Thursday 30 December 2021

Instax Share SP-3 unboxing & printing


Hi y'all~~~

Unboxing and testing out the Instax Share SP-3 in this video. This was shot months ago but I finally take some time to put them together ( ^ __ ^ ;) You may have seen some of the earlier shots I posted months ago already showing some photos I've printed and all. 

I had planned to post this last weekend and then several other videos but then plans changed. Glad to have this up now. Hope you like it~!!

Wednesday 22 December 2021

i explored Zhongshan Building & went flower shopping at Lee Wah Florist in Pasar Seni


This is a slightly delayed blog posting because I forgot to write (and then procrastinated for a bit) after I had posted the video on my channel.

I've been in the mood to check out new places after a long period of 'hibernation' at home. Following SOP of course! My adventure brinds me to Zhongshan Building, a bucket list I can finally checked out. There I chilled at Tommy Le Baker before heading back to Pasar Seni for some jalan-jalan and flower shopping at Lee Wah Florist. 

All locations in the video are walking distance from either Pasar Seni LRT/MRT or the Maharajalela Monorail.

Sunday 12 December 2021

EP18 DonDonDonki 🇲🇾 online grocery hauls, #whatieat & takeaway from Aroma Johor


Hello! Here's another compilation of #whatieat the past weeks. I ordered some groceries from DonDonDonki via Shopee including a bundle pack (Quite a bargain!). I used some of these to prepare the food in this video besides other foodstuff I got. 

I was also craving for good Malay food, particularly sotong bakar and came across a shop called Aroma Selera Johor that does home delivery around the Klang Valley. They have limited options but good enough to fulfill my cravings. I also tried this pari (stingray) asam pedas and love it! 

Thursday 9 December 2021

my minimal wfh desk setup

Hi y'all! I'm back with another video, this time sharing (mainly) my new hauls from IKEA and a reveal of my wfh office desk setup! My desk has changed a bit since the start of the pandemic. Mostly I have been minimalizing and not into too many decor items because I don't like the cluttered feel.

One of the highlight is my new office chair. I have been considering of getting one since last year when there were no sign of the lockdown ending soon. Also, the brand I was eyeing is about RM400-ish which is why I contemplated. But the particular shop I saw online offers color customization so you can get more options than the usual black or blue office chairs. 

Then only a few weeks ago did I came across the FLINTAN chair while I was window-shopping and love it! Obviously a lot other people love it too it is out of stock. I was keeping an eye for it and ordered the same day I received the email notification that it is restock. It was a good idea because a few days later the site shows that the Flintan chair is once again low in stock in the IKEA branches around Klang Valley. 

I bought online because I thought it'll be more troublesome to get it on my own. Together with the other item I ordered, the parcel is about 20kg yikes!

So far, I've only use this chair for less than a week but have been loving it! Mostly because of how aesthetic it looks without making my room feels like a work-work office. I need the workplace separation feel. The other reason is because it is way-y-y more comfortable than my stool (also from IKEA) that obviously isn't made to sit on for too long hours! My legs and back aches have suddenly been relieved like OMG should have gotten a chair earlier.


If you like the video, do give it a thumbs up! Also subscribe to my channel if the contents I make is what you're into~~ I'll see you in my next!

Tuesday 7 December 2021

updated beauty routine: Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In & Aiken Tea Tree Oil


Recently I went to restock on my cleanser and tea tree oil which have ran out. Instead of the usual brands I decided to get the Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In cleanser and Aiken Tea Tree Oil, both of which were on sale. 

I remember trying Perfect Whip (the original blue one) cleanser a few years back and love it. But then the sales was discontinued for a while and it's only in the recent years I see the brand again. Wanted to try all this time but with so-o-o many options these days it took me awhile to return to it. These days there are more options under the brand lineup so I opted for the Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In.

The Aiken Tea Tree Oil was just a random brand, we don't really have many options of tea tree oil in the local pharmacies. Prior to this, I bought one brand which name I've forgotten and has the best natural scent. It appears to be discontinued probably because of the slightly higher price range. Aiken's one is not bad IMO.

IDK which one but my skin's been amazing with my recent routine. There were days I don't see any many mini zits so these combination is amazing for my skin!

If you recalled, I bought several of The Ordinary's products a few months back. I started using the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and the Retinol 1% in Squalane every alternate days and the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution once a week but the whole routine made my skin become very dry & breaking out. It isn't like a very bad breakout but I'll have 1-3 really huge zits. I though it's what they refer to as "purging" of the skin but then they're not in the usual spots where I'd get acnes. While they do recover (took longer than normal acnes), they're kinda horrible. Thankfully for WFH and mask to cover up!

