Friday 9 February 2018

The BIG Day!!!

Today's post is about my sis' big day which was just last month.! I just remembered I haven't blog about this OMG! So here it is TADAAA~~

Malaysian Chinese Wedding

Who knew preparing for a wedding can be so hectic... I just found out if you have a disorganized couple _ one of them happens to be a family member of mine_ they will drive you crazy especially more if you are the ones making things happen. After the wedding, I was so drop dead tired it took a few days' worth of sleep to get back in shape! And when I thought jet lag was worse, something topped it.

When I got home, I told my gal pal, "Reject (being a bridesmaid) at all cost!" to the amusement of her boyfriend.

Malaysian Chinese Wedding

My sis' little ball of fluff~ I miss her so much! She kept getting prettier and rounder XD

DISCLAIMER: I didn't get to snap a lot of photos so these were contributed by my sis' friends and Jim, our photographer for the day.

Started off on Saturday trying to make the house look as though humans actually lives in it, tons of sweeping, mopping, shifting furnitures and all. Can you believe it was on the eve of the wedding?! OMFG moments literally. Didn't help I was still running errands all the way up to midnight and we had to wake up at 4PM. Half an hour later to be exact because we were that beat.

Then there was rushing through getting ready the games for the groom and his friends. The game went pretty alright for most of us first timers in this whole wedding door game business. Somehow we managed to get quite a lot of ang pows from the guys, we ended up asking 5x more than intended! So much the best men were saying we gals are ah longs. Ahahahahaha! #SoMuchWins

Mom & I~


 These are most of the photos which I can pose. The sis didn't want her pics up, personal preferences stuff. So I just loaded the one I took during the luncheon LOL

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