Thursday 27 January 2022

balik kampung food vlog 😋

Hello y'all~~

Back with another video. This one took awhile for me to put together because of the number of footages. So glad it's done now *phew*

This time it's a compilation of food video during my last trip back to my hometown in December. Most of the places shown are some of the fam's favorites. Of course there are like many places we couldn't cover in just a few days. Would have done more adventure if we have more days! Anyway, hope y'all enjoy watching this (mostly) silent theme video~~


Sunday 16 January 2022

exploring Kampung Baru & Saloma Bridge | Christmas 2021


Hello! Bringing y'all along as I explored Kampung Baru & the Saloma Bridge~~! 

Kampung Baru is one of the few places in Kuala Lumpur which still retains most of its original landmarks of older, some even wooden  kampung houses. Though what makes it special is that the neighbourhood is right beside the heart of the city _ KLCC just walking distance connected by the (sorta) KL latest landmark the Saloma Bridge. The bridge was open to public in early 2020. 

Hope you enjoy this video!

Sunday 9 January 2022

a quiet start of 2022


Hello all and Happy New Year! 

Here's my first vlog for the year woohoo~~! Nothing too glamarous as the title suggest but it's been quite a year end. I initially planned to have more videos up but with the recent happenings in Malaysia, some of my priorities shifted and just to not be KY or can't read the air, I try not to post some videos. But it's mostly time constraint #adulting

It's a lil' unbelievable another year living with the pandemic just came to an end. I can't say that 2021 is a completely terrible year because there were good things (like not getting the virus) that happened. There are 1001 things I'm grateful for. I hope 2022 will be a way-y-y better year for all of us! Stay resilient & healthy and may the year bring plenty of joyous news for y'all! Cheers~~

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