My lips also became very chapped and that lasted even after I stopped using. I tried drinking lots of water but it does nothing to fix the lips so I went out to get a lip balm...

Yes, I kinda stopped The Ordinary routine for two whole months and during this time don't get any huge, ugly zits. That's one of the reason you haven't hear me write about them! 

I had high hopes for The Ordinary because of all the hype they've been getting but they'd probably take a while longer to show results with the frequency I'm using them. For now, I'm slowly trying to reintroduce them back, applying 1-2 times a week (mostly once) but then it hasn't been consistent. Though I do think this way is better and I don't get much troubled skin with it. Fingers crossed I'd see result!

Saturday 4 December 2021

exploring Kebun Kebun Bangsar & Brickfields KL | a weekend with me

Last month (yes, the videos have been left unedited for that long because life happens) I decided that I needed some time outdoors and that I wanted to check out the list of places I have yet to explore before. I know, I've been around KL for almost a decade but there are so many places to check out. Even more now! Also, I've been feeling really stuck and try to be open with the endemic idea. Though now we have Omicron OMG so plans may change. Again.

I decided to check out Kebun Kebun Bangsar, located not too far from the city center yet good enough to supply me with a dose of nature. I love the place! Mainly because I didn't have to travel very far to be close to nature and animals, which is something I really am looking forward to doing more. Suddenly I'm done with too much urban lifestyle. I still love the convenience of living in the city and that it is a very lively spot but Covid19 happened.

Here's a vlog I made while exploring KKB and Brickfields. Yeah, I also went to Little India since it is quite close by. I've hung around KL Sentral a lot but somehow never cross my mind to explore Bricksfield. Somehow the timing is right as it was the weekend just before Deepavali and so there were much more festivities and that's really nice! Thankfully it isn't super packed. I'm sure it would be if people aren't still wary with the whole Covid19 situation.

Tell me if you've been to these place yourself! I actually have a list of places and things I want to do around Kuala Lumpur. If you know anywhere fun, tell me and I may include them in my bucket list!

Thursday 11 November 2021

More October hauls!


I wasn't expecting to shop so soon but then I ended up getting a few more stuff! 

The weather was getting very hot in October so I bought some ice moulds thinking I could make aesthetic (woops!) drinks with them. Besides that, I took into consideration on other stuff like how the square ice moulds would be great to freeze some ingredients which couldn't last long. Considering I have been cooking more and starting to learn how to store my foodstuff so that they won't go to waste. 

But *smack head* just when my ice moulds arrive, the weather did a 180 degrees and I didn't have excuse to make ice cold drinks on such cold days... Even my ice cream bucket was left untouched for many days before I'm just like whatever brain freeze, brain freezelah

Together with those, I bought a few things I have been considering for awhile. With exception for the foldable mobile holder which was a splurge hahaha. Turned out to be so versatile and I like it a lot!!

 None of these are sponsored items but the links below are affiliate links. Appreciate the support if you use them (*^-゜)v

1. Cubes ice cube silicone mould  ShopeeMY

2. Sphere ice cube silicone mould  ShopeeMY

3. Silicone cable ties  ShopeeMY

4. Juice Cup portable blender ShopeeMY

5. SuperDry Capri  ZaloraMY

6. Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone  ShopeeMY

7. Foldable Mobile Phone Holder  ShopeeMY

Thursday 28 October 2021

EP16 Buying from small biz (Bake It Up, Flavoursome Homemade, Offline Baking Chic)& online groceries


In this video, I'm sharing the specialties from the small F&B online businesses I ordered from and some of my online groceries hauls. I started relying more on online apps to get my groceries as the cases worsened. Thankfully, logistics are much reliable and there are so many options available! This is not a sponsored video.

Saturday 23 October 2021

a day in my life | took a day off from work & went shopping


Decided to take a break from work and get out the house now that Klang Valley is now in Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan. I made sure to the the necessary precautions and only visited the shops where I plan to shop for stuffs.

Can't believe it's November in a week's time and another year where I've been stuck at home most of the time. Fingers crossed I will be able to clear my leaves and unwind. While work is good, I think I need more fresh air! Best is without a mask but at this point that isn't possible yet...

