Monday 30 November 2015

Ma Cherie's Moisture Range Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Last October was sort of my Beauty Products Splurge Month LOL. Bought tons of masks, lotions and beauty products. One of them is the Ma Cherie Shampoo & Conditioner set (Amazon). I have been dying to try Japan brand hair care products since they started to come flooding into Malaysia market sometime around the end of 2014, if I’m not mistaken.

For a while now, I’ve heard tons of positive reviews on Ma Cherie’s hair care products so I decided to give them a try and see if they’re really worth the whole hoohas. But truthfully, hands down, I trust most Japan brand products live up to their names.

One thing that made me hold back was because they’re really pricey ranging from RM30-RM50 per bottle. My usual shampoo is less than RM15! #damnkiamsiapbeautyblogger

Thankfully, in Malaysia there are sales all year round and I got them both for 30% off! On top of that, since they sum up to above RM60, I received a Ma Cherie umbrella too. But it's so pink I don't dare to use them LOL

Ma Cherie carries 2 different range for their hair care products, the Moisture and Airy Feel range. The former is self explanatory while the Airy Feel works to give your hair more volumn yet light feeling. I chose the Moisture range one which I think is more suitable for my then unruly kinda hair.

For the shampoo and conditioner, there are options of 3 different sizes though I chose the 500ml bottle which cost RM47.60 and RM49.70 respectively. They are also available in 200ml for RM28.50 while the travel pack for both cost RM13.80.

Aside from the shampoo and conditioner, other products from the Ma Cherie hair care products line up includes the treatment and hair styling products. For full product line up, check out Ma Cherie Official Website.

Before I get to how amazing these products are, let me get to the detail of the design of the bottle first. The moisture range bottles are coral-ish pink in color with a gold color pump. Super obsessed with anything with a hint of gold color LOL. And the pump, the design is simply genius_you can actually lock it back again! (Goodness, what with me and bottles pump design recently.)

Furthermore, there are markings on the cap and at the sides of the shampoo bottles to differentiate it from the conditioner. I got to know about it from another blog and I find it thoughtful.

The bottles are just so pretty they make great bathroom d├ęcor LOL. So-o keeping these bottles even after I finish the content for the reasons mentioned.

I find the diamond pattern cap design for the medium-size bottles uber cute! Still opted for the larger bottle because of the price difference #calculative

The shampoo is silky and I was actually surprise by how watery it is.. The conditioner on the other hand is light and gel-ish. One thing I love about the conditioner is that how it is not greasy compare to other conditioners I have tried and could be easily washed off.

Results are noticeable in just days! My hair feels lighter but they do have the ‘weight’ from being more moisturized so they don’t fluff up and the locks stay together longer too (Yayyy!). Also, despite the lightness, my natural curls are still quite defined.

There is but one problem _ tying my hair with a scrunchy is more challenging now because it falls off easily! Hair too smooth liao.

So yeah, you already know my conclusion. I honestly think they’re worth every cents!

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