to stay at home. Or who EVER hike in the middle of the day???

The darker spots are actually seaweed. There are lots of them there.



Once we scrambled up and down back to where we started, we stopped to get our cold ice cream as reward for going through the entire ordeal. Decided to try the new Magnum White Almond flavor!

So very super yummy!!!!!

Can't wait to try the other flavors! Who tried all yet?

We conclude our day by having dinner at Double Queue Thai Restaurant. We had sweet & sour chicken,  seafood tom yam and mango salad. 

Love the salad the most!

Unfortunately the overall food tasted 2 outta 10, I would say especially for the odd, barf-tasting tom yam… And I thought I’m the only one who can screw up when it comes to cooking. That’s so reassuring hahahahaha.

It wasn’t until we returned home that we noticed all of us got 3 shades darker WTF.

 ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Plus it’s like our skin’s prickling and all, it was terrible. I immediately bought my own devised post-sun damage control kit which soothe my skin but I’m regret not applying any sunscreen dieshitme ( TДT)  I’m blaming global warming too, Malaysia’s getting really hot these days!

Now I’m praying hard that’ll I get lighter before my sis’ big day…

~ ♡ ~

On another day I met up with another friend and we dropped by the all time famous Murni mamak for dinner before having dessert at Kakigori, Taman Paramount, PJ.

My choice of sweet potatoes flavor kakigori. It's super unique they topped it with Japanese pudding yum! Just a warning to taste the kakigori before you pour all the honey like I did.... It became overly, sickeningly sweet afterwards....

Watermelon kakigori. Super cute lehhhh! Think I love this best because the flavor is milder and so you won't grow sick of it before finishing the entire thing. 

This is another friend's matcha kakigori. There were hilarious story behind this kakigori. Because the seats at Kakigori was small for the three of our dessert, we had to switch place for comfort lol and when I was shifting the kakigori, the wobbly mochi accidentally fell onto the table lolol. Le friend, "NOOOOOOOO!!!" and I was like, "Five seconds rule!!" and he picked it up and put it back onto where it was WTF! Dudes, aih.

And after he poured the milk onto the top of the kakigori, it made the mochi sink further to his dismay because he wanted to eat the mochi so much, hahahahhaa!!! Poor mochi lolol

The matcha kakigori damn bitter they literally pour tons of matcha on them. Not to order unless you like bitter stuff.  We were all making faces at every slurp.

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