Saturday 23 July 2022

bleaching my roots and then dyeing my hair green


Back with yet another video! Hasn't it been awhile?

Btw, the video was taken last year but it took me awhile to put them together and sit down to complete it. Mostly because, it was a much longer process with me going through the bleaching. I even have to let my hair/scalp take a break because in early 2021 I was bleaching or coloring my hair almost every other month! And then after I finally colored my hair, I have to deal with over 200 minutes worth of footages which I didn't think was fun to work on. But then they have been sitting in my draft and annoyed me so much I have to do something!

So here it is, the final product! Do take your time to watch and LIKE/SUBS if you want to see more content like this 'kays. I really put in EXTRA effort for this one. 

And since I'm more of a writer than a speaker, here's a blog post of the process!

touching up my roots

Opted for the same brand of DIY hair bleach, the eZn Creamy Hair Bleach because I know the most it can lift is up to level orange for my hair. That way, I don't have to deal with too many different hair tons and then try to fix them which is a lot of work!

This would probably be the first time I retouched my roots but OMG it's enough to leave my hair damaged! I guess the reason is I left the bleach on for a little longer than the 30-minutes recommended on the box. This is because the color took way-y-y longer to be lifted. I can't tell if it's my stubborn thick hair, or me mixing the bleach with the ampoule or the cooler weather (you kinda need the heat from your scalp/surroundings for the chemical reaction to happen).

My overly bleached and dyed hair care routine

 Anyways, this time I did it differently and added Artiztra Soothing Infusion (get this on ShopeeMY) with the bleach. I'm glad I actually bought the hair ampoules and they are original ones. I also got the Artiztra Linseed Restructuring Hair Lotion, which is the one the hair saloon I frequent (before MCO) uses. The difference is the first one are used for "all phases of hair coloring" and requires to be washed off while the lotion is post-washing, leave-on lotion. I bought them from Shopee and so they are NOT SPONSORED products.

While they may seem pricey, the per ampoule price of RM15 is very affordable for atas saloon-level treatment. It surely leaves your hair so soft and healthier-looking. When I did it at the saloon, idk how the hair stylist does it, the effects and scent lasted for almost 2 weeks! I remember she adds other hair products together and probably the blow-drying helps too! I can't seem to replicate the effect but then I let my hair naturally air dry LOL. But I super love the lotion smell, if there's a scent just like it, I'll actually get it hahaha!

The reason why I got this was because I know the whole bleaching and coloring damages my hair. This time after bleaching, I could tell that my hair have become really gummy! Like they're stretchy! I thought it'll take more extreme bleaching (like turning your hair platinum blonde) or mixing together the wrong chemicals to reduce your hair to gummy state but nope!

So I'm very glad I got them and thankfully, after the lotion plus good Marc Anthony shampoo (Get this on ShopeeMY here or here) that I didn't have to shave my head! Super happy with that!

toning my hair with blue shampoo

Still, to show some love for my hair, I let it rest a week before working on the coloring. I first attempted to tone my hair with Schwarzkopf Blue Shampoo. I've been trying to find the right way to apply this shampoo so that I can have an even and pretty result but nothing seems to be working. I tried applying it like a normal shampoo but it doesn't leather. I followed youtubers by mixing it with shampoo/conditioner then applying like how you'd dye your hair but it's cumbersome and doesn't work all the time. Somebody please teach me how to use this!! At this point, I wouldn't recommend getting this brand of color shampoo *roll eyes*

I actually hope that it'll reduce the orangeness and turn my hair into muted brown or ash gray before I do blue. One time it works but not this time. The result is so inconsistent...  but then it turned green at some spots and I try waiting for the color to fade, it didn't and so I decided to go for green. Don't want to waste another box of blue dye since I know orange + blue = green.

coloring my hair green

This time I'm using Mise en Scene Hello Bubble in Mermaid Green (Get this on ShopeeMY). Getting straight to the point, the result is exactly as shown on the box. Also, they've got one of the best foam formula, super loving it! It is so easy to apply and didn't take lotsa effort for super even application. One box is also sufficient for past chest-hair length and lotsa volume. I even have slight leftover which took a lot of pumps to apply on the rest of my head.

Would love if they come up with more shades of cooler Ash brown. Hello Bubble theme seems to be very colorful, Kpop-ish. I love the colors but probably wouldn't be able to do vibrant shades once we're back in office. And I'm obsessed with ash brown shades. EZN carries my favorite tons but I would stan foam formulas!

Monday 18 July 2022

May 2022 weekend vlog and my new beauty routine

Btw, these vids were taken in May but I decided to go on a temporary break. Mostly bc lazy and I got caught in a new obsession _ more on that in later vids. OMG the backlog videos to edit! *cry* My almost full phone storage is my motivation to get editing LOL

2022 Updated Beauty Routine

Current beauty routine

So from the vid, I shared my recent beauty hauls. Thought i should elaborate about each of them in this post.

#1 Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Lotion & Yomogi Herbal Face Pack

Let's start with the Wahadabisen Yomogi (Mugwort Leaf Extrack) Herbal Face Pack, a replacement for my emptying the Wahadabisen Fermented Sake Yogurt Face Pack. I've been wanting to try the different range but bc it lasted so long (I got lazy to double wash my face until recently), this is only my second purchase! 

My choice of main beauty ingredients don't run too far_ it's either rice, sake, royal jelly or other natural ingredients so I like the Wahadabisen range. Most important, it works wonders!

When I started using this more regularly, I noticed my skin is definitely better on those days. I have tighter pores and lesser mask acnes from days I wear them more often now that I've returned to office on rotations. Also, it's like a substitute for facial masks IMO.

I got the Wahadabisen Yomogi Herbal Face Pack for RM34.95! Super worth it!

As my existing Hada Labo Hydrating Jelly is emptied, I switched to trying Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Lotion and Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream

I always go back to the same brand bc I know they work for me. HadaLabo is hands down the best for hydrating and the Hydrating Jelly does wonders on its own. I say this because I've switched back from a different product and could feel the difference. Hada Labo Hydrating Jelly is all 4-in-1 so I have been using without toner LOL. In contrast, the Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Lotion need to be paired with another which is why I bought the Hada Labo cream.

I've only made the switch for all these products recently (so happen they emptied about the same time) so I can't tell if there are huge difference yet.

#2 Perfect Whip

Somehow I think this brand works for my very troublesome skin. I've tried other Asian face wash under RM30 but this is the by far the one that helps control my acne. It didn't solve my chin or mask-nes tho. Of course there are others above RM30 that works well (like the Wahadabisen's) but I always find myself just picking up the basic brands.

#3 Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream

Current beauty routine

I only bought this because I wanted to try some of Hada Labo's premium or anti-aging range. They have multiple other anti-aging ones but when I was shopping, the branch I went to only carried this... It's always when you want to buy them you can't find them... 

This one comes with 5 Hyaluronic Acids, 3 Peptides and 1 Collagen to deeply hydrate, firm up and tighten facial contour. Don't feel much difference using this but love the light texture.

Still in the mood experimenting with beauty products but it will be awhile till I change my routine again. Btw, don't forget to check out my other shopping hauls in the vid above~~

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