Thursday 24 December 2015

Innisfree Haul: It's Real Squeeze Masks & Eco Nail Color PRO Review

Happy Holidays, people!

Taking the chance to post yet another review~ I was planning on writing other reviews first but decided to skip them and get straight to introducing some of the products I've gotten from Innisfee just last month (*^○^*)

Innisfree has just open its third branch in Malaysia at Pavillion just weeks ago. There are other two branches are based in Petaling Jaya, if I'm not mistaken though getting to those places are not really convenient for me so I haven't shopped at Innisfree before. Having heard tons about this brand, I decided I must drop by to check out their products.

Ended up buying some stuff yayyy (*^o^*)v

me & my Innisfree haul

My first purchases from Innisfree is the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze masks which retails at RM4 per sheet and the Eco Nail Color PRO nail polish in #133, priced at RM10 per bottle.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Masks & Eco Nail Color PRO

So far, for the masks, I have tried the Green Tea, Bija and pomegranate masks and love how moisturizing they are! On a scale of 10 for their moisturizing level, I'm definitely goving the full score!

Apart from that, I didn't notice any other significant results. Also, for a mask that claims to be 'real squeeze', the scents tell otherwise... Nevertheless, I would definitely restocked on these because the masks sheets are thin and comfortable, the kind I like.

For the nail polish, I opted for a pearly tone, a shade I don't have among my collection of nail polish yet.

Innisfree Eco Nail Color PRO #133Super love the pearly white color (^∇^)~♡ I actually wanted to wear it for my company's coming Christmas celebration which was last week but had no nail polish remover to clean the colors I've tested fml (=___=)

I noticed that Innisfree has quite a selection of pretty nail polishes. Check them out↓

Innisfree ECO Nail Color PRO

Tried several colors and found a milk coffee color I likeyy~~♡

Innisfree's Nail Color

The photo isn't doing it any justice but IMO the real deal is of a very elegant color that is suitable to be worn for classy functions at the same time super otona and Mode so suitable for work. I've tried several pastel brown shades from The Face Shop and other brands but they didn't give off the same feeling, if you know what I mean.

Love it lots though I didn't buy it because I have another almost similar shade from OPI.

Since it was the opening month, with my purchase, I received an Innisfree membership card and samples from their Best Loved Collection which includes Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, The Green Tea Seed Serum and Orchid Enriched Cream.

Innisfree membership card

Innisfree's Best Loved Collection

I have tried them all and especially love their clay mask and serum.

Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

The former because my skin and pores feel tight afterwards. It has a super thick texture and it took me quite some effort to dig them out with my fingers. Still, thanks to the texture, I find it really easy to spread onto my face evenly and not having to worry about it dripping off my face. While waiting for it to dry off, I could feel the cooling effect.

Innisfree's The Green Tea Seed Serum

Super love the serum because of the sweet scent! (which is not the sickening type, I don't know how to describe..)

Innisfree's Orchid Enriched Cream

Compare to the serum, the scent is pretty mild.

To be fair, I wouldn't comment much about the effectiveness of the serum and the cream because I think it may require longer period of application before any results are visible. I would definitely want to purchase them to try them out nevertheless. Well, next time surely!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Post Laser Treatment at Ting Skin Specialist (Part 2)

Sorry it took me awhile to follow up on this post. Last week have been pretty eventful for me with all the year end and early Christmas celebrations going on.

Anyway, it has been over 2 months since I last did a laser on my face at Ting Skin Specialist. During the period, I received quite a number of questions about the result, which I will be sharing with you in this post.

Here's the most recent photo of le me taken last weekend #NoEditOne

I wouldn't say I'm 100 percent satisfied because some scars are still quite visible (they are the reason why I wanted to do the laser in the first place). Same goes to my pores though they do appear smaller.

The most significant difference after undergoing the laser surgery would be my skin  appears very much smoother now. The skin area which previously had large, depression scars seems to have regenerated and are those marks that appears lighter in color compare to my normal skin tone.

This, I'm satisfied. Least I'm seeing result for the pain that I had to go through. Editing photos are faster too because I have less pores/scars to Photoshop off my face wth lol.

I'm considering round 2 of laser after consulting the dermatologist again. Perhaps I should inquire if they are offering any other laser treatment particularly any that targets the scar directly...

Alrighty, will keep you posted if I do~!

Monday 21 December 2015

first visit to number76

Dropped by No.7 Mid Valley branch for a haircut yesterday~!