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Coffee Review (Part 3): HisBrew Ethopia Yirgacheffe, Brazil Santos and Sumatra Gayo Mountain coffee beans

My most recent coffee stock up, I bought from a local coffee place that roasts their own beans. They have 7 different roasts, all of which are super interesting. I would have ordered all 7 but I know it will take me awhile to finish them and I'd rather have them freshly roasted. It's pretty cool they did state the dates they prepare the roast, just a few days before my order so freshness guaranteed!

My package of 3 blends, the Ethopia Yirgacheffe, Brazil Santos and Sumatra Gayo Mountain beans arrived and as soon as I cut the polymail I can smell the rich chocolate scent! I store the package in a drawer and still smell the chocolate scent whenever I open it LOL. This is why it's fun-er to get beans from specialty stores_ there's more things to say about it rather than describing the level of bitterness hahaha. And they come in so many interesting flavors _ chocolatey, fruity, florally, etc..

TL;DR: Sumatra Gayo Mountain & Brazil Santos are great as black or cold brew. On the other hand, I prefer Ethiophia Yirgarcheffe with milk (super loving with oat milk but not so of pistachio milk) but not so as cold brews because of how light it is. Brazil Santos somehow tasted bland with milk.

I received a sample for Columbia Supremo which is described to have caramel, chocolate and fruity notes. I brewed it on the weekend, gotta take my time! It has a fruity scent that reminds me of acidic coffee. Now I wonder if fruity = acidic. I don't really fancy my coffee acidic or overly fruity. Thankfully I have oat milk (first time trying!) and so I turned it into latte. Half part coffee and half part milk, frothed. Turns out fruity scented beans goes well with milk and cinnamon. So-o-o good.

I did the same with the Ethopia Yirgacheffe that is described to have
rich, full body, sweet, light-body, jasmine, and lemon taste". Legit think I can be barista already, tasted amazing wei. *Cries in coffee* 

Of course I have to try it the cold brew method and I left it like for 2 nights because I was obsessed with the latte. Also I wasn't looking forward to the cold brew thinking it'll be fruity-acidic. When I brought it out though, the first thing I noticed was how pretty the color is _ just like peach tea orange! Taste also sweet, smooth but too light! I think I didn't grind it fine enough.. Very interesting but not for days when I'm craving for coffee with actual coffee beans flavor. This is coffee fruit juice-tea leh. If you do your own coffee, seriously try making them with different methods!

When my oat milk ran low, I tried the Sumatry Gayo Mountain that is "dark, with a slight bitterness" next. True enough, it makes a better black coffee. I'd say this is much deeper taste than the Starbucks Caffe Verona. I didn't get much dark chocolate and deep hazelnut flavor from drip coffee *shrug*

My last pack of Brazil Santos has an amazing, long-lingering scent. I like this as black and cold brew but no idea why with milk it isn't as interesting! Is it me or fruity one is better as latte/cappuccino?

Speaking of experimenting, I also tried adding salt because I came across a video or article (I don't remember) saying the salt distracts your tastebuds from the bitterness of the coffee and so brings out the flavor. Something along the line. Long story short, the brew tasted salty... Maybe don't bother trying that hahahaha

And if you're wondering, I did try to mix all the blends! Interestingly the tasted just like Nescafe 3-in-1 LOL

Sunday 17 October 2021

9.9 (mostly!) & 10.10 Shopee Hauls


Hi all! Been on an impromptu break because I wasn't really in the mood for a lot of things. This video was meant to be published last month, but I'm happy I got it done today~~

A reminder for y'all to take a break when you need to because woah this whole transitioning to an endemic can get tiring #loveyourself

1. Natural cleaning brush (Wood)  ShopeeMY

2. Dish washing loofah  ShopeeMY

3. Soap net bag  ShopeeMY

4. Potato multipurpose soap bar  ShopeeMY

5. Solid toothpaste (25g)  ShopeeMY

6. Soapnuts berries (100g) ShopeeMY

7. Milk frothing pitcher with silicone cover  ShopeeMY

8. Small milk/espresso glass jug  ShopeeMY

9. Utensils drying rack/holder  ShopeeMY

10. Stovetop conducting plate  ShopeeMY

11. Aluminum Laptop Stand  ShopeeMY

12. Collapsible Silicone Funnel  ShopeeMY

13. Purple acryllic tortoiseshell hair claw (Variation Purple)  ShopeeMY

14. Purple jade hair claw (Variation 2)  ShopeeMY

15. Matte green hair claw (Variation Green)  ShopeeMY

16. Marble/Pearl hair claw (Variation 1)  ShopeeMY

17. Donut hair clip (Variation Coffee)  ShopeeMY

18. Oval hair claw (Variation Khaki)  ShopeeMY

19. 12L Outdoor water Container  ShopeeMY

20. Beige Yoga Belt  ShopeeMY

Sunday 3 October 2021

EP15 #whatieat | Kimchijiggae, lockdown noodles 🍜, 🧀 hashbrowns, etc.

