Wednesday 11 May 2016

Ukiyo-e's 31-Day Luxury Blend Essence Charcoal Mask Review

Happy weekday, I hope you're happy hahaha. Mine was rather hectic so much that I was doing some work on Sunday (Saturday was my day out)...

And yup, I'm back with another review of a product that I'm not sure if anyone heard of because you can't find it in any Malaysia pharmacies or cosmetic stores. I haven't heard of it until a few weeks back LOL. Went to Isetan KLCC the other day on the way to meet my friends and so happen I chance upon this counter (on one of the ladies' fashion floor, I don't remember) selling Japanese beauty products which I don't remember seeing. There were also a number of promoters there and several other people so I went to 'kepo' and check out what all the hoo-ha was about.

One super energetic promoter started telling me all about the products and patiently answered my questions. Out of my obsession for masks, I went and splurge on this Luxury Blend Essence, All in One Essence Mask from a brand called Uukiyo-e which costs me RM155 for this huge pack of 31 masks!

Ukiyo-e Luxury Blend Essence Charcoal Mask

They're gonna take me forever months to finish, 4 months if I keep up with my twice a week masking (it's usually once a day for me it's back to once a day wth).

Not related to this review but together with this mask, I bought a cleanser which was also super recommended by the same promoter because of the 'high fulvic acid' content. I have not used it yet but will be reviewing about it when I do (Ov<)-

Ukiyo-e Luxury Blend Essence Charcoal Mask

Mount Fuji depicted in a ukiyo-e-ish painting~! I just figured out the brand name means "pictures of the floating world" or Edo-style paintings in layman terms. I don't wanna elaborate it further here so Google it to find out more LOL.

Ukiyo-e Luxury Blend Essence Charcoal Mask

Anyway, if you do the math, it's about RM5 per sheet which I think it's super worth it le, with all the luxury ingredients _ Gold, Royal Jelly (Me love!), Charcoal, Pearl, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Q10, Arbutin, just to name several of their main ingredients!

Ukiyo-e Luxury Blend Essence Charcoal Mask

This is just one of the few choices of five different masks in huge packs that they have. I opted for this because according to the promoter, the other 2 doesn't suit my skin type. For this Charcoal mask range, there are two choices, one is made of luxury ingredients mentioned above while the other is made mostly of organic ingredients.

The content looks like this, with each masks arranged side by side making it convenient to separate one from the other. The bag is the zip lock sort so it is resealable.

Ukiyo-e Luxury Blend Essence Charcoal Mask

The masks are like, opaque black... You can't even tell my facial expression whether I'm smiling or not. I was smiling LOL.

Ukiyo-e Luxury Blend Essence Charcoal Mask

I didn't feel any difference until my second masks. The most obvious effect is my lips feels more plump, more like swelling after that. The lifting and tightening effect is strong with this one, oh yeah.

On the other hand, I can't really feel any difference on my face but I'm deducing that's just because I'm no stranger to tightening/lifting sorta masks. Not bragging, but I'm proud that my skin's feels pretty taut. But then, yeah, I'm still at quarter life, so thankfully my skin isn't sagging yet LOL. Gonna wanna maintain this until I'm 35 #lifegoals

The salesperson I met recommended this mask in replace my night beauty routine as these masks works as a lotion, moisturizer, all in one. After trying, I say nay, weeks ago the weather was so hot and drying, my skin felt so dehydrated. I ended up slapping on moisturizer anyway!!On top of that she recommended to mask everyday (Figures why they come in 31 sheets )! But no, ain't got no time for that.

Anyway, Ukiyo-e also have several other ranges of 31-Day masks _ one other Organic (I think!) Blend Essence Charcoal Mask and 4 others. They do distribute single mask depicting ukiyo-e-ish geisha prints. So many masks under a single brand wth right.

Sunday 1 May 2016

Nail Talk: Innisfree's ECO Top Coat & ECO Nail Color in #165 Review

Happy Sunday, people~!

I'm back again with another review of my recent favorite cosmetics and nail polish brand _ Innisfree. Today's review will be about their ECO Nail color in  #165 and the top coat.

I love Innisfree's nail polish a lot because of the colors, how easy it is to spread on my nails and they're affordable at RM10 per bottle. Though somehow, I find I'm not in the mood for pastels these days.. There is a nude brown which I've been looking for but whenever I visit the store, it ran out of stock? Kinda curious why I always seem to miss it...

Innisfree ECO Nail Color & Top Coat

My initial mission for dropping by Pavillion's branch to restock on my pearly nail polish which I'm in love and have been using so often from Christmas to CNY until it almost ran out. I said almost because it hasn't but I'm finding it difficult to 'grab' the liquid with the brush and it has turned gooey... Yeah, I need to find a fix for that else it'll be a waste of the remaining 1/3 of polish...

Since I was there, I thought I should try other colors and  I'm in love with this somewhat dark denim blue hue! I thought they looked pretty casual and could easily go together with my weekend look or work.

Innisfree ECO Nail Color in #165

These are other shots on how they looked like on my fingernails~Tadaaa~

Innisfree ECO Nail Color in #165

Innisfree ECO Nail Color

What do you think? My first success in attempting to add glitter flakes on one of my nails (*^ o ^*)

I would add glitter nail polish or other colors but I lent my sister my collection LOL. Somehow I always find coloring my nails in a single color odd. Is it just me? But I love it when my friends does that though theirs are gel nail polish... Not sure if that makes any difference or sense...

Intermission, let me share with y'all a funny story that happened just now. So I was folding my laundry when I noticed a flat object resembling my nails polish with glitter flakes and all had fell off. I freaked out because I thought that I broke my nail _and at the same time weird out 'cuz I didn't feel any pain_ so I frantically checked both my hands only to figure out it is the hardened top coat that fell off, to my relief. But that scared the shit outta me for a minute.

This, this thing here was what fell off...


Rule of thumb (hahaha), do not over apply top coat. Lesson learned alright...

The last polish I got is this Top Coat, simply because I didn't have mine with me and I am using it as both top and base coat hahaha #cheapskate Also, because I don't wanna stained my nails but my nails are still blue-y unfortunately. I know 'cuz I had to redo my nails last night because I'm too impatient to just sit and wait for my nails to be completely dry... *sigh*

Innisfree ECO Nail Top Coat

That's it for today, till my next post people. See ya!

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