Finally get to try them out. Been wanting to do so in forever and finally got a chance because unlike the previous place I was staying, my place now doesn't have any saloons nearby which gives me good excuse to go there LOL

I made a last minute appointment so there was only a slot at 7pm.. So late wth (>a<) On the brighter side, they're open until 10pm so if you're busy during the day, you can drop by in the evening.

My stylist that day, Emily helped me trimmed my hair and bangs. There was another dude I don't know what's his name who helped wash my hair as I requested for the Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash. After washing he showed me the residues from my scalp and I freaked out.

This here.

Number76 Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash

Freaking disgusting.

I have been having really oily scalp which seems to have gotten worse sometime early this year to the extend that my bangs always appear oily. So that explains why there are so much icky things on my head wtf ( XoX )

So I guess it was a good idea to do the Tansan because it helps clean the scalp. My hair do feel oil-free afterwards and today as well! I checked with the dude on how often can/must one do the Tansan and he recommended every 2-4 weeks.

(Update Jan 4th, 2016) It's been over two weeks since I did the Tansan service and it's awesome I tell you! My hair has been less oily! Before, it was very obvious when my hair becomes oily because it shows on my bangs :/ Totally recommended to do Number76's Tansan (and perhaps the other scalp treatments) if you have oily hair.

Because my hair is super oily, Emily advised me to do scalp treatment at home so I guess I need to start hunting at the hair care aisle in pharmacies.

This is my hair right after the haircut~

after haircut & tansan service at Number76

My hair today~~~


To be honest, I still look like the usual me wtf. Hmmmm... kinda super bored with my forever-the-same hairstyle...

I just learned that members can get their bangs trimmed for free! Yessss~~ Those with bangs will get it. It's a pain to wait till you wanna trim BOTH your bangs and hair. That's what I usually do anywaylah because my previous stylist will charge me RM10 just to trim 1.5cm off my bangs (=____=)

Aside from that, haircut for children under five FOC too (^o^/) #dunnowhythisalsoimexcited #justhappyforyouparentswithchildrenunderfive

Gifts from Number76 on my first visit_a planner, two RM10 vouchers and a membership card~~♡

2015-12-20 22.56.10.jpg

Tuesday 8 December 2015

another new chapter of my life

It was a busy month last month. I resigned, moved and started working in another company in that order and boy, the whole thing was overwhelming.

The change is welcoming though now I’m still trying to adapt to my new routine so some things related to blogging like my OOTDs post, or even going for round two of laser surgery may be my second priority, I don’t know.

To make the whole moving process easier, I hired a mover and both my siblings were there to help which I’m really grateful for. Also, I’m glad I’ve been minimalizing my stuff (Read more about it here and here){link & link} so packing was a bit easier.

Moving day~

i moved, again!

My things are still in boxes, in the luggage, everywhere and all so they’re driving me nuts because I need to dig them up when I want to use them then put them back because I still don’t have enough space on my own*rolls eyes* Even my work desk is littered with foodstuff and utensils (I haven’t got an extra cupboard to place them) so trying to study is a headache…

I probably need to get some utensils and start cooking again because food here in my new place is rather pricey and unbalanced. I’ve been lacking of greens and one time, I had maggi for dinner four times in a week (T___T) Feeling so frigging unhealthy!

On the brighter side, there are lotsa stuff I like about my new place, the whole getting out of usual routine and my new workplace.

Things may get a bit hectic in a while as I’m still trying to get use to well, everything though I will still try to blog whenever I can.

Wish me luck~!

Monday 30 November 2015

Ma Cherie's Moisture Range Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Last October was sort of my Beauty Products Splurge Month LOL. Bought tons of masks, lotions and beauty products. One of them is the Ma Cherie Shampoo & Conditioner set (Amazon). I have been dying to try Japan brand hair care products since they started to come flooding into Malaysia market sometime around the end of 2014, if I’m not mistaken.

For a while now, I’ve heard tons of positive reviews on Ma Cherie’s hair care products so I decided to give them a try and see if they’re really worth the whole hoohas. But truthfully, hands down, I trust most Japan brand products live up to their names.