Hello! Posting a very delayed compilation of #whatieat (Malaysia food) from last month. It had been very busy (life happens!). In this video I share some of the meals I prepped while still trying to stay home :D Hope everyone is doing good too & stay safe!


Wednesday 11 August 2021

Coffee Review (Part 2)

Back with yet another coffee review compilations. I make black coffee on most mornings just to establish a routine in what seems to be a separation-less day after lockdown days. It's been like what? More than 500 days after the start of the first lockdown and things only seems to be getting worse (road to 25k/ daily cases?!). I'm staying in more and work, break, meals, exercise, sleep activities are done in like four walls...

In this post I'll be sharing the coffee I've tried the past months and the options have gotten more interesting because I need more excitement in life WTF.

1) Boncafe Mocca

Coffee Beans

Let's begin with Boncafe Mocca (ShopeeMY) is my usual go-to brand of coffee beans (okay, besides Starbucks) before I got more adventurous. Available in whole beans and ground coffee. Retailing about RM20 per pack, I remember trying most of BonCafe's coffee beans a long while back but eventually settled for Mocca.

Oh if you remember, I bought Kapal Api ground coffee a while back. I  did not brew it for a while because I didn't know how to prepare it_ I accidentally got it in super fine powder and they are terrible for drip coffee because the water won't pass through the coffee mud! Had a lightbulb moment one day to prepare it as a cold brew and *chef kiss* it is so-o-o good! Perfect for the recent hot weather too! I like it so much I've been trying cold brews with different blends of coffee just to taste how they'd turn out.

2) Starbucks Veranda Blend & Cafe Verona

The Veranda blend produces a very light and smooth, with almost unnoticeable acidic or fruity-ish.

The darker version of the Veranda Blend. I'm starting to think Starbucks coffee isn't so interesting to comment on. At least the ones I've tried, they don't have very adventurous notes but simply coffee beans in every level of bitterness. That's it. Except the Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee in Dark Roast because it's dark chocolate-y.

While we're on the subject of coffee, I thought of including 3-in-1s and convenience store coffee. I'm not kidding when I said I bring my adventure to the supermarket. Been trying random new stuff just to spice up lockdown life, I'm grateful for the privilege.

4) Chek Hup Hokkaido Milk Latte

There's been a boom of instant coffee choices in the market from brands like  Frenche Roast, Mamami, Richboy, Alor, Kanu wahlao I kenot keep up. Even Aik Cheong, and Chek Hup offers several range now. I try not to go for 3-in-1 since the lockdown but the packaging caught my attention. Also, Japan obsession *cough* This turns out to be very light, milk coffee. Would go for this if I run out of coffee or lazy to brew but otherwise, I'd stick to beans.

5) Delatte coffee packs

These are some of the packet drinks from CU Mart which you probably see a lot of people trying. They come prepacked, ready-to-drink in those sachets rather than the usual can or bottle. If you takeaway from the store, they actually have plastic cups with ice you can grab to prep your drinks. Would say the selling point is the experience you can't get this elsewhere. Also 'cuz Kpop craze hitting all time high?

The Delatte Hazelnut Flavor is a medium brew black coffee with tons of sugar. Not for those coffee drinkers who likes their coffee in their original taste. I find it OK but can't drink often 'cuz very sweet. I cannot recall any hint of hazelnut in this even though I've tried it twice.

This next one is the Delatte Americano that tasted like kopiko sweet, liquid version really leh. I have heard that CU Mart's packet drinks are sweet and best diluted with ice but I find it OK on its own. Not coffee, I have also tried the Blue Lemonade which tasted like lime 7up or Sprite with blue coloring that stains my bamboo straw.

And those are it for this post! I just restocked my coffee pantry with more fresh beans and will be sharing what I think about them when I've tried them all. Till my next posts!

Sunday 8 August 2021

EP14 trying out new recipes & obsessing with cold brew | 🇲🇾 #whatieat


Wednesday 4 August 2021

The Ordinary haul | updated beauty routine


New beauty hauls!

