Monday 31 December 2018

reflecting on 2018 & welcoming 2019

In just a few hours, it will be the New Year, oh how scarily fast time flies when you're adulting! As much as I would love to clear my other blog drafts before the new year begin, things have been so hectic the past weeks and I even fell sick. I finally had some time for myself early this week but with work still constantly at the back of my head *sigh* Nevertheless, 2018 has been a quite an amazing journey for myself so I am crossing my hands 2019 will be kind to me as well!

Anyways, this post is just me looking back into 2018 and counting my blessings. There were bad things such as how I contracted dengue but that showed how I am surrounded by people who cared about me. Of course,even my parents overfed me while I was recuperating at home. In many ways, I feel loved and blessed.

The other random highlights of my 2018 life, not in specific order are:- 

#1 Okay, not something I did in 2018 but rather something I managed to do _ I completed my Bali & Singapore's Travelogues woohoo!!

#2 I bought a DSLR and took lotsa photos! Our relationship is still going strong hahahaha

#3 tried Merchants' Lane cafe for the first time with my homies

#4 Explored several parks in KL & Selangor such as Taman Botani in Shah Alam, Lake Gardens, Desa Park, Kota Damansara Community Forest Park and early this week, Serendah Waterfall. I super love being in contact with nature. In case y'all never heard, shinrin yoku aka forest bathing is a natural therapy involving spending time in nature to promote self-healing. It works for me especially when I feel so stress up thinking about work but the moment I spend time just looking at trees and flowers or dipping my legs into streams and waterfall, I feel so calm.

#5 Speaking of shinrin yoku, Japonisme is back and they are such fascinating concepts such as Ikigai, Kintsugi and more (there are books of these titles which I totally wanna read!). Japan is freaking awesome! Of course, Japonisme revolves around a whole lot more such as art, sculptures and architectures but I'm more fascinated with the cultures and ideas which can be put into practice in our everyday life.

#6 Went on a random 2D1N trip to Cameron Highlands. Sharing my Cameron Highlands' itinerary & budget in case y'all planning for vacays! Because I had a lot on my plates this year, I decided to hold all international travel which is quite a bummer! This may continue until 2019 IDK but I really am missing Japan a lot *sniff*

#7 I did explore quite a few local spots, one of them Tadom Hill Resort with my colleagues. It's a small recreational spot but we had great fun playing human size jenga and some of us jumped into the man-made lake

#8 Probably the coolest thing ever _ I attended an Indian wedding for the first time! Check out how it went. I find the ceremony truly fascinating and eye-opening.

#9 my old friends, Daniel and Naoko came down from England for a visit & I met their baby, Nagisa-chan for the first time! Aside from the lovely family, two other friends from Australia and another from the Netherlands were around for a visit and we hung out. I feel grateful that they remember and took some time to hang out with me albeit their short visit. I also find it funny how whenever I think of them, they'll somehow always end up contacting me soon after!

Of course, there are great friends living locally whom I wish we could meet up more often but everyone is busy with their lives. Still, I can always count on them for being there! *virtual hugs* It's just like the quote about how "Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them but you know they're there". I tried looking for other quotes but I think this is the closest way to describe them.

#10 Attended another of my gal pal and ex-colleague's wedding, such a pretty bride!

#11 Ate a lot of durians when durian runtuh, literally.

#12 I discovered Hermo, the ultimate online beauty shopping haven

#13 went to the 2018 Bon Odori in Shah Alam for 2 consecutive years

#14 Decluttered my room. Still working on being a minimalist!

#15 Discovered thrifting, namely in Kedai Bless and ReFash

#16 I discover a love for nude shade lippies and eyeshadow. Wanted to write about them but I didn't have the time! Soon!!

#17 One of the many things in my head these days are the topic about sustainability and nature. By now you've probably heard me mentioned about this several times now. I noticed in the past few months, there were more brands and companies supporting the concept of recycling which is great news! From the ban of plastic straws, to a garment brand accepting bras recycling, to Uniqlo's recycling program and even 1 Utama Mall's electronics recycling. The list goes on. Totally supporting this movement and I hope this practice be a long term goals for many.

Those are pretty much what I can recount for now. Until the next post, wishing y'all all the best for 2019! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Saturday 1 December 2018

Thrifting in KL: #wearlikenew with ReFash

You have probably read my post on Jalan Jalan Japan and Kedai Bless. Here is yet another thrift store which I found, also recently and come to love! Probably my favorite of them all for reasons they have prettier and well-maintain selections. Founded in Singapore, ReFash is the brainchild of Aloysius Sgn and first established ReFash in 2016 before bringing the idea to Malaysia. I can vouch that you will not disappoint on the choices available here because so far, I like them!