One thing that made me hold back was because they’re really pricey ranging from RM30-RM50 per bottle. My usual shampoo is less than RM15! #damnkiamsiapbeautyblogger

Thankfully, in Malaysia there are sales all year round and I got them both for 30% off! On top of that, since they sum up to above RM60, I received a Ma Cherie umbrella too. But it's so pink I don't dare to use them LOL

Ma Cherie carries 2 different range for their hair care products, the Moisture and Airy Feel range. The former is self explanatory while the Airy Feel works to give your hair more volumn yet light feeling. I chose the Moisture range one which I think is more suitable for my then unruly kinda hair.

For the shampoo and conditioner, there are options of 3 different sizes though I chose the 500ml bottle which cost RM47.60 and RM49.70 respectively. They are also available in 200ml for RM28.50 while the travel pack for both cost RM13.80.

Aside from the shampoo and conditioner, other products from the Ma Cherie hair care products line up includes the treatment and hair styling products. For full product line up, check out Ma Cherie Official Website.

Before I get to how amazing these products are, let me get to the detail of the design of the bottle first. The moisture range bottles are coral-ish pink in color with a gold color pump. Super obsessed with anything with a hint of gold color LOL. And the pump, the design is simply genius_you can actually lock it back again! (Goodness, what with me and bottles pump design recently.)

Furthermore, there are markings on the cap and at the sides of the shampoo bottles to differentiate it from the conditioner. I got to know about it from another blog and I find it thoughtful.

The bottles are just so pretty they make great bathroom décor LOL. So-o keeping these bottles even after I finish the content for the reasons mentioned.

I find the diamond pattern cap design for the medium-size bottles uber cute! Still opted for the larger bottle because of the price difference #calculative

The shampoo is silky and I was actually surprise by how watery it is.. The conditioner on the other hand is light and gel-ish. One thing I love about the conditioner is that how it is not greasy compare to other conditioners I have tried and could be easily washed off.

Results are noticeable in just days! My hair feels lighter but they do have the ‘weight’ from being more moisturized so they don’t fluff up and the locks stay together longer too (Yayyy!). Also, despite the lightness, my natural curls are still quite defined.

There is but one problem _ tying my hair with a scrunchy is more challenging now because it falls off easily! Hair too smooth liao.

So yeah, you already know my conclusion. I honestly think they’re worth every cents!

Thursday 26 November 2015

The Body Talk: Naturals by Watsons' Olive Shower Cream & Marula OilBody Lotion Review

In my previous post, I shared with you my recent body care products, the Naturals by Watsons' Olive Cream Bath and Marula Oil Body Lotion but didn't get to tell you in detail just how AWESOME these products are. So walah, dedicating this blog post specially for them today (^o^)v

Before I knew how amazing these products were, what tempted me to get them was the fact that they're certified organic (yayyy!) and the packaging! It's simple but pretty, in a classy way.

In case you're wondering why I didn't get the cream bath and body lotion from same range, it's because I was lost for choices and I am so impatient to try them all!! Though the three ranges I'm particularly interested in trying are the Marula Oil, Olive and Argan Oil range. Mostly because of their function in protecting & repairing the skin and also the scents are lovely.

Naturals by Watsons 1mm Naturals by Watsons 1mm Naturals by Watsons 1mm

Getting back to the design of the bottle, only after using it for a while I noticed that simply by twisting the pump clockwise, you can lock the pump!

Meaning no worries about accidentally pumping the content out say when you bring it along during travel/vacation (Hey, family size travel toiletries) or simply preventing younger children from messing around with it. While it may not be necessary or useful most of the time but it may come in handy.

I have noticed TWO improvements in the condition of my skin since I started using them.

The first is how the soles of my feet, especially my heels are so much softer now! I had really bad cracked, rough heels from bad footwear and all the walking I have to do. Initially I wanted to get rid of them by using a 'foot mask' which works by peeling off the hardened/rough skin of your soles. Recently they're tones of Japanese/Korean brands that carry this product and the mask isn't cheap with price ranging from RM20-RM50 per pack. But no, I really don't see a point in getting the foot mask now. Crediting the Olive Cream Bath for the awesome moisturizing effect!

Secondly, I notice my skin's more evenly toned and taut. Especially on my arms, there are less flabbiness yayyy~!! Two weeks ago, my friend commented how I seemed to have slimmed down a bit and I really think I've got the lotion to thank. FYI, I am neither dieting nor exercising (no time to do that!).

It may lie in one of the key ingredients in the lotion, which is the Mafura Butter that is said to "softens and improves skin elasticity". Another contributing factor is the lotion does take a bit of massaging, which I usually do so in circular motion, to be absorbed which possibly contributed to tightening of the skin.