The Ordinary Retinol, Niacinamide and Peeling Solution

Recently emptied my HadaLabo Hydrating Perfect Jelly and so it's time to decide on which beauty finds to experiment on! I want to change my lotion initially (it is a favorite!) because I saw one with ingredients I'm super like and super curious about. At the same time, a friend introduced me to retinol. As I researched about it, I find there's quite a hype about it and in many reviews, The Ordinary being brought up.

My curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to get The Ordinary 1% Retinol in Squalane (Shopee MY),  Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (Shopee MY) and The Peeling Solution (Shopee MY). These all came up to RM116.95, with some Shopee Coins. 

Because I want to see if they work, I decided to maintain the Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Jelly (Shopee MY) as an experiment constant. The lotion is a steal at RM59.55 (RP RM93.50) after discount + Shopee Coins redemption on Shopee Mall! Together with these are my unfinished Hada Labo Japanese Green Tea Extract face wash, Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Face Pack, Melano CC Essence and Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Oil.

Interlude: I shared my recent beauty hauls in this video. Tell me what you think by commenting or clicking the like button. Lotsa love!

WHY Retinol & Niacinamide?

While checking out reviews on Retinol, many times Niacinamide is mentioned together. YouTubers like Hyram, Dr Maxfield and Dr Shah (their channel is called Doctorly), Anthony Youn and many others rave about them on and on! To put it in layman terms, they're active ingredients targeting specific skin concerns. The benefits of using it includes reduces sebum production (they can be drying if you have dry skin), have anti-aging properties, assist in treating acne, helps reduce pigmentation and even improves skin texture!

My target is mostly on my adult acnes and pigmentation & scars due to that. Perhaps its the lockdown and more time staring at myself in the mirror (vain LOL) that I have been considering another laser treatment. I don't like the uneven texture and yes, it is partly due to my itchy fingers. DO NOT pick on your acne if you don't want to fork out $$$ to fix your skin! But obviously, clinics isn't operating now so that got to wait. So what better time than now is to experiment with these supposedly holy grail of the beauty industry.

WHY The Ordinary's Peeling Solution?

For the above reasons and because I'm extra curious, I also got this Peeling Solution to try. There's quite a lot of hype about it with many TikTokers (yeah I doomscroll TikTok a lot!) applying this blood red liquid on their faces. Many too have a lot of great thing to say about this. 

HOWEVER, use this with care! This is an ACIDIC SOLUTION which means you SHOULD NOT apply on skin with active-slash-inflamed acnes or broken skin due to recovering acnes or whatsnot. Besides that, applying too much and leaving it on over the recommended 10-minutes is a NO-NO!! The brand recommends using this only up to twice a week, but many say once a week is enough. It is recommended to do a patch test on the sensitive spot in your arms to see how it'd react to it.

The precaution is important because people over-abused this a lot and that lead to many issues like sensitive skin and even first degree burns. I know it sounds like a very dangerous thing to use on your skin, but use it properly and it should be good. No need so kiasi. Still, keep it away from children!

WHAT's my new routine like?

There are RULES to follow with the addition of these active ingredients. Some of the common rules include:

  • Retinol is to be apply every other day. I'm starting with twice a week since I'm introducing a high concentration retinol.
  • Retinol + Niacinamide combination is OK
  • Vitamin C + Niacinamide combination is a nope. Because of this, I'm alternating them.
  • Sunscreen is a must when introducing Niacinamide into the routine.
  • Use the Peeling Solution once or twice a week. Starting with once a week, on the weekend for myself. 
  • Finally, I'm using the Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Jelly and Tea Tree Oil daily as usual.

As always, starting with cleansing. Sometimes I just use the Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Face Pack. 

My post-cleansing regime will be as follow:

The Ordinary

I'll be documenting my new skincare journey with The Ordinary and update y'all about the result. Until then, stay tune!

Sunday 1 August 2021

lockdown updates, being adventurous with food & getting my first shot


Sharing excerpts of my life since the start of the year until now. Most of them are spent at home with the supposedly "Full Movement Control Order (FMCO)" aka "strict lockdown" in place. I'm getting more stuff online just to stay in. And then after months of wait, I finally received my first jab *tears of joy*

Saturday 24 July 2021

Beauty Products Hauls | restocking skincare (The Ordinary, Hada Labo) & more hair dyes 🤐


Links to all the items which I shared in this video are as below:

