Tuesday 19 February 2013

2013 CNY Day 2: hanging out at Daorae~

During CNY my friends and I decided to have lunch at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant in Bayan Lepas. Awesome place for BBQ though it can be quite pricey. There're BBQ choices of plain or marinated meat ranging from beef, chicken, pork and lamb.

We ordered all but the lamb. Kinda regret not to recommend it to my friends since I just got to know Daorae BBQ lamb's awesome. Still, we had the beef which was amazing.

Photos nao~

Lettuce for wrapping~

Korean tea, some dips and a side dish.

Oh, btw, we didn't have to do anything but eat. The waiters were in charged with setting the grill, cooking and later cutting the meat to bits when they're cooked. Nais~

These are the marinated chicken meat~ I don't remember what its called since we just ordered by looking at the photos. We only chose the meat we wanted LOL (≥v≤)

Check out the other side dishes they serve that day~

Love the side dishes but my favorite that day was ↑

I think its radish with chili gravy. Hmmm.... not so sure but I had it refilled.

All the side dishes and the tea is refillable but that day there were so many people that day we couldn't get a hold of the waiter to refill them. We wanted refills for other dishes too~! ٩(≥3≤)۶٩(≥ε≤)۶

Marinated pork's next~~(°@°)♥

Then finally, super juicy beef_our favorite♡

Cook faassstteerrr (*¬*)

Anyone else drooling yet?

Saturday 16 February 2013

more photos from 2013 CNY Day 1~

Had steamboat for lunch with family. (●⌒∇⌒●/)



Mom also cooked tom yam fish super nais~! Omnomnomnomnomnom~~


me peeling off the shells of the quail eggs~


Pretty, yummy little scallops (^ᴗ^人)


In the evening we went to Ayer Itam for tea time before heading to Kek Lok Si temple. I wanted to see the thousands of lanterns being lighted up since they only do so for 15 days or 1 month(I'm not quite sure) every year during CNY.


This is Kek Lok Si~! Well, just a small part of it.




Moi and kois!


So many different koi fishes~



The tallest Kuan Yin_Goddess of Mercy_statue in Southest Asia! Last time I blogged about it, most of the pillars were still under construction.


Piles of amulets for sale~




Photos before the lanterns were lighted up~


So many lanterns!



Behold~! This is how the temple looked like with all the lanterns and LED lights lighted up about 7.30pm-8.00pm.





There're even LED lights on the potted plants~!





And lastly, a close up shot of the Kek Lok Si pagoda ( ´ ▽ ` )

Friday 15 February 2013

CNY Eve & Day 1

... but mostly stuff on day 1 LOL.

(●⌒∇⌒●)/Konnichiwa people~ I'm back!! And btw,


It's been almost 2 weeks since I have updated my blog gomen ne... I've been juggling between studying and helping mom with the endless list of last minute Chinese New Year cleaning and CNY itself. I even spent the entire day on CNY eve driving to KLIA to fetch my bro who got home from Germany and then back to Kampar-Ipoh-homesweethomeohmyprettybed so I've been really tired to blog.

Anyway, I made sure I got loads of pretty photos from the entire first week of CNY to share with you!ヽ(^O^)ノ Bro brought back the DSLR so I was playing with it all the time.

Photos nao!

CNY decor outside the house~

Mom bought many mini pineapple lanterns to hang on the plants this year! Ong lai ah! Ong lai is directly translated to 'pineapple' but it can also means 'good luck/prosperity is coming'. Along those line lah.

CNY prayer stuff.

Roasted duck and pork. Me likey~ (♡Q♡/)

Loads of different cookies this year!

So much that I've got to stuff them side by side in the same compartment.

Cornflake cookies that didn't fit into the container.

2013-02-05 17.26.20

This one is for the Malay neighbors. Stuffed with love ~♥


Huge pineapple joss stick as prayer offering. It burnt for about 3 days 2 night! I don't like it 'cuz the smoke gets into the house and makes my eyes water and hurt so bad (TA≤)

Nais or not? Dad was helping me fan so I can take this pic↓ DSLR is so awesome!

img_8892Then waited until midnight to watch the fireworks and snap more photos.



Such a grand event! And I didn't need to go far from the front yard of my house to watch.

Some crazy amount of fireworks were illuminating the sky after midnight. It's like the neighbors were having some sort of fireworks competition that night.

I can still hear some fireworks go bangs as I blogged though I'd say day 1 (from midnight till about 1am)has the grandest display_with deafening bangs and booms.




More CNY photos up later after I edit them. Sayonara for nao,(^o^)/

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