ReFash is a place you can do to donate your pre-loved items in return for either Lot 10, KL Gateway Mall or Quill City Mall cash vouchers.  From my recent experiences recycling my clothes with ReFash, I was informed you could either choose to donate and instantly paid OR be an partner and only get paid when your things are sold. I am not entirely sure about how the latter works. I chose the former, an easier option but found there are several disadvantages:-

1) All your pre-loved are quoted very low, even for branded and unworn pre-loved. But then they don't earn much so I guess cannot complain much on this

2) While they accept branded (as in MGP, DoubleWoot, etc.) or non-branded (Taobao-ish, etc.), they don't accept clothes with fuzz balls or pills. Tip: Shave your clothes to remove these annoying fuzz balls or pills! Beware when shaving close to sewn edges to prevent accidentally cutting the thread off.

3) They do not accept handbags, unfortunately.

4) The outlets do not have a universal system to log in customers' details so if you visit both the outlets, you have to register twice if you visit the different ReFash outlets.

Aside from donating your stuff, you can also shop at ReFash. Members are entitled for 10% off your second and subsequent purchases from the branch. The other thing is you cannot try on the clothes prior to purchasing.


ReFash at Sungai Wang Plaza

Finding this place was a total exercise for me considering I do not usually shop at Sungei Wang Plaza. In case you need help locating the store, it is on the first floor at the end of the aisle leading from Watsons. 

During my first visit to ReFash at Sungei Wang Plaza, I find the level of customer service meh. Like did the store assistants got an attitude issue or just a bad day? I was also not acknowledge by neither the two sales girls at the counter even though only one of them was busy dealing with another customer. On the other hand, the girls at KL Gateway Mall were very friendly and patiently explained to me some stuff, so kudos to them! Just saying 'cause I know as much as we have all the right to openly complain when things go wrong, we should openly express out appreciation when things are done right. When I went yesterday to Sungei Wang Plaza, the other store assistants were much professional and patient, so thumbs up on that too!

Aside from pre-loved, it appears this branch also sell new accessories. I even spotted several brand new Zalora collection dresses and wondered if ReFash is somehow collaborating with Zalora or someone donated them.

So many clothes! I really wanna check each and every bag out!!!!

Two of the prettiest pieces which caught my attention when I was there about two months' ago. The first is a plain blush-salmon color dress which would definitely look amazing paired with a belt. The second dress is a dinner/date made out of satin-like material with two straps on each sides, very sexyleh! Too bad can't try them on! I didn't buy them because I especially do not have an excuse to wear the sexy black dress and there were not other dresses to choose from *sigh*

I did however bought two pieces, a blue boho printed, off-shoulder top which I need to suck my tummy to fit in it and a plain G2000 blue skirt. It was totally not my plan to get everything in blue but blue is my favorite and my 'safe' color, so whatever LOL. Problem is, I do not think I have many tops in my current wardrobe that goes together with this. I don't mind wearing both the top and dress together but it's just a bit over-ly blue for my liking. Maybe with this I can give myself excuse to shop WTF

On the same day I was there (two months' ago), the staff informed me that they are having a separate pop-up store in the concourse floor, so off I went to check it out. Again, that took me awhile to find the place FML... When I do find the place, I find it is odd that the quality of most stuff looked like they are from Berjaya Times Square or Taobao but they refused to accept my better quality pre-loved apparels. Perhaps by then they were much more selective IDK. Left after checking out all the racks because I did not see anything I fancy.

ReFash at KL Gateway Mall

This is a place I rarely step foot in but may do now that I discover ReFash, I may actually have a reason to. It is much easier to spot the branch in this mall since there are few stores here.

Some of the pretty pieces, two printed dresses and one romper with ruched, tie detail on the front which I spotted early last month.

The next two dresses that I kinda love is something more on the muted color _ white and grey-ish lavendar. I think the second one is really cute and sexy, perfect for date night or as bridemaids dress.

Despite the shortcomings, ReFash do have nice selection of clothings. I think ReFash still is a great go-to option to trade off your pre-loved apparels for cash vouchers and at the same time not go through the hassle of personally having to sell off your pre-loved items online.

By the way, I thought I should let you know that ReFash is temporarily putting a hold on the distribution of vouchers. I only found out yesterday (1st December 2018) when I dropped by to donate several more pieces. They do still accept drop off items and will keep customers informed when they could go continue to distribute the vouchers. You can follow them on their FB page to get further updates on this.

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