1. The Ordinary 1% Retinol in Squalane  ShopeeMY

2. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%  ShopeeMY

3. The Ordinary Peeling Solution  ShopeeMY

4. HadaLabo Hydrating Perfect Jelly  ShopeeMY 

5. eZn Creamy Hair Bleach  ShopeeMY

6. Hello Bubble Whale Deep Blue  ShopeeMY

7. Vijude Hair Color Cream in Smoky Ash Blue  ShopeeMY

8. ARTIZTA Linseed Restructuring Hair Lotion  ShopeeMY Link 1, Link 2, or Link 3

9.  ARTIZTA Soothing Infusion Pre-Chemical Hair Treatment  ShopeeMY

Sunday 11 July 2021

Mise En Scene Hello Bubble in Whale Deep Blue & Dusty Ash Review


Hello Bubble Blackpink

Early this year, I ordered several shades of DIY box dyes brand called Mise en scene x Blackpink Hello Bubble. This usually retails in the local pharmacy at RM49 but I found retailers at more affordable prices on ShopeeMY, at RM26-29 per box! Some of the colors that caught my eyes from the are Whale Deep Blue,  Dusty Ash, Mermaid Green and Metallic Ash. I also love the warm brown shades rocked by Jennie in Dark Choco and Choco Brown but these are shades of browns I had tried. I wanted something different this year!

I also found out there is two other range of Mise en scene x Blackpink called Hello Cream (Shopee MY) and Perfect Color (Shopee MY), both focuses on very pretty, natural, otona color shades. I had tried 9N Sand Gold from the Perfect Color range. You can read about it or watch the review here.

For this round, I decided to mix BOTH Whale Deep Blue and Dusty Ash. I have came across a TikToker who does that and love the result therefore I'm trying to emulate it LOL. Here is my video of me doing so:

Verdict? As you can see in the video, mine turn up a dark green. In fact, it is very similar to what's shown on Hello Bubble's Mermaid Green box! I suspect it's because my hair is orange and not yellow like the girl's in the TikTok video. Perhaps if I have toned my hair the color will turn out blue? While the color seem to compliment my skin tone, I don't think green is my shade WOOPS. Just me lah. I did get compliment on it.

The color is really vibrant and pretty IRL. HOWEVER! Very oddly, photos or videos don't do them justice! Several online reviewers share the same comments so I don't think it's just me. This is also a semi-permanent dye and lasted well over a month. I had thought like most colors other than brown shades, it'll probably be completely gone in two weeks but nope!

At present, they've lightened to ash green and I'm already noticing few sections of bleached hair visible. Still, it will probably be another week or so before they're completely gone (I think!) and I can move over to trying another shade.

Putting those aside, I find this brand is becoming a favorite. It's easy and not as time & energy consuming to apply. Of the many types of DIY hair dyes I have tried, I always love bubble dyes because they're less cumbersome and gives a much even result. I think Liese has found its competition! But yes, it does get all over my arms and face but they are easy to wash off. Hair dye brands usually changes their lineups every now and then but really wishing they could make some colors permanent! Hopefully, Mise En Scene comes out with more ashy colors too!

Monday 5 July 2021

Shopee 6.6 Stationeries Hauls


Sunday 13 June 2021

sharing my collective hauls~


I had been doing some online shopping the past months when the lockdown from MCO 2.0 had eased down. Thought that things will be returning to normal and with, returning to the office or able to be outdoor more often. Unfortunately we're back to square one as the new wave are worse.

During this lockdown period, I find myself using essential oil for self-care. Mostly because its therapeutic. I only have the Muji one in Bergamot which lasts a long while! Decided to explore on new scents and settled for John's Blend which turned out amazing! I bough in both spray and gel form just to try and love the latter. 'Cuz you won't need to respray and just need to keep the lid open and in front of my fan. Only thing is it shrinks really fast *cry

Find out what other hauls I got in my YouTube video~~

Thursday 10 June 2021

EP13 i shopped at Donki, again!


Sunday 6 June 2021

tutorial on how i make my youtube thumbnails

Hi y'all! Back with another video, this time a tutorial on how I make my YouTube thumbnails.

I usually keep my thumbnails very minimal because that's just the style I'm into these days. I use a lot of apps but these three _ Photo Collage, Phonto and Autodesk Sketchbook are ones I frequently use.

This video took awhile to be uploaded because procrastination LOL! That's why I told myself to finish it this weekend and post it. Hope you will find it useful ♪v('∇'*)⌒☆


Sunday 30 May 2021

EP12 shopping at Korean Grocer in One Utama


Hello peeps! In late April I came across the then newly open Korean Grocer in 1 Utama! I have just uploaded the video taken back then (procrastinated until now because other things got in the way) showing you around and sharing the hauls I bought. 