My verdict? You bet I'm loving them! I bought them both for less than RM20 during sale (Normal price is RM19.90 for the cream bath and RM24.90 for the body lotion), so IMO for something that works well, they're SUPER WORTH IT!! Proves that you don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet to get quality stuff.

Do give any of the Naturals by Watson range a try and tell me if they work for you too~!

Tuesday 17 November 2015

November OOTDs

Just noticed my last OOTDs post was 3 months ago! Things have been hectic here so I wasn't in the mood to snap photos (I'm obviously not a selfie person LOL). While I still go shopping, there are clothes I didn't have the time to alter.. #shortpeopleproblem

Anyway, here are some of my usual looks~

#1 Mango Boho top, belt from Forever 21, Boho clutch with tassel from Bershka, necklace, belt and my old pair of denim shorts

This was taken few months ago when I just cut my hair. I left it to the hairdresser and she cut them too short I wanted to cry (T__T)


That aside, I have many things I love in this coordinate. Firstly, I SUPER LOVE the designs of the top!! When I first saw it displayed on the mannequin at Mango, I knew I had to get it! Though I hesitated because it was pricey but luckily I found the last piece of my size on sale in another Mango branch.

Also, the accessories I wore here are some of my favorites too! Loving the boho-ish clutch and earrings! The earrings are not visible, so here's a close up~


#2 Padini lace-details top, Seed by Padini denim jeans and lace choker

To add more mix and match options to my wardrobe, I purchased a pair of jeans, my first in years! Truthfully, jeans aren't really my thing because I find it restricts movement (even so, I wasn't a fan of the skinny/legging jeans which are more stretchy..) and I feel I sweat a lot in jeans wth.

Anyway yeah, I have a change of heart though I still got something stretchy so it's feels more comfy.


#3 Final OOTD shot for this post is this monochrome dress from an online boutique and Taobao belt (old)

Loving the prints though I find the dress is not well made and I think it makes me look fat... (>Д<) LOL


Thursday 12 November 2015

me, the minimalist


In my last post, I was sharing about how I decided to adopt a minimalist lifestyle simply by reducing material needs and keeping my living space clean because mess stresses me out. Besides that, minimalism also means reducing the number of goals I have (trust me, I have tons!) so that I could actually tick them off my list one by one. Boy did it worked because my to-do list has never been shorter!

Alert! This particular post is super wordy.

de-cluttering and organizing

I first started by getting rid of things I didn't want. This begin sometime end of last year, even before I discovered minimalism or the KonMari method! I keep finding myself cleaning things up and it was simply tiring..

So I got rid of things.

I remember getting rid of other things but I don't remember what I did though most of them are my clothes. Because I was still experimenting on my style, I was guilty of buying tons of clothes which I ended up not wearing or only worn once only to discover they didn't feel like "me"... Of course, there are the occasional impulse splurges. There were a total of 6 bags, 4 of which I've recycled and 2 more bags which I'm hoping to get rid though I notice the second hand culture in Malaysia isn't very strong.. I don't know, never seem to be able to sell them *shrug*

After that, I get organize.

For my wardrobe, my clothes are organized by articles type (dresses, skirts, etc) and by color though the latter is mainly OCD factor. In my dresser, I folded my clothes to let them "stand" vertically instead of stacking up so I could see everything and actually wear them. I also organize my beauty products on my dresser, table top, books/stationeries and kitchenwares.

Finally, it is making sure that I actually return my things at the spots that I've assigned as suggested in the KonMari method. With that, I wouldn't need to bother cleaning the spaces so often save from my weekly dusting, sweeping and mopping.

My OCD alarm doesn't go off as frequently as it used to. Such a bliss.

less material needs

When I told a friend, YY that I am all into minimalism, she asked if that means I'll be toning down on my clothes shopping LOL. I said no.

Minimalism doesn't mean cutting down on everything and living with only 100 things. Of course, there are people who has succeeded in doing so but nah, it isn't my thing.

Instilling minimalism as a blogger means cutting down on unnecessary purchases just for the sake of reviewing. When I first started writing reviews, I felt like there was a need to jump into the bandwagon as other beauty bloggers to be the first few to review every single newly launched products in the market. So-o not gonna even deny that. Today I only buy things I need and if I feel adventurous to try something new, I tend to wait until I finish one product. Or at least I made it a point to have reviewed my current beauty stuff before treating myself to trying something new.

On the other material wants? When I see something I like, whether its clothes, cute decors/toys/etc., I'll make sure I think twice, thrice or more before I get them.

Prioritizing my goals

There's more to being a minimalist than just cutting down.

Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less; rather, we focus on making room for more: more time, more passion, more experiences, more growth, more contribution, more contentment. More freedom. Clearing the clutter from life’s path helps us make that room. -

So yes, I do know I have 1001 things I want to do and achieve. But I have my plates full, hands on so-o many things on my to do list that never seemed to get ticked off, I simply grew tired.

Following the advice from the article I've read from another minimalist blogger, I let go of some goals. Not like let go and let them be forgotten. Just putting them aside, at least for the moment until I've accomplished :)

Today, I feel more relaxed and as though I have more time on my hand. On the downside, I have been taking my free time for granted and for that, I feel like kicking myself wth (≥Д≤) Though I did finished 2 books in a month which I'll consider an accomplishment ( ⌒▽⌒)v

one of the books I've just completed~

Thanks for reading my lengthy post!

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Embracing Minimalism

Of late I've been trying to clean up and get organized. I mean, of course I do that from time to time considering I'm someone with an OCD for cleanliness.

Nothing to extreme though! I've known people who are just way-y over the top about this issue but I rather practice moderation.

Anyway, I always find peace having a clean space but despite all the cleaning, the clutter remains. I find there are just too many things, material items that I don't find myself needing most of the time. At times it gets really frustrating and one time I find myself cleaning at 12am.

And so, I start asking myself what I can do though its mostly recycling clothes that are beyond wearing, trying to sell my unworn clothing (though unsuccessfully because I just don't know where to trade locally and apparently 2nd hand culture isn't something here...) and reduce my other 'harta benda' (material assets) a.k.a. 'sampah' (rubbish).

On my journey to a more organized life, I came across the term called "minimalism" which, apparently has been trending in recent years though still limited sources online.

Perhaps you have heard of Marie Kondo's best selling book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" instead, there are more videos/bloggers/articles about it. Basically, it's a de-cluttering bible. I haven't read the book but would love to get my hands on it and see I could find new ideas to well, keep my things organized. IMO KonMari method sorta relates to minimalism for reason I'll be sharing shortly.

Here are what I learn:

From the term "Minimalism", I learn

1) Minimalism can be instilled in just every aspect of your life_from lifestyle, personal finance, attitude, life goals. The main purpose is to de-clutter to give you more time and energy to focus on things that really matters.

2) Transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle does not mean getting rid of everything but simply reducing to things that you find useful.

From articles I read on KonMari's book, I learn

1) To keep only items that "spark joy" to your life.

2) Assigning a particular space for all items and always return them to their rightful place.

Based on these ideas, I managed to reduce my things further and while it still feels like there are many things around, at least they have their own uses. It feels good too I don't feel too stress up with the need of reorganizing my things and cleaning up too often *phew*

I wanted to share what are the efforts I put to exercise minimalism in my life (besides the cleaning up bits) but this blog post is getting a bit too wordy so I'll leave it for the next blog post~! Thanks for reading!

Monday 26 October 2015

Bio-Essence Snail Secretion Face Mask Review

Hello~! Today I'll be reviewing on my new favorite sheet mask, the Bio Essence Snail Secretion masks!

Bio-essence snail secretion masks

Snail masks have always been one of my must-try list of beauty products and it wasn't until months ago I got myself one. For one, snails' mucus are said to be rich with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants! Furthermore, it appears to be able to control acne and reduce scarring with frequent application.

I chose Bio-essence because its one of the few brands I can find in just the nearest pharmaceutical store. I have several other brands keep-in-viewed but now that I'm comfortable and loving this one, I'm just too lazy to try experiment on another wth.

Bio-essence masks

Let me digress for a bit, my classmate tried the TonyMoly snail mask _ because I asked her to give snail mucus mask a try_ and she loves it because it has a lifting effect. She didn't find much repairing result with just one-time use but then again her skin's pretty clear. Oh I'm envious!

Bio Essence actually recommend twice/thrice a week application of this mask for results but really, they are pricey at RM8.90 per sheet to be used that often (>д<) And oh, I don't know why the only sell by the sheet because I would rather if they come in a cheaper bundle, I really wouldn't mind buying a box! (Can Bio-essence consider this suggestion??)

Anyway, I applied it once a week and it took me the second sheet to see result! Definitely vouching for this one~!

Totally am impressed with the result, I soon find myself obsessing over the entire Bio-essence snail secretion range! When I saw the serum was on sale, I grab a bottle for myself without a second thought. OK, I hesitated a bit, it was a splurge. I've been using it for 2 weeks now. Give me some more time to experiment and I'll be happy to share more about it on another post☆-(≥vO)

Sunday 25 October 2015

Laser Treatment at Ting's Skin Specialist


Yessss, I did it!! LOL Finally dragged myself to the Ting's Skin Clinic at Jalan Imbi to do laser surgery yesterday~! I mentioned I'll be doing it earlier but then I had things popped up on the last few Saturdays _ like my sis' convo last weekend! Congrats sis!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺ

Anyway, considering this post will be about the laser treatment, I decided to leave all my photos unedited.

Firstly, here are clearer shots of my skin condition from the front & sides (btw you can click each photo to enlarge). I have lotsa visible pores, there are some scars and my skin's uneven (>Д< )

I arrived at the clinic around noon which was quite late and there were already so many people at the waiting area. Luckily, perhaps because I was there for the laser treatment, it wasn't long before I got to consult the doctor. It was a quick one and he was just checking if my skin's condition is OK for the laser.

After I've gotten the green light, the nurse ushered me to another room to apply the anesthetic cream and then covered my cheeks with plastic wrap. Afterwards, I had to wait for about an hour for the numbness to sink in.

For an hour, I looked like that ↓ Chose a super secluded area to wait LOL

Fast forward later, I was in another room lying down and getting zapped on the face. They were less painful than being zapped the last time I had a mole removed but because the area covered this time is larger, it still hurt. In case you're wondering, it feels like like getting bitten by red ant kinda pain. And my goodness, I can smell pungent burning odor!

The whole process took 10-20 minutes I reckon (I forgot to check the time).

During and after the laser, I had this throbbing, burning sensation on both side of my cheeks and when I took a shot right after, I thought my face seemed to swell a bit despite the redness haven't set in.. Don't mind my hair, they're all messed up from lying on the bed gahh!

At this point, there are tons of tiny little dots on the laser-ed part which isn't really visible in this photo.

Five minutes later, both my cheeks were burning red. So glad the doctor who came in to check later handed me a mask before I left LOL. I really needed one else so paiseh (embarrased in local Chinese dialect) to walk outside looking like that (>д<)

Somehow, after I left the clinic I felt dizzy and was feeling rather uncomfortable. Not sure if they're from getting the laser done or just the haze...

Walah, took this shots right after I got home. My face was burning red, like red wine color red, the entire evening though it doesn't show much here.

I was advised to apply moisturizer as often as possible if I want to get rid of the redness. So first thing I did after I got home is to spray my Avene's Thermal Spring Water Spray. It usually works to soothe redness but didn't this time and soon after I sprayed, my cheeks felt like they were burning again and I could smell the pungent odor of burnt skin...

Despite that, I was still spraying all over my face and I accidentally sprayed directly into my nostrils FML

I was also prescribed some moisturizer though I'm alternating it with my own because I feel my Hada Senka's moisturizer have better moisturizing effect LOL.

(Updated: I actually found out that the moisturizer provided has some cooling effect that'll make my skin looks less inflamed. So it's better to apply BOTH the derma's moisturizer and the Hada Senka one.)

As I'm finalizing my post now, I'm putting on my snail sheet mask which I have kept aside just for my after-laser pampering. Hoping it'll help speed up my skin's rejuvenation process (@⌒ー⌒@)v

I was actually planning to get whole face done (forehead, cheeks and nose) but somehow, perhaps from miscommunication, the derma thought I only wanted the cheeks done. When, I told the female derma and she said my forehead doesn't need much work to do so she just helped me zapped the 3-5 imperfect bits yayyy~~

I regretted not asking her to do my nose at the same time so maybe another round? Though if its just the nose, next time I'll come out looking like Rudolph the reindeer. If its by Christmas, least I wouldn't need to ponder what I should dress up as LOL

Today, my face is still slightly pink and blotchy. Plus, my skin's feeling a bit scaly and pixel-like dots seem to have darkened in color. You can actually see an obvious line that distinguish the part which got laser-ed on my cheeks too.

I'm just gonna religiously apply moisturizer in hope that the blotchiness will further reduce by tomorrow. Else I'll turn up to work looking like crap (╯_╰”)

Alright, will be updating you on the laser healing progress.

Until my next post, adios~!

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