Check out what I think about these in the video below. Thanks for watching!

Friday 30 April 2021

Episode 10 & 11 #whatieat

This is a backlog posts to share the two videos I made in April~~

Episode 10

Episode 11

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Samyang instant noodles haul from Shopee!

Hi hi!!! Sharing my recent food & snacks haul from Shopee Malaysia. Decided to stock up on Samyang instant noodles because they keep turning up on my grocery shopping list and they're cheaper on Shopee!😆 Took the chance to get the flavors I haven't try before (so many!!)

Samyang Instant Noodles

Those are not all!

Samyang Instant Noodles

You can get them on Shopee MalaysiaVideo of my entire haul here~~

Wednesday 7 April 2021

EP9 Malaysia's first Don Don Donki branch in Lot10, Bukit Bintang!!


Back with another video, this time me exploring & shopping around the newly launched Don Don Donki! Super happy that more Japanese branded foodstuff are more accessible here and OMG the variety!! It'll be quite an adventure to try 'em all.

When I went, it's just slightly over a week since the official opening and quite a number of items were sold out from the empty shelves here and there. For one, I wanted to try the yuzu sake flavored kit kat but didn't find it nor the other flavors! *sigh* A lot of well-known Japanese beauty products were unavailable but still, there were still enough things to spend on LOL. Donki's having quite a field day!

Sharing the video on my mini adventure in Donki. I can't wait to revisit already!

Here are what I bought!

First Donki branch in Malaysia at Lot10

Snacks which I proceeded to stuff myself silly the next few days. I shared the price and what I think about them in my video above.

First Donki branch in Malaysia at Lot10

First Donki branch in Malaysia at Lot10

Not in the video bc I tried the potatoes laterwards. The silk potatoes have the most velvety texture and prettiest Indigo shade I've ever seen! Told my fam that they look like they lead a very good life. I heated it in my toaster oven just like it's instructed at the back of the packaging but don't know if I do it right. Unlike the creamier ready-to-eat sweet potatoes you can get at both Donki and Isetan, this one felt drier? Still filling but it's like, I felt like I need to have something that isn't too dry on top of this since it's dry (idk how to describe!)? Interesting stuff.

Don Don Donki Lot10

Don Don Donki Lot10

Monday 5 April 2021

(Sponsored Products) eZn Creamy Hair Bleach, eZn Pudding Hair Color in Truffle Mushroom Blond and Dr.BokGoo's Rx-Plex Perfect Set Review

eZn Malaysia

Think 2021 is going to be a colorful year! This be like my third color _ if you don't count bleaching! I finally accepting that if I want to achieve my dream ashy brown hair color, I would need to bleach them. For that, I am super lucky to be able to collaborate with Active Medi Pro, the official distributor of eZn products in Malaysia. This is NOT a paid post but they are sponsoring the products which I am reviewing here.

You can find this DIY hair bleach & dye in Aeon Wellness, ShopeeMY, LazadaMY or Active Medi Pro's official website. 

Until July 31st, 2021 you can use the promo code VIVIEN10OFF for 10% off your purchase when you order directly from Active Medi Pro's official website. Free shipping too for purchase over RM100. BTW, these applies for my fellow readers based in Malaysia only.

A quick introduction of this brand which originates from Korea. While this is relatively new in Malaysia, the brand is quite established in Korea and well-known for having quite a selection of pretty colors that actually turn out well. Active Medi Pro or AMP Beauty currently carries 22 colors, each at RM50.90! The colors are so unique and they carry the widest range of fashionable ash-y tone dyes.

eZn Malaysia

A lot ash-y shades which are quite trendy these days! From the ads, Truffle Mushroom Blond, Smoky Ash Beige and Sandy Ash looks so pretty! Austria Vienna Brown and Bourgogne Burgundy Brown are my other favorite shades but I've sported burgundy for almost 2 years, it's about time I change hahaha!


eZn's at Aeon Wellness

eZn Malaysia


I chose the shade called Truffle Mushroom Blond with expectation is to achieve the medium if not lightest tone!

DIY hair dye in Malaysia

eZn Malaysia

To achieve that, I will first be using eZn Creamy Hair Bleach (RM40.90 per box).

eZn Malaysia

One very interesting product is the eZn Dr.BokGoo Rx-Plex Perfect Set (RM49.90 per box). It contains cystine, billberry fruit extract, sugar cane extract and rosemary extract to improve elasticity, supply moisture, increase volume in hair and longer lasting shine. 

eZn Malaysia

eZn Malaysia

This hair treatment set consist of Rx-Plex 1 which is to be used together with the bleach or dye to maintain a healthy hair. The Rx-Plex 2 is used after shampoo similar to conditioner/treatment and is recommended to leave for 5-7minutes or longer for best results. 

The instruction mentioned that 4ml of Rx-Plex 1 should be added for every 10ml of bleach or dye. A box of eZn Creamy Hair Bleach is 30ml bleach while a box of eZn Pudding Hair Color is 70ml _ you do the math LOL. I added mine into the bleach knowing it is the most damaging to the hair. Also because I knew I will be using 3 boxes, I divided it equally among the three at 8ml each.

eZn Malaysia


How much for all the eZn products?

For the length & volume of my hair, I am using 3 boxes of eZn Creamy Hair Bleach (RM40.90 x 3 = RM122.70) and 2 boxes of eZn Pudding Hair Color (RM50.90 x 2 = RM101.80) plus a box of eZn Dr.BokGoo Rx-Plex Perfect Set (RM49.90) which sums up to RM274.40. 

It is slightly affordable than doing in the saloon because the last time I get my long hair professionally bleached and color in Klang Valley, it will probably be a minimum of RM400-RM700++ in total. That's probably the lower end and without treatment... 

How many boxes would I need for my hair length?

If your hair is past shoulder length like mine, 2 boxes of bleach and 2 boxes of pudding hair dye are sufficient. Add extra box(es) if you think you have thicker hair or gonna do another round to even out on spots you missed.

This guide works for both bleach & dye:

How did the bleaching and dyeing process went?

The whole process (bleaching then coloring) took about if not more than 8 hours over two days. I didn't experience bleach burn like when I tested it on my hand_ I think not washing my hair for a few days prior to bleaching did the trick! However, my scalp did sting when I apply the dye and throughout the waiting period so much that I was getting headache. I think the multiple bleaching processes and then dyeing have stripped the natural oil and turned my scalp sensitive.

Before bleaching followed by first round of bleaching with 2 boxes of bleach and final round of bleaching with last box.

eZn Malaysia

On the bleaching, my hair turn orange and not yellow nor platinum blonde despite me leaving the bleach for an hour! Eeek! I look like Ichigo Kurosaki's long lost sister OMG. Some part or strands did turn yellow but very minimal. I am unsure if leaving the bleach longer or doing more rounds of bleaching will achieve the result as shown on the box. I did attempt a second round of bleaching but only to turn the spots I missed orange while the parts that were already orange didn't bleach any further.

My hair becomes dry (expected with bleaching) but using eZn Dr.BokGoo Rx-Plex 2 revives my hair and made them softer. It makes a huge difference! Would recommend you getting it for the sake of protecting or keeping your hair healthy.

For dyeing, according to the instructions you only need to massage the pudding onto your hair. I use a dye comb (not provided) just in case and the results turn out satisfactory!

What's my verdict?

The color turns out SUPER PRETTY!!The ash brown with lavendar hint is such a unique shade of compared to most DIY hair dye available in the pharmacy now. This gotta be my personal favorite shade after burgundy!

eZn Malaysia

eZn Malaysia

I'm also impress at how accurate is the color is to what's advertised. I do see hints of yellow or orange bleach hair (missed out sections) but would say overall the coverage is quite even!

Also, the coverage on my scalp was quite good despite me only bleaching them very slightly. 

eZn Malaysia

Though I cannot be sure if you'd achieve this shade (second level) I have without bleaching because some parts of my hair at the back looks closer to the first level of result. Perhaps I'll try this shade on unbleached hair in the future!

eZn Malaysia

I was expecting the yellow bleach color but after bleaching I decided that dyeing (aka purple toning) from orange gives nicer results. Saying this because for the strands that were lighter orange-yellow became gray-er after bleach and while I can see the subtle purple hue, they look more like gray hairs to me. The orange hair turn a beautiful ashy, purple brown that I super like.

In some sections, the orange from bleaching my hair are still visible. Also because of the crazy bright orange hair undertone from the bleaching, the color do become brassy! And so I think if you'd want to maintain a nice ashy-purple shade, you can maintain your hair with purple toning shampoo. eZn Korea actually carries a toning shampoo called the Dr.BokGoo Magnetic Color shampoo to fix this but this is not available locally just yet *shrugs*

Last but not least, sharing this video I made while trying this product. What do you think about the color turnout and which color do you think I should try next? If you have tried this, do tell me how it